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  1. I’ve stopped watching CNN as well. They’re an entertainment network, have been for years. My instinct has been to watch them for live coverage when something catastrophic happens (terrorist attack, mass shooting, extreme weather) or someone very famous dies, but they don’t even serve that purpose very well anymore.
  2. Federer is playing Madrid, and Kyle Edmund’s coach is retiring.
  3. Totally. I often see Y&R very unfavorably compared to, say, a Nixon soap in terms of humor, and I remember laughing out loud at Y&R a LOT growing up.
  4. Yeah, whatever on JM and SC. We already got Nick reminiscing about his various lovers with Julianne Morris, Jennifer Gareis, and others returning... that was for his 20th, right? I do wish Sharon’s mom Doris was still around. No question... EB will get one and deservedly so given his stature. It’ll be interesting to see what they do for PB.
  5. Ok. That was HYSTERICAL. Y&R was so often hilarious. I love how Mamie recoils in horror. Y&R did those Skinemax scenes better than anyone.
  6. Same. Wasn’t it Lauren who “cured” Paul? I think watched that scene with my mom, ugh.
  7. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    Freema looks gorgeous with her braids on New Amsterdam, on which she’s paired with Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes, and they look super hot together. That is all. I’m so happy that she’s thriving.
  8. I think I remember that too lol. John was struggling with impotence around that time, and it was unusual for him to “get it up.” It had to have been spring-ish 1994.
  9. Those early episodes are great. Thanks for posting. I wonder if the scenes with Jess Walton and Josh Taylor with Jill fantasizing about making love to Jed Sanders while having sex with John exist somewhere. I remember being a kid watching those scenes, and they were stunningly frank compared to most soap love scenes (John grunting in an implied orgasm and Jill screaming “Oh God!” in pleasure at the end). As you can tell, that scene imprinted itself in my memory.
  10. I’m really excited to see the early stuff with Casey. I am disappointed when soaps don’t use flashbacks featuring actors who previously played characters currently on the canvas. So we’re not seeing any Heather Tom or Terry Lester flashbacks, I’m assuming? She had such great scenes with both.
  11. Yeah, I was surprised that they glossed over using the USPS to commit potential faked domestic terrorism and the federal implications of that.
  12. Phylicia Rashad is a goddess of acting.
  13. The piece says that in his 2007 DUI he lied and said he was his brother Jake, which is sooo low. People make mistakes in tight situations, especially when you’re in your early-to-mid-20s and panicking, but to throw a sibling under the bus like that...
  14. Y&R could have gotten a bump from the sad KSJ news. DAYS is finally having to back up its gains from recent years. Did it reach its ceiling?
  15. Apparently, according to an event Jason Thompson did over the weekend, they begin filming JG’s material three weeks from now, and it will start to air mid-to-late April. That’s a long time.
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