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  1. Diatchenko’s screaming is awful (reminds me of Muguruza’s roar), but... she’s cute!
  2. Wow at Linette/Putintseva. Who’s going to blink first in this match? Surely, it’s going to be suspended soon. Could be the WTA’s answer to Isner/Mahut. Edit: Putintseva won 10-8. Sharapova OUT!!
  3. What an equalizer in stoppage time for Colombia!
  4. Looks like everyone’s points from last year’s Wimbledon just came off, which would explain the surges for first-round losers Sock, Coric, Cecchinato, and Gojowczyk.
  5. This is beyond the pale. I wonder if he’s having some personal problems or mental health issues.
  6. Novak fan here. It’s probably one of the few matches in which he had the majority of tennis fans beyond Serbs and #nolefam on his side. But then again, you never know. Apparently, Sock skipped press, so I’m assuming he’ll face a fine:
  7. Yep, David has four children older than Katharine McPhee, one by 14 years. Yep. That man is connected to almost everyone famous in some way.
  8. Colombia is making this such a physical match, and it’s costing them.
  9. Another tournament, another first round loss for Sock. I wonder if he’ll repeat last year and vulture a late-season title when everyone else is injured. Hmm, Dominic, ya think? Good that he’s coming around to the realization that he needs to pace himself if he wants to succeed beyond the clay courts.
  10. Former RHOBH star Yolanda’s ex David Foster is engaged to American Idol runner-up and now-actress Katharine McPhee: http://m.tmz.com/?viewer_country=US#!article/2018/07/03/david-foster-katharine-mcphee-engaged-getting-married/
  11. The 51-year-old teacher Chuando Tan:
  12. Thiem retired from his match with Baghdatis. I wasn’t watching, but I was wondering why it was such a routine beatdown from Marcos. Ebden also upset Goffin in straights, and barring a huge turnaround, Kvitova is about to go out with a third set bagel to Sasnovich. EDIT: Kvitova, the oddsmakers favorite, is out.
  13. Yep, the staging was so cinematic. Very old school Hollywood. Now the show is so flat, both literally and figuratively.
  14. Kei makes me want to come through the TV screen and throttle him. This should be a straight sets win for him.
  15. I wonder how much of what’s going on is due to Bibel and Milstein. Mal could be delegating a lot to them given his workload.
  16. When she says, “How could you understand what I’m going through?” to Jill, Brenda sounded just like Claire Danes when she’s agitated on Homeland. Ah, the music. Why the producers felt like this scoring was dated and not timeless, I’ll never understand.
  17. I *love* this song, but somehow I’d never seen this video. It’s a montage of preening supermodels (a year before George Michael’s “Freedom”) and features a young Veronica Webb and, 2:01 in, one Ms. Cynthia Bailey.
  18. I generally agree (and I think it goes for the ATP as well, perhaps even moreso). Although I do think Vekic is better on grass than she gets credit for. Svitolina, I just have no words.
  19. Oh ok. There was a bit of confusion amongst journalists about it today. They hold some rights to it currently, which aren’t permanent and will revert back to him at some point.
  20. M*A*S*H came on at 10 pm after back-to-back episodes of Mama’s Family in my hometown. So I’d watch Thelma and the gang, and when those mournful horns of “Suicide is Painless” chimed, I knew it was time for bed. I guess that Pavlovian response just persisted for me.
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