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  1. Back watching one of the Y&R re-airs, I thought there was weird sexual tension between Roscoe Born and Christian LeBlanc in their initial meeting scene as Tom/Michael. RB’s staring CLB down seemed more like eye-f***** than an intimidation tactic. Oh and I once thought OLTL was playing up some kind of repressed longing between Jennifer Bransford’s Georgie and Sandra P. Grant’s Rachel.
  2. I would live for a soap opera with two warring business tycoons who fall in love.
  3. Luann’s confessionals with that photo of her in the background are hilarious.
  4. We’ve all heard about same-sex romances that were proposed or rumored and nixed/never came to fruition (Olivia/Holly on GL, Rex/Seth on OLTL). And there’s an interesting chat in the ATWT Cancelled Soaps thread about how many of Doug Marland’s male characters felt like repressed gay men. We all know daytime has been afraid to go there for most of its history, but which soap characters do you feel were written as crypto-gay/bi/lesbian? And which same-sex actors do you feel shared sexual chemistry enough for you to say, “Hmmm, wouldn’t it be interesting if they went there?” Certainly, Will/E.J. and Will/Chad (back in the Casey Deidrick days) on DAYS had their share of supporters due to chemistry between the actors.
  5. The response to the Harper’s letter:
  6. The problem with BH is that they’re almost all unlikable, so it’s hard to pick sides. Aaron’s intentions are good, and he’s not like a Joe Gorga or a Slade or a Peter just trying to get screen time IMO. But he is overbearing and yes, a mansplainer. Denise clearly indicates she wants him to back off. Still, Erika and Teddi are insufferable. It’s funny that Bravo tried to make Erika look badass in the promos by making it appear as if she’d said, “Come see about me, I don’t GAF” to Aaron’s face. She’s definitely a confessional sniper.
  7. From Cape Town, South Africa
  8. Whenever I watch GH over the past 20 years, my thought is always, “What wasted talent.” So many solid, interesting performers sat on the sidelines or got scraps while Maurice Bernard stuttered and sleepwalked through The Sonny Corinthos Show. Not an original observation by any means, but it’s actually quite sad when you imagine an alternative history. But maybe it could have been worse. It’s not like other shows with talented actors fared any better.
  9. I agree. One of the limitations of this format is that viewers lack the context and the build-up that can often give emotional scenes like that their power. Still, I’m just reminded of the scene shared here from ages ago when Stephanie learned Brooke was pregnant with Eric’s child, which I saw out of context having not been a B&B viewer at the time, yet SF’s very similar, hyperventilating, eye-bulging reaction hit me right in the gut. Felt much more natural to me. I will say that SF had the benefit of an already tense scene that was escalating while JF had to stop on a dime and express horror all of a sudden. Very tricky.
  10. Still waiting on a Sheila week. A Jill week seems like a no-brainer.
  11. The Crown has gone back to ending with six seasons instead of a truncated five: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/crown-be-extended-six-seasons-netflix-1302590
  12. I liked her a lot too, but there was something that rang false to me, even as she summoned real tears and modulated well from anger to disgust to resignation. Maybe it was just even her voice that bugged me. I remember loving those scenes when they aired and feeling quite underwhelmed now. The bug-eyed, doubled-over reaction to hearing Deacon declare his love to Brooke over the baby monitor felt... strained.
  13. He doesn’t know when to just be quiet and lay low. And maybe he thinks only talking to Serbian press won’t get out. He’s very wrong. Federer and Nadal probably have egos to rival his, but they have teams that manage them so much better. They choose their moments to speak and act, and they maintain a bit of distance and mystique appropriate for their massive level of stardom. He has the money to invest in a good team, but for whatever reason, chooses not to. Maybe it is ego. Again, he’s giving his haters so much ammo and making it harder for his supporters. A lot of players (most of the French ATP guys, Thiem, Schwartzman, et al) have spoken out in his defense, given that he’s friendly with them, but he’s doing them a disservice. Focus on getting match-ready for USO and/or RG, dude.
  14. Speaking of evening news slots...
  15. Replacing the WaPo link with a CNN one due to the paywall:
  16. And Kathryn’s husband was beautiful.
  17. That’s a good one, and it reminded me of another one: Wyatt and Katie, B&B
  18. I’ve enjoyed that too, but I have loved those sister/brother battles. It’s just a way of playing gender dynamics without the “will they or won’t they” clichés, although Bernau and McKinsey seemed to be playing up the incestuous sexual tension in that above slow dancing clip.
  19. Holly was always one of my favorite characters on GL. It’s shameful that they were absolutely clueless on how to deal with this rich character played by an attractive, funny, deeply talented actress, but such was daytime after the mid-‘90s. I know some will disagree, and they eventually drove story, but Laura and Kevin never made sense to me on GH. Felt kinda lazy. And Liz/Franco have always felt kinda... there, as if they needed a reason to keep RH on the show and sorta tossed him at Becky Herbst, whose ongoing popularity with viewers has certainly not been shared by TPTB.
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