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  1. Wertheim and Rothenberg, et al., are all such boring opportunists.
  2. Did Perez Hilton officiate Quinn and Eric’s wedding? Yes. Yes, he did.
  3. So many preemptions for B&B. With its 18-49 numbers dipping below 100K, you can imagine they’re particularly excited to get back to filming.
  4. You see the bitchy sarcasm of Stafford’s Phyllis today with that scene with Gina, which was a glimpse then, but it’s literally how she plays her *all the time* now. So one-note.
  5. Any competent performer can summon tears, but some truly raise crying to an artform, even to the point it becomes what they’re primarily known for. Who are daytime’s most talented criers? I submit to you, Eva LaRue (Maria, AMC). The tear ducts open around 7:09, and admittedly Susan does a fabulous job here as well:
  6. When did soaps stop making friendships (like Nina/Cricket) a priority? There are so few friendships on soaps, aside from people like Jason and Carly on GH and unexpected treats like Lani and Kristen on DAYS? A lot of black folks in today’s 1996 opening: Neil, Dru, Malcolm, Olivia, and Adam Lazarre-White’s Nathan.
  7. They could have even cast Darlene Conley as the rival’s wife who knows her husband’s gay but sticks around because she helped build their business and family. So we could have still gotten the great SF/DC battles. And later on, the Calvin Klein character could have come out and snagged Thomas Forrester as a boytoy/protégé.
  8. I love these ladies, and their new album is amazing. An old song of theirs I still listen to all the time:
  9. What a weird thing to regret. That story was almost universally praised. Did he give a reason?
  10. Ralph Lauren was at least Jewish, even though he created such a WASP brand. It would have been interesting if Eric and team had a Calvin Klein-esque rival who was closeted and had a family.
  11. Probably the least inspired group of episodes they’ve put together thus far.
  12. He’s married to someone who used to be an AD on GL. Looked it up and her name is Natasha Katzive.
  13. I met David Kreizman at a soap panel years ago. And yes he’s hot. Annnnd he was super nice. Just too bad about his work.
  14. Christine and Paul lying unconscious on those wet city streets after being mowed down by Phyllis, as the camera cranes up—still haunting. No way a soap could pull off such a set piece today. Even the passersby who rushed in to help would be too expensive.
  15. B&B feels like a conservative fantasy of what the fashion industry is. Completely white and heterosexual, aside from random models on the runway, who were always voiceless. They’d rather border on incest than branch out. But given what we know about the vast majority of the soap audience, that’s all understandable. Those of us on the margins have just had to suspend disbelief. Edit: that’s not to dismiss some of the real issues with racism and exclusion in the fashion industry. But B&B certainly should have been gayer.
  16. Before she came out, Maya was a social-climbing bitch, but they defanged her to evoke audience sympathies once we learned she was trans. She couldn’t possibly still be a nuanced flawed trans woman, right? They preserved some of her strength, fine, but she had to be the most solemn, earnest woman ever. The point is moot: they never cared that much about her from the jump: they just wanted recognition from queer organizations and notices on Entertainment Tonight. And they thought Rick was disposable, too, which is why they paired him with her.
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