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  1. Croatia the dream killer. If Croatia plays like this in the semi, England will absolutely clown them and make the final.
  2. Kei reads Nick’s serve better than anyone, I think. There’s a reason he’s 4-0 against him. Meanwhile, the men’s Round of 16: Federer vs Mannarino Monfils vs Anderson McDonald vs Raonic Isner vs Tsitsipas Khachanov vs Djokovic Nishikori vs Gulbis Del Potro vs Simon Vesely vs Nadal
  3. Novak is so used to being the villain that the boos only emboldened him (again, see the 2015 USO final against Fed with a rude and partisan crowd against him, a final he won). I love his defiance, but he does desperately need to speed things up while serving.
  4. Women’s Round of 16 matches set: Hsieh vs Cibulkova Ostapenko vs Sasnovich Van Uytvanck vs Kasatkina Kerber vs Bencic Pliskova vs Bertens Goerges vs Vekic Serena vs Rodina Giorgi vs Makarova LOL at Ostapenko having the best follow-up result after winning her first Slam:
  5. Well, England made the final four. They looked pretty sturdy out there. Didn’t give an inch.
  6. Now Halep is out to Hsieh. 9 of the top 10 seeds (including No. 1) gone on the women’s side. Hsieh really redlined. Meanwhile, Cibulkova is on a mission. She’s basically saying, “You didn’t give me a seed? I’ll play like one while all of the so-called top seeds crash out. I’M STILL HERE, BITCHES!”
  7. Ha! We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. 😂
  8. GL really did have amazing themes. That theme you posted was the right way of doing a cheesy ‘80s update while that SFT theme sounded like a garish porn intro. I actually like the 2002 GL opening a lot and was sad they ditched it so quickly.
  9. Oy. The “flushing toilet” opening. Whenever they’d have a new cast member, they’d stitch in their shot in most budget-looking way possible.
  10. The opening is the only good thing about Hollyoaks. They put more thought and creativity into it than they do into the actual show.
  11. I don’t think many agree, but I quite liked the opening for Generations. This, of course: Majestic and beautiful yet simple and British. If we’re also talking primetime, the Season One intro to Central Park West was so sexy. There’s this Spanish soap Grand Hotel, which is sort of Downton Abbey on steroids, and it’s intro is sort of a marvel.
  12. Haven’t independently verified but WOW if so:
  13. I think that’s right. Many of them are still acting like Ron Carlivati is some Bill Bell-level talent. But I suppose it’s job security if they want their little scoops.
  14. People of color bringing it for American tennis. Mackie McDonald, Tiafoe, the Williams, Sloane, Madison, et al. Not to mention up-and-comers like Vickery, Gauff, Mmoh, Liu, Osuigwe. Would be great if they were actually promoted on the level of Fritz. Might help bring down those aging demos.
  15. Courtois was the MVP. Wow. Volkswagen might want to update those World Cup ads. Yeah, Brazil, there’s room in the back for one more, but you’ll have to wait until 2022 for your next shot lol.
  16. I was thinking more 1995-96 Guiding Light, which was so bad I stopped watching. Frantic, made no sense, lots of f*ckery with core families (Spauldings/Abbotts), just a general vibe.
  17. This Belgian team isn’t half-bad.
  18. This show feels like a bad mid-‘90s P&G soap.
  19. Serena pulls it out against the other Kiki. Great performance.
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