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  1. I just wish soaps made a simple effort to not be so predictable. Everything is so half-assed. But I guess there’s no incentive to do anything different these days. You just gotta tread water to survive.
  2. What can you say, really? Predictably dreadful.
  3. That link isn’t working for me. http://ew.com/tv/2018/06/28/young-and-the-restless-casts-nate-winters-jr/
  4. Djokovic is going to play Laver Cup as part of Team Europe, it has been announced. Also, Del Potro will play for Team World:
  5. I ❤️ this dude. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  6. Japan and Senegal, tied going into today, both lost their matches 0-1, but Japan advances to the knockouts due to incurring fewer yellow cards. So the sole remaining Asian team is in, the last African team is out.
  7. As did Bouchard, I saw. Lisicki, the other former finalist, lost her first match in qualies. I just saw Wozniacki beat Barty in Eastbourne, which is interesting because grass is by far her worst surface. And Kukushkin upset Kyle Edmund, who had just beaten Andy Murray. A glamour shot from two great tennis survivors:
  8. Ah, figures. So weird how the “Comings and Goings” aspect of this section had been so quiet for MONTHS, but in the past couple of weeks, the floodgates opened.
  9. Yeah, I thought maybe the network daytime soaps would just continue to putter along while TPTB mined these shows for more and more scrap metal, especially since there hasn’t been much buzz about replacing them. But it feels like someone jammed their foot into the accelerator this week, barreling towards the cliff. And @Cat, that millennial/boomer mishmash comment is so on point. Every single show is doing that right now.
  10. Some of those are fantastic. “To take pleasure in the misfortune of others...if only there was a word for it.”
  11. Look at Aga with her statement win:
  12. Luann looks amazing. Rehab/prison has been good to her. Dorinda and her gang signs.... 😆. Can’t wait for the rest of this season!
  13. This show just feels like a bad telenovela most of the time.
  14. Whoever compared Mal to Goutman in the waning days of ATWT might be on to something.
  15. Ugh. Maradona. I don’t think Argentina is long for this world in this tournament.
  16. MAB just tossed the show in the gutter with her repellent, amoral writing, and Pratt was just a gonzo version of MAB.
  17. OMG, she’d be “cancelled.” But, yeah, no reggae to be heard in that clip.
  18. Germany is another victim of the defending champ’s curse and is out of the World Cup. South Korea played amazing defense. If only Nigeria had played like that against Argentina yesterday...
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