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  1. Because Victor Cruz is retiring...
  2. Yeah, why wait to see the music videos you want on some TV network when you can just cue them up on demand on YouTube? Music videos on TV haven’t made a ton of sense in a long, long time.
  3. They also have the benefit of time (almost six months to get ducks in a row) and a broader target audience than the VMAs, so if they mess it up, that’s on them. Not that they won’t mess it up...
  4. MTV is in crisis, even though it’s had ratings growth recently. They’ve had some success with the revival of Jersey Shore, and they announced a revival of The Hills last night. But it’s 10-15 years since MTV meant anything at all. This year’s ceremony is the earliest they’ve ever done the VMAs, and it’s because nothing else is on right now. It’s just not that relevant in today’s world. I just wonder how the Grammys will handle Aretha.
  5. Yes, that was a mess last night. Typical Madonna self-indulgence. They probably felt pressure to honor her in some way because she was one of the most important icons in popular music, but like most of last night, it wasn’t thought through. Then again, most of the tributes to lost icons in recent years (I’m thinking about Gaga’s frantic, Vegas-style nod to Bowie on the Grammys) have fallen flat. Oddly, the BET Awards have done the best ones, and they are on MTV’s Viacom sister network.
  6. If you expand the below photo, you see Kokkinakis comment with several 😂😂😂😂 emojis.
  7. I’m certainly willing to be pleasantly surprised, and Schwimmer has *some* comic timing. I never watched that short-lived drama about chefs he did for AMC, but I imagine not many people did. Unless he had very poor financial management, he shouldn’t have to work again and can be choosy. But unlike his castmates, his few choices haven’t paid off at all critically or commercially, save for OJ. LeBlanc has really transformed himself in my eyes. Letting himself go gray was the best thing that ever happened to that guy.
  8. Halep would have been foolish to play New Haven. I know Kvitova has done well there, but I even question her going. They are replaying a classic Vika/Serena match from the USO on TC, and they are talking about how Serena has been disappointed in the past with the lack of crowd support in Flushing. I remember that conversation, how the undeserved hostility Serena has faced at the USO would never happen to native-born players at the other Slams. Can you imagine fans at RG rooting against Mladenovic or Wimbledon crowds celebrating Konta’s double faults? I think sentimental here has certainly shifted in Serena’s favor since the CYGS hunt and her baby (she’s now a national treasure for the most part), but she really had to endure so much at the USO, which is a shame.
  9. Jon Cryer to play himself on a W&G episode this fall.
  10. As forced and annoying as Devon and Mariah can be together (and how their convo became about Tessa), I’m just glad they are playing an angle other than Devon’s resentment towards Lily. I like that he’s finally holding Lily accountable for her treatment of Hilary, but it becomes one-note after a while. LOL at 50-year-old Billy. JT is only 41, but he does feel like he reads so much older. Maybe not as “senior citizen” as Burgess, but certainly much older than Miller or Tom would feel in the role.
  11. I think Berdych could play a few more years if he can get his health (physical/mental) together. Ferrer’s done. Not sure about Tsonga. I have to wonder about Karlovic, as he’s well outside the top 100 now.
  12. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    The full list of writers and directors for the upcoming season: https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/BBC-AMERICA-Announces-Full-List-of-Writers-and-Directors-for-the-New-Season-of-DOCTOR-WHO-20180820
  13. A review of Novak’s first titles at each M1000. This isn’t that surprising, but I wonder when (If?) he’ll be back:
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