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  1. Not sure if this was posted before: Camille on MTV in 1989 with Downtown Julie Brown.
  2. I feel like her “harsh and cold” worked for Dinah and Phyllis, but not at all for how they were writing Kelly in 2010.
  3. From Southern California
  4. She was terrible hosting America’s Got Talent.
  5. In regards to the lady’s gossip about Rinna and Harry: just had to post the famous love scene between Harry Hamlin and Michael Ontkean, both at peak hotness, in the seminal gay melodrama Making Love:
  6. Bo Brady (DAYS Peter Reckell returned after Robert Kelker-Kelly played the role to some success in the ‘90s. Skye Chandler (or whatever her last name ended up as - on AMC/OLTL/GH) - Robin Christopher wasn’t the first Skye, but she was the best-known, and she reclaimed her role after Carrie Genzel’s well-received stint on AMC in the mid-‘90s. Jack and Jennifer (DAYS) - Again, Matt Ashford wasn’t the originator but the one who made the role famous. After his early ‘90s departure, we had Mark Valley Jack (hot) and Steve Wilder (not), neither of whom had his wit or intelligence, so fans welcomed back Ashford. Then we had Missy as Jennifer—again not the originator—who was a sensation, and the less well-received Stephanie Cameron assuming the role during her “time away to heal.” Angie Baxter Hubbard (AMC) - Became a soap icon played by Debbi Morgan in the ‘80s. When she left, the much-younger Saundra Quarterman stepped in for a spell before leaving Pine Valley. But it was Morgan who reprised the role on Loving, The City, and, years later, back on AMC.
  7. I loved her during her original run as Kelly. Dinah was her tour de force, of course, but you definitely could see her star quality early on. She really benefited from becoming a harder, tougher actress, but it didn’t suit her as Kelly during her second run.
  8. Ugh, why was Gina Tognoni so... lackluster during that final stint as Kelly? She’s been stellar in pretty much every role she’s played on daytime, even during the lowest lows of Phyllis.
  9. Not even on a soap about (mostly) black folks were black writers being hired. Says it all right there... I would love to hear MVJ’s stories. Patrick Mulcahey’s stories are great and all, but MVJ has the real tea. But in her own time, of course. PM has privileges that MVJ does not have.
  10. It probably is a number we can count on two hands. Shameful indeed. Other than Michele Val Jean, did SSM hire other black writers at Generations?
  11. Oh that wasn’t meant to be glib. Certainly it’s a disgrace.
  12. There have been a handful. Judy Tate, who worked at ATWT in the late ‘90s and 2000s, is another. Michelle Patrick worked on AMC and GH and I recall was an AHW on both.
  13. People showing themselves left and right these days.
  14. That sounds quite apt for a soap in the 2000s.
  15. I can see how Felicia’s voice might annoy people, but she never used to bother me as much as Lucy. Maybe because Kristina Wagner had such infectious charisma and cuteness. Lucy was just dreary. I know people thought the Brent/Marian story had some merit, but Lucy and what GL became in the mid-‘90s broke my heart. I was young and loved early ‘90s GL so much, like it was a member of my family, and I’d never experienced a show I treasured gutted like that. I guess a lot of people would say late Rauch or Conboy or Wheeler/Peapack were the moments when the show went beyond the point of return (and I did enjoy GL’s 1997 resurgence, short-lived as it was), but I was older and more prepared for those later periods of decline. And I’d seen other shows crash and burn (like the entire ABC lineup).
  16. Exactly, the “Sams” of the world can’t break us. Though they may try...
  17. My heart goes out to you, @mikelyons. Having experienced this industry from the cable TV side as a black gay man and suffered similar indignities, a lot of your story hits home. So happy that you’re living your best life now.
  18. I thought she was a LOT better on OLTL. But the voice is still grating. So nasal...
  19. I hated hated hated Lucy, but that’s a great group, particularly for Frank Beaty, considering the toll the Marian story took on him.
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