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    The show needed another conservative, but not that familiar with her.
  2. Nice turnarounds for Venus and Simona. This.
  3. I see Novak is back to his early 2018 form. Oy. No bueno. I guess if he loses it gives him more time to prepare for Cincy. Venus and Cirstea have very similar grunts at times.
  4. Zoe totally killed that cat, right? I wonder how Sally perceives all of this nonsense, considering she was initially blamed for what Zoe did. (Where the hell is she?) She’ll probably fall in line to keep the peace.
  5. Tiafoe played pretty well, except those two shocking TBs that cost him the match. Shot selection still can be iffy with him. Chanda Rubin has such a pleasant voice. Venus and her knee.
  6. This Zoe storyline makes every character on this show look like a total @sshole. Hope, Thorne, Maya. I mean, really? Unwatchable story. We’ve all seen people in corporate America look past egregious violations and abuse for $$$$$, but is this really how they want to frame these characters?
  7. Hopefully, they will allow Nate to play something other than blank-faced, condescending sage. Eventually. It’s as if they want the audience to turn against him. I’m glad they are at least spinning him out of the Winters orbit.
  8. They’d better keep milking the drama around Hilary because the rest of the show would make it *really* easy to stop watching. That SOD cover is a whole lotta “Who cares?”
  9. Oh god yes. Chelsea just makes me itch. I never liked Friends much, but when it started Schwimmer/Ross was my favorite. By the end, I despised him and felt he was easily the worst character and actor in that cast. I’m cringing at the thought of him and Messing together, but most of Grace’s love interests are terrible. Quick addendum: Schwimmer came into our work office one day maybe five or six years ago to do a reading of some script he was producing, and I was surprised at how attractive he was. It doesn’t come across for me onscreen.
  10. LOL at the comments about BF’s lip gloss in that Daytime Confidential photo.
  11. After that appalling loss to Baghdatis in which he looked like he didn’t GAF and that really bad match against Goffin in DC, this was a great turnaround. He didn’t fall off a cliff like some of his compatriots (Sock, Fritz).
  12. It’s not that difficult to get the facts right about a player’s history. (His ATP profile has the info. Wikipedia isn’t always correct, but it’s right there in the first paragraph of Frances’s entry.) In all likelihood, the announcer himself didn’t do the research, but still it’s unprofessional that it wasn’t caught. That was Frances’s first ATP title, so I can imagine he was touchy about it. Obviously, Frances didn’t sweat it, as he came out and won his match. Meanwhile, Fognini and Shapovalov are battling verbally on the changeover. Wow.
  13. This trashy, oversexed reality series has become as talked-out in the U.K. as The Great British Bake-off was a few years ago, but for very different reasons. Of course, an American version is the works, and it’s coming to CBS, which, as you know, has had great success remaking “Big Brother,” an originally Dutch format also popular in Britain. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/love-island-is-coming-cbs-american-adaptation-1133157
  14. Just saw that. Not sure the extent of the injury, but her screams brought back memories of Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Mary Pierce. Hope it wasn’t that bad. In other news, this is so disrespectful from the announcer:
  15. Wow, Cornet knocked out Kerber.
  16. Del Potro has pulled out of Rogers Cup due to caution over his wrist. Youzhny takes his spot against Haase.
  17. He apparently moved to England at seven from Kansas. His mother is American, and his father is British, and they thought England would be a better place to bring up a mixed-race child. https://www.yorkmix.com/entertainment/meet-young-york-actor-starring-hottest-new-show-netflix/
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