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  1. The new showrunner says she plans to make the revival more Latina (because Los Angeles, duh) and “less cis” with trans actors playing trans characters.
  2. Consider the source but...they are claiming that the writers are scrambling to reduce Jussie’s role in the final couple of episodes this season.
  3. Meanwhile, Sabalenka’s been hacked on Instagram.
  4. Ok thanks. I apologize. I do recommend watching the older versions.
  5. I’ll say nothing. 😑 This is an interesting piece that suggests how Black Panther might prevail in the night’s biggest category without the nominations that usually accompany a Best Picture winner.
  6. Basically, it looks like he was screwed weeks before the “hate crime” incident ever occurred.
  7. They were SO amazing. I loved those scenes. Every line delivery was perfection.
  8. Chandler looks like he doesn’t get enough sleep or something.
  9. That Donald Freakin’ Sutherland hasn’t been nominated is shameful. Basically the whole Ordinary People cast was nominated that year except him. Sam Rockwell was snubbed year after year, and then he was nominated for Three Billboards and won his first time out. Now they’ll name-check him anytime he sneezes in a movie.
  10. Greg Rikaart does look older, but his voice and mannerisms scream high school nerd. Jesse Eisenberg, who still looks very young, feels like he’ll be the same way as he ages.
  11. An interesting thread of active actors who’ve never been Oscar-nominated, which puts the whole Glenn Close/Amy Adams “overdue” narratives in some perspective (in that at least they were invited to the party, not that they aren’t deserving). Donald Sutherland Jamie Lee Curtis Ewan McGregor Cillian Murphy Guy Pearce Thandie Newton Bill Nighy Idris Elba Brendan Gleeson Michael Sheen Steve Buscemi John Goodman Jim Carrey James McAvoy Kevin Bacon John Cusack Robin Wright Kirsten Dunst
  12. The Rio matches look insane.
  13. This guy is reportedly Jussie’s partner. I wonder what’s going through his head right now.
  14. Haha WHAT?!?! Yeah, he’s celebrating his 12th annual 30th birthday.
  15. She’s getting roasted in her mentions.
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