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  1. Looks like Pliskova got a taste of her own medicine from her match against Serena in Melbourne.
  2. Sometimes I have to remind myself: I don’t know celebrities as well as I think I do. Hell, I don’t know people in my actual life as well as I think I do, much less celebrities whom I’ve never met and only know through “reputation” or people who are acquainted with him in the industry or interviews or social media posts. It can be humbling.
  3. The Nigerian brothers said he was responsible for it.
  4. Sounds like he has serious delusions of grandeur. The “I’m the gay Tupac” bit...
  5. He’s been officially indicted:
  6. Class 4 felony can still result in jail time, but it’s the lowest class. I wonder where the feds are with their case.
  7. See, that’s what I don’t get. They’ve already cut and cleaned up those old scenes for on-air flashbacks. Why not post them in full to their YouTube channels? EastEnders may not have all of their old episodes available to stream, but they have a wide array of classic scenes on YouTube.
  8. I’ve been banging my lonely drum for a new character in her age range who is unrelated to Forresters, Logans, or Spencers for a while. Maybe she can inject some novelty into the show for a few months.
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