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  1. Jon Cryer to play himself on a W&G episode this fall.
  2. As forced and annoying as Devon and Mariah can be together (and how their convo became about Tessa), I’m just glad they are playing an angle other than Devon’s resentment towards Lily. I like that he’s finally holding Lily accountable for her treatment of Hilary, but it becomes one-note after a while. LOL at 50-year-old Billy. JT is only 41, but he does feel like he reads so much older. Maybe not as “senior citizen” as Burgess, but certainly much older than Miller or Tom would feel in the role.
  3. I think Berdych could play a few more years if he can get his health (physical/mental) together. Ferrer’s done. Not sure about Tsonga. I have to wonder about Karlovic, as he’s well outside the top 100 now.
  4. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    The full list of writers and directors for the upcoming season: https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/BBC-AMERICA-Announces-Full-List-of-Writers-and-Directors-for-the-New-Season-of-DOCTOR-WHO-20180820
  5. A review of Novak’s first titles at each M1000. This isn’t that surprising, but I wonder when (If?) he’ll be back:
  6. Would Carla Gray kissing Jim Craig on OLTL have technically been the first interracial kiss?
  7. Federer clowned Rafa all of 2017. Fed may have been off today, but Novak had ANSWERS.
  8. And dare I say that it wasn’t just a hyperpartisan Federer crowd as usual? The Nole fans showed up.
  9. Novak Djokovic, y’all. Winner of all 9 M1000 and beat Federer to do it. Increases his H2H over Roger. Amazing.
  10. This is a very cool interview with Aretha’s producer in the ‘80s, the famous Narada Michael Walden. The story of Aretha staring him down “like Muhammad Ali or Joe Frazier” is a hoot. Plus a status update on the biopic with JHud:
  11. Gladys and Smokey on Don Lemon’s show remembering Aretha.
  12. Domi and Kiki are on their way to NYC! (There’s something about Mladenovic that reminds me of Edie Falco.) Tursunov, y’all. Lookin like a peroxide version of Mick Hucknall from Simply Red. His fitness is still on point, though:
  13. An hour-long episode devoted to Aretha’s entire career...link here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/popcast/id120315823?mt=2&i=1000418027383
  14. Remember when he was just starting out doing that other thing? He was wafer-thin. Now he’s like a WWE star.
  15. And there are things like open relationships or more fluid ideas about commitment that are more common amongst gay male relationships (and more common than one would think in heterosexual relationships). Yet a lot of gay men feel like showing that to a largely heterosexual audience would simply invite attacks, confirming stereotypes about gays as unstable, slutty, and poor role models for children.
  16. And the age of most soap *viewers* to be honest. The vast majority of the audience wouldn’t get it, and the ones who would wouldn’t be interested in watching a daytime soap.
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