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  1. Ok I didn’t see the post. I’d heard she would never get one because of her history, but who knows?
  2. Such a soapy threat! Can’t wait to hear the explanation. (Poor contractual terms?)
  3. Oh so Marlo finally gets a peach. I wonder if the new HW will be a Kenya ally (if she has those) for balance.
  4. Exactly. Just acknowledge the world we live in for once. People will get it. You can still build fantasy, intrigue, and action on top of that, like you’ve shown with the virtual affair story. But again, they demonstrate their lack of respect for the audience’s intelligence. And the lack of creativity they have, even in the best of times.
  5. I mean, we were wondering how Bradley was going to promote B&B’s return...
  6. And again totally sad that it happened on a soap that, even during a high-profile umbrella story, few watched (due to poor clearance, for one - it never aired in St. Louis when I was growing up) as it was on its way out (well, on to an ill-fated reboot). But I do think, at least on ABC, Debbi and Darnell commanded more than a modicum of respect. That certainly DID NOT extend to their CBS roles.
  7. That’s the playlist I’m watching. Looking forward to that. One thing I’m noticing is the amount of agency Angie and Jacob are given on Loving. They are allowed to mix it up and get into white folks’ faces in ways that soaps don’t usually allow. They feel like leads (and I do know they ultimately ushered Loving off the air as it morphed into The City).
  8. He did a performance of Coldplay’s “Fix You” on The Masked Singer that was pretty decent.
  9. I was just watching Geoffrey Ewing in a 1995 episode of Loving, which was around the time he played Griffin, Gilly’s father she nearly banged, on GL. What a gorgeous man daytime utterly wasted. Stumbled on this, a tour de force from Debbi Morgan in AMC’s later years: @ajsp35801
  10. I just didn’t love the comment from Whoopi that she didn’t believe Fedida “had it in her” to say those things. She didn’t have to excoriate her or rush to judgment. Totally behind the comment about an investigation. But Whoopi can sometimes be an apologist for powerful people. The Roman Polanski “rape rape” comment comes to mind.
  11. VR claimed that MTS ran around the set in an Afro wig to mock her, but I’m not sure when that happened. Edit: I wonder if MTS will address that in her forthcoming memoir.
  12. I know drama followed Nathan Fillion to The Rookie with those allegations from Afton Williamson about on-set racism. Another one: Gabrielle Union vs. Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent
  13. I saw Whoopi come to Fedida’s defense even though she disrespected Sunny Hostin and ESPECIALLY Robin Roberts with that “cotton picking” comment. SMDH.
  14. Oh yes. The scene where Nikki said “You’re a very DISRESPECTFUL young woman!” I know Nikki and Dru are of different generations, but MTS and VR are only three years apart in age, and the comment felt patronizing in an uncomfortable way.
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