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  1. The Rio matches look insane.
  2. This guy is reportedly Jussie’s partner. I wonder what’s going through his head right now.
  3. Haha WHAT?!?! Yeah, he’s celebrating his 12th annual 30th birthday.
  4. She’s getting roasted in her mentions.
  5. Yeah, I’m betting they open with Queen.
  6. It’s been reported that they took a magazine (perhaps with letters clipped out) from the apartment of the Nigerian brothers (which may explain the ransom note-style letter sent to the Empire set).
  7. Wow. If that’s real, why is Stefanos blowing up girl’s spot like that? Speaking of Naomi:
  8. That’s what I get too. I remember now that I watched Paradise Beach years ago when it was syndicated in the U.S. Lots of hot guys (Manu Bennett, Ingo Rademacher before GH), but it all felt a bit frothy and disposable. H&A felt that way too. Again I haven’t watched them enough to say anything definitive. Just my impression.
  9. A lot of the foreign soaps (which air in primetime or early evening) have had amazing promos with high production values. EastEnders has had quite a few great ones over the years. A U.S. soap would never had the budget or the promo time allotted (no corporate ads on the BBC) for something like these (and it’s much easier to license popular music in the U.K.). I don’t watch EE so I have no clue if the stories were any good.
  10. MTS was on The Talk today to celebrate her 40th anniversary on Y&R. There was a great montage of Nikki’s intro shots over the years playing on the screen behind them as she walked out, which appeared to genuinely move her. And at the very top (not included below), Sara asked her about KSJ, and MTS got a bit choked up. This clip only addresses her special Nikki episode.
  11. SF really did elevate the show, but I imagine unhinged, grotesque Stephanie is similar to what Beverlee McKinsey would have faced had she remained as Alex on GL. Basically, a great, ferociously intelligent actress slumming it.
  12. Tamara Braun has more chemistry with Ryan Carnes than she does with William deVry (or Billy Miller, for that matter). Cue furious rewrite to make Lucas bisexual.
  13. Apparently Jussie was in touch with Don Lemon a lot in the days following the incident. I just wonder what Jussie was telling him and how Don feels now.
  14. Interesting considering how a lot of media sites have dropped comment sections due to trolls and lack of budget for competent, active moderators.
  15. You betta preach. I watch DAYS sometimes, which is supposedly the “best” we’ve got right now, and everyone seems xanned out. A lot of it is probably the speed of production and lack of rehearsal time due to budget restraints but still. I sometimes overpraise an interesting stretch of dialogue on today’s soaps, but then I go back and watch earlier episodes of OLTL or GL or Ryan’s Hope and think, “Wow. How far things have fallen.” They’ve essentially surrendered to their fate. There’s no fight left.
  16. I think it’s between Green Book and Black Panther and maaaaybe Roma after the BAFTA win. It’s all about that preferential ballot and which films are selected as second and third choices. Well-liked by a lot of people but not necessarily loved. I just wonder if the option to reward Roma in Foreign Language Film hurts its Best Picture chances. Not sure the “Netflix is trying to kill the industry so we won’t vote for their movies” factor is a real concern for this particular movie.
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