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  1. Ridiculous scene between Phyllis and Lily, but it’s par for the course. GT’s Phyllis may as well have been a completely different character from Stafford’s.
  2. Bad luck for Serena to face Kvitova in the second round in Cincy. Serena looked more solid than she has all year this week, so maybe this provides something to build on in NYC (and she’ll be fresher with this early loss).
  3. Thiem withdraws from Cincy; Garcia-Lopez takes his spot.
  4. Can they kill Jack? I’m sick of that guy.
  5. Wow. They have a crawl during today’s show reading, “We want to know what you think of The Bold and the Beautiful. Go to cbs.com/daytime and tell us what you think.” They must be alarmed at the moment.
  6. RSW is probably more conventionally attractive, but to each their own, right? We don’t all have to salivate over the same men. Some of us don’t salivate over men at all.
  7. That was fast. I wonder how many others will announce they aren’t playing Cincy. Good quote:
  8. The soaps gave up a long time ago. They are just maintaining their dwindling, literally dying audience for as long as possible until they can’t slash budgets anymore. They are comfort food for folks who enjoy kitschy nostalgia while paying very trivial lip service to trends. Everyone can find a show for themselves these shows if they look hard enough, and we just don’t “need” Y&R or GH anymore. And you know what? That’s cool. I sometimes wish soaps had ‘70s-quality writing applied to 2018 issues and demographics, but “Insecure” is on tonight so... Really, who knows where broadcast TV as a whole will be in 10 years? Look how desperate ABC has been with the Oscars, forcing them to create some BS “Best Popular Film” award because of how ratings have trended. Live sports is hemorrhaging viewers. The whole ship is sinking, and daytime soaps just happened to be one of first parts to be submerged. But it’s always sad when these shared experiences die. I don’t like seeing everyone in their little bubbles.
  9. I like the Titans opening because I love the theme song (“6 Underground” by Sneaker Pimps, which is about as ‘90s as you can get), but I don’t remember what happened on the show at all: The Pasadena opening used to crack me up, which all of the characters mugging it up like they were harboring Very Sinister Secrets:
  10. Was Azure C. on The City the first transgender character on daytime? I know we’ve had Zarf (AMC) and Maya (B&B) since then.
  11. For me, I was obsessed with data even before the web because the magazines always listed the weekly ratings, and they’d include commentary about what stories coincided with ratings spikes or plunges. They didn’t include demos when I was reading, which probably gave me a false sense of Y&R’s ratings dominance, as the demos were much more competitive. I think a lot of it is that soaps have been on a deathwatch for 20-25 years, and the ratings have been a way of monitoring it, like looking at the labs for a sick patient.
  12. Nadal choked his lead away (Tsitsipas did step up), but he didn’t choke when the match was on the line, unlike Tsitsipas’s previous opponents. I have a bit more respect for Tsitsipas after his fight back in the 2nd set. Still a long way to go for him, but dude is 20. Someone said Rafa had a bigger reaction after this win than he did after winning most of his Slams! Just a golf aside, Brooks Koepka is a big slab of beefy goodness, and Tiger looks like he might be sh!tting the bed.
  13. Oof. Maybe we spoke too soon? Tragic game serving for the match from Rafa. Meanwhile, Tiger is making his move at the PGA championship.
  14. Halep is very good at telling her most vociferous fans to simmer down. She was great in handling the Nastase drama at Fed Cup. You don’t see that often from players, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve come to like her, even though her early negativity put me off.
  15. Yeah. And he was exhausted having to go through Thiem, Djokovic, Sascha, and Anderson, the last three all three setters. Even if he were brimming with energy, Nadal in full flight was going to be tough to deal with. But it’s a good, humbling experience to show how much further he’ll have to climb to truly break through. Nadal’s defensive skills are unreal. The fact that Novak beat him more often than not just shows how extraordinary Novak can be. This is such a deflating, anticlimactic watch after the Halep-Stephens epic. I guess that was to be expected. Nadal was super sexy with the long hair and bare arms in those old clips from the 2005 final against Agassi.
  16. Halep wins in Montreal. I’ve never seen Sloane more devastated by a loss. Lots of people saying Halep should pull out of Cincinnati to save her body for the U.S. Open.
  17. I feel like when this Halep/Stephens match is over, they are going to have to peel two gnarled, bloody skeletons off the court. They are brutalizing each other. My word. I thought Halep was toast in that first set, reverting back to her old negativity and perfectionism. But she really pushed through.
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