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  1. Oh no there’s no question we don’t have all the info. But it’s so easy for someone to stumble upon Lynette Rice’s tweet and believe she knows something she doesn’t. Just using this opportunity to rail against the state of journalism in 2018, that’s all lol.
  2. This guy is hot, but I just have to laugh at the “whimsical,” cartoonish faces a lot of guys make to look sexy. The “smirk.” I suppose it isn’t as cheesy as the lip-biting and LL Cool J-inspired lip-licking some guys do.
  3. It’s one thing for us to try to piece together who the person is, but it’s actually quite irresponsible for actual journalists to be speculating about this on social media.
  4. Unless it’s Serena or Venus, I think fans reasonably tune in for what looks like a competitive match with a contrast in styles, which is why Fedal and Fed/Djokovic matches do well. I remember the Federer/Soderling 2009 French Open final tanked in the ratings even though it was Fed’s first (and to date only) RG title.
  5. Nancy Addison: Wasn’t strong-willed heroine Jill Coleridge on RH a very different character from Kit Vested on GL, who was known as a psycho? Never seen any GL clips from the early ‘70s featuring Kit.
  6. Other people (like Josef Adalian from NY Mag) are saying that they know it isn’t Lansbury. That “blind item” can be interpreted a number of ways, and it’s easy to make assumptions about the semantics and how it’s worded. Until someone comes out and says, “It was me,” I’m just going take a wait-and-see attitude.
  7. Maybe she’s just speculating like the rest of us.
  8. Let’s see...not including newbies like Daniel Hall/Darnell Kirkwood/Tristan Lake Lebeau or folks like CLB/TEB/Robert Adamson, in the past year-and-a-half, they’ve dumped: Greg Rikaart Elizabeth Hendrickson Melissa Claire Egan Mishael Morgan Eileen Davidson Christel Khalil Doug Davidson Rumored to be dumping: Kristoff St. John Bryton James Daniel Goddard (and by extension, Noah Alexander Gerry and Lexie Stevenson) Will likely dump/downgrade within the next 18 months, given their recent marginalization in terms of stories/sets: Peter Bergman Eric Braeden Melody Thomas Scott Marla Adams (recurring) They’ve brought on: Michael Mealor Jason Canela Jordi Vilasuso Sasha Calle (Lola) Brooks Darnell Hunter King (return) Alice Hunter (the new AA role, Kerry) Am I missing anyone?
  9. Also of note: Sharon Gless’s husband (Barney Rosenzweig, a producer of C&L) is NOT a Les Moonves fan and has been outspoken about him for many, many years. https://pagesix.com/2007/05/15/not-forgotten-2/
  10. Saw someone on Twitter who shares your idea about Kramer.
  11. Sonia Satra as evil Nurse Barbara on OLTL after playing sniveling Lucy Cooper on GL.
  12. He was just here talking about it. 😂 But I think Lansbury has been crossed off the list, according to sources.
  13. Yeah. Not that Thorne needed to return given he’s been barely used, but Brad Bell made a prudent decision by recasting. Can you imagine if he were on B&B right now?
  14. Quite a few people are making that connection.
  15. Victor Lord is alive (OLTL) and the unabortion (AMC)
  16. I’m as guilty of this as anyone, but I think there was a naive hope that since Sussman was around in the “glory days” that she’d at least restore a smidgen of Y&R’s early history, and that first Michael Logan interview and the first promos (Traci! Paul/Lauren scenes!) were promising (if dubious in hindsight). And even if she had been a generally undistinguished writer, she couldn’t have been worse than Pratt or MAB or LML, right? Maybe she was better than *them* at writing Y&R, but it was just a different kind of suck. Flat and aimless instead of sensationalist and reckless. The EP/HWs take a lot of the heat for these shows, and they should (to an extent, especially with the more granular choices), but the overall vision of these shows come from on high. The fat cats in the corporate towers dodge a lot of accountability.
  17. It’s just funny that other soaps were so precious about same-sex and interracial kisses while Reilly was over there chopping off penises. Like, what crazy ideas might Reilly have had that wouldn’t have passed muster?
  18. I didn’t watch Passions much after the first couple of years, but some of these stories just boggle my mind. If he were writing some gonzo John Waters surrealist, absurdist comedy, that would be one thing. Was he just so under the radar or so revered for his ‘90s ratings successes that he had carte blanche?
  19. Look who’s about to get those coins.
  20. +1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Nikki goes down for killing JT as well or something. But I think they are looking to lean down the show, especially with a tough renewal coming.
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