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  1. Is Andrew Lack finally going to pay the price for this? Is he Teflon? I guess we’re still simply resigned to powerful men rarely suffering consequences, even in this day and age with a handful of dudes getting their comeuppance for bad behavior.
  2. I have nothing against Dominic. I like him. Kei’s simply one of my favorite players alongside Nole, so I usually root for him against anybody. It’s always tough competing against a player with home advantage, so I respected his mental fortitude, especially since Kei can lose concentration (like losing three straight games before closing out the first set).
  3. How badly did Gilles have to play to lose that match?
  4. He did indeed. Meanwhile, Kevin Anderson is going to be fresh as a daisy for his next match. He got a W/O from Melzer and Coric just retired.
  5. Oh I definitely hear you. They never made FilmStruck available on legacy apps, and I hate having to use AirPlay to watch movies via my older AppleTV. I would be thrilled if Criterion were back on Hulu since I use it for other titles as well.
  6. Yeah, I just thought the parallels between classic film and classic soaps in the streaming age are interesting. Advocating for the preservation of older soaps is far more important than pushing to resurrect cancelled shows, which would almost inevitably return in depleted form. I was watching a late ‘70s episode of OLTL in which Karen (Judith Light) revealed to Viki that she was a prostitute, and it was absolutely engrossing and in decent quality. I’d love to see more from that era. My fear is that we’ve missed our moment. The muted response to Harding Lemay’s death was actually sort of disturbing. To my knowledge he didn’t even get a NY Times obit (Nixon and Labine did, quite understandably), and he was a titan. The loss of cultural memory across all art forms (film, music, TV) is really sad.
  7. Well, Kei really shut that Austrian crowd up. Such depth on his shots. A tough matchup for Thiem as he needs time to set up his huge shots while Kei takes so much time away.
  8. In tangential news, with AT&T now cutting costs, Warner just shut down FilmStruck, which focused on arthouse film (Criterion) and Hollywood classics (in partnership with TCM). It was a great service and speaks to the difficulties of streaming older titles. It’s a bummer. So many films I wanted to see weren’t on the free Kanopy app. Hopefully they can return to Hulu or will be picked up by a larger Warner streaming platform.
  9. He looks a bit like Gilles Muller to me now.
  10. What a ghastly tiebreak from Gulbis.
  11. Same Adidas kit, hairstyle, beard, etc. Hard to know who’s who from afar.
  12. Stumbled on Gulbis/Simon, and they are twinsies.
  13. His back is spectacular. Shame about the dumb hipster facial hair.
  14. I wish there were a strong female character who could gather Quinn on a regular basis.
  15. Interesting revelation after her loss to Svitolina today, which knocked her out of contention to defend her WTF title: There’s no fuss. I thought the video was funny. They had tense, competitive matches this year, they’re both in great form right now, and I’m looking forward to their rematch.
  16. What Medvedev said after the USO:
  17. Interesting that Michael/Lauren are even mentioned. Didn’t some people speculate that Devon’s sister Ana might come back?
  18. He’s playing Zoe’s dad, and it’s a series regular role debuting November 30. (Brady’s daughter is already playing Emma’s friend.)
  19. Tsitsipas plays Medvedev in Basel, which should be... fun, given their not-so-pleasant history:
  20. Wow, Li Na is quite an Actress... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1570994943000881&id=263023153880183&_rdr
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