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  1. Ugh. Maradona. I don’t think Argentina is long for this world in this tournament.
  2. MAB just tossed the show in the gutter with her repellent, amoral writing, and Pratt was just a gonzo version of MAB.
  3. OMG, she’d be “cancelled.” But, yeah, no reggae to be heard in that clip.
  4. Germany is another victim of the defending champ’s curse and is out of the World Cup. South Korea played amazing defense. If only Nigeria had played like that against Argentina yesterday...
  5. Serena is seeded #25 at Wimbledon. Kvitova has withdrawn from her Eastbourne match with Aga. I’m sure she’s just trying to stay healthy for Wimbledon.
  6. Aside from CZP, did anyone from pre-1980 ATWT get featured much in that last decade? Don Hastings and Kathryn Hays certainly weren’t featured much, if I recall correctly.
  7. I wouldn’t go that far (I still think Frances could improve a lot under the right tutelage, perhaps because he’s so unorthodox), but there’s no obvious successor to Sampras, Agassi, McEnroe, Connors, Ashe, Courier, Chang, or even Roddick. Jack Sock could be an all-time great doubles specialist if he focused on that.
  8. Donald Young just lost in the second round of qualifying. He’s down to No. 209 in the rankings. It’s very sad because it seemed like he had found a home in the top 100. (He was as high as No. 38 in 2012.)
  9. LOL I tend to like counterpunchers as long as they can switch to offense from time to time. From what I saw of the Babos match, she was able to do that a bit and not just do her pusher thing.
  10. Keeping an eye on Aga. She’s in better form at Eastbourne than she has been in a LONG time.
  11. Sheffer seemed like such a breath of fresh air initially. I remember Laiman had written Andy as faking paralysis, and it was such a silly, inane plot. Then Hogan’s stuff started, and he included a scene of Andy in a support group with people actually dealing with disabilities, and I thought, “That’s a character moment Laiman would have never done.” And the Rose D’Angelo doppelgänger story became so much more than a dumb lookalike plot, and he seemed to value Colleen Zenk. Of course, we all saw the misogynistic mess the show devolved into (Hogan giving the guys their “dicks” back).
  12. I just remember that scene of Ryan “choking” Felicia to death. That was truly terrifying. And, yes, Ingo and Maurice looked amazing in that clip. Especially Ingo. And Vanessa, of course, was stunning.
  13. I’m coming to appreciate Tinsley. Of course, she’s the newbie and the most disposable, but she’s fun, young, and up for anything, yet doesn’t throw off the chemistry as much as Kristen or Jules. She’s willing to take a back seat, and that’s fine. She’s not gunning for a perch next to Andy at reunion like many other first or second season HWs. At the same time, I think she contributes a sort of dippy, drunken lightness. I like her (and her mom). These shows are like puzzles, and I feel like RHONYC has the right pieces at the moment. Perhaps that will change, but I’ve been loving the past season-and-a-half. Heather was one of the only things that worked about Seasons 5-6, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her again down the line. It was nice seeing Jill too (even under tragic circumstances), but then I remember all the things that led to her still-unsurpassed implosion on the show (in terms of falling from fan favorite to demonized). Then, I think, “Yeah, I’m good.”
  14. I hope she gets the help she needs because I fear we’re going to wake up to a sad and very final headline soon if she doesn’t.
  15. This is becoming even more desperately sad and tragic. She was hospitalized just a few days ago after threatening to take her own life.
  16. More than $17,500. A very expensive squirt, indeed.
  17. Oh Novak. What a choke against a player he used to dominate and could have soundly beaten today. Encouraging week, but man.
  18. I wonder if they are struggling to find a replacement. We saw the chaotic and desperate way they dropped Sally Sussman in. If they fire Mal, they have to find both an EP and a HW, and for whatever reason, the show has been reluctant to promote from within since Kay Alden and Jack Smith’s tenures.
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