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  1. I can’t help but feel for him, even though I’m angry as well. I hate to see black men destroyed/destroying themselves. There but for the grace of God...
  2. This turns my stomach. So terrifying. Again, I wasn’t a full-time viewer of the show, but my mom watched.
  3. He’s in a tough situation, but it appears that Fox is letting him run down the clock from these recent reports. I suppose Jussie has been advised to have their day in court to set the record straight. (Or they’re waiting to see how the more ambiguous federal investigation shakes out.) Again, who knows?
  4. A deep dive into how studios campaign for Oscars similarly to how politicians campaign for elections.
  5. I’m interested in hearing his explanation.
  6. Van Jones is taking heat for comparing Jussie (at least before this incident) to Jackie Robinson:
  7. Four Oscars for BoRhap?! Spoiler: the answer is no. They suggest not including clips, which is dumb. How do you celebrate film and the great work nominees do without clips?
  8. Yeah, Angela Bassett seemed super annoyed with that question. But Kandi, I thought, handled it well, all things considered.
  9. Good for Donald for not taking the bait. Meanwhile, someone like Ben Rothenberg, who LIVES for drama, doesn’t call Ryan out for that. Meanwhile, the U.S. press also continues to drop the ball on this. #cowardly
  10. Some people are mentioning Kerber and Sloane:
  11. He’s back on the set of Empire: From Kandi Burruss:
  12. I swear I love Ryan Carnes, and it’s great he’s playing a gay character, but I’d be down for a Kim/Lucas bi story. He and Tamara would be fire (as long as they maintained his attraction to men).
  13. Who can blame the guy? Haha. When he commented on Venus, was it more “Slay, Girl! Fierce!” Or “Damn you fine!”?
  14. It’s an iPhone or mobile issue. They come up fine on my MacBook.
  15. I wonder if someone with as much apparent narcissism as Jussie gets off on all this attention, even if it’s negative:
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