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  1. That’s cool. I’ll look forward to that. I suppose it’ll be Nikki reminiscing from her jail cell.
  2. Exactly. They are pissing off the only audience they’re going to have. And it’s still a pretty big audience at the moment. The Oscars are second to the Super Bowl in ratings each year. Granted, that audience will die off in the coming years if they don’t do a better job of selling it to young people. I can understand the anxiety. It’ll be sad if the Oscars become obsolete, though. They still matter a lot internationally. When I was in Singapore in 2017, I met a lot of people who’d seen Moonlight who’d never seen a black gay film. They watched it because of the Oscars’ seal of approval. It gives smaller, more artistic films a huge platform. (And I wasn’t even that crazy about Moonlight.)
  3. Yeah, I remember Babe being acclaimed as well. I’m not sure Babe has this great legacy as a family film in the same way the more fashionable Pixar movies have had, so it’s a bit of a retcon. Some say Malek is being rewarded for surviving the Bryan Singer stuff, and since their on-set feud was so widely publicized (and notable since Malek is so well-known as the sweetest guy), he emerges looking pretty good. Plus, they love an actor transformation, and I’m not sure they liked Vice enough to reward Bale. And many folks just like Malek, even though he can come off as eccentric (especially with his creepy Mr. Robot role influencing how he’s perceived). And it’s a way of rewarding BoRhap’s success, even if the Academy is a bit more iffy on the movie overall.
  4. There’s a lot of journalist pettiness and vanity here (Thompson and Bart upset about AMPAS president John Bailey personally snubbing them), but Bailey does sound incompetent in his role. Lots of poor communication.
  5. EB was certainly extremely vocal on Twitter about his displeasure about Doug being pushed out, but he was also angry with Mal about the lack of Victor. From all that EB said, Mal was behind DD’s disappearance.
  6. We’ll see, but if you’re under investigation, it’s smart to get a lawyer, innocent or guilty.
  7. Funny. You can see what looks like genuine shock on Carol’s face.
  8. Jesse Ventura on Y&R Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett on AMC.
  9. She was an exec at ABC Daytime starting in the mid-‘80s and was thought to be responsible for the ABC soaps’ resurgence in the early ‘90s. So I suppose P&G believed she could bring some heat and youth to their aging, floundering shows (GL/ATWT/AW), but all she did was decimate them ultimately.
  10. Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin. A prolific daytime exec and then-Head of Production for Procter & Gamble’s soaps.
  11. I don’t love Mia (and actually Abby told no lies about her), but I loved seeing her grip Abby by the hair. Just something about how Ordway delivers her lines.
  12. I’m assuming the Tyler Christopher/Brandon Barash switch is imminent. Early March?
  13. 🎶 My Ana Konjuh don’t want none... Nishioka for JMdP’s first match back! Wow. Plus an all-Aussie affair with Kyrgios and Millman.
  14. Not surprised they caved. It’s shocking how many dumb, insulting, poorly vetted decisions have come from the Academy in the past year. There’s so much fat that could be trimmed from the ceremony (lame presenter banter, montages) without touching the awards. Plus, there’s no host, so no need for a protracted opening/monologue.
  15. When you write a character to be unlikable, as they did Nate, you shouldn’t be surprised that the audience doesn’t like him. Nate never had a chance.
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