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  1. Bryton richly deserved that Emmy. Devon read Carmen the house down. If only the show allowed him to be that passionate and committed more often... We’ve seen good actors tripped up by boring characters all the time on soaps. I know people didn’t love Prof. Korbel, but Eyal Podell was smoking hot and he and AL had chemistry IMO.
  2. Novak should muzzle his father.
  3. I don’t think she’d fit in at all on NYC, even with Leah, but when you put it that way, I’d kind of like to see her humbled a bit mixing it up with Dorinda, Luann, et al, even if she’s one and done. One of the reasons I stopped watching OC is she kept getting away with murder season after season. The NYC ladies would see right through her, and that would be awesome. But keep her away from BH: they have enough sh!t stirrers.
  4. Some of these were multiple stints as HW (can’t say they were all firings): Jean Passanante One Life to Live Another World All My Children As the World Turns The Young and the Restless Leah Laiman Days of our Lives Guiding Light One Life to Live Another World As the World Turns Margaret DePriest The Edge of Night Where the Heart Is The Doctors General Hospital Days of Our Lives Another World All My Children Sunset Beach Thom Racina General Hospital Days of Our Lives Generations Santa Barbara One Life to Live Richard Culliton Guiding Light Another World As the World Turns General Hospital Port Charles All My Children
  5. Mishael Morgan co-produced this Juneteenth video of her and fellow soap actors like Bryton, Sean Dominic, Christel Khalil, Angell Conwell, Tamara Braun, and Ryan Carnes speaking the words of MLK.
  6. Miss Jill Scott knows how to serve intensity. Powerful story.
  7. Can we add Melissa Reeves to the list of soap “Karens”?
  8. Oof. Reign Edwards and those Witness Protection Program wigs. Feel so bad for her.
  9. That outdoor scene with Grace and Tony looked like EastEnders. Leigh McCloskey’s Kurt was just one of several men on ‘90s Y&R with bad ponytails, Michael Tylo’s Blade being another.
  10. Watching today’s episode: Victoria Rowell was simply phenomenal as Dru. It just needs to be said. She more than secured her place as one of the great actresses of Y&R and the genre as a whole. Hope is still my favorite Victor pairing. There was such a sweetness between Eric and Signy.
  11. Jean Passanante seems like a strong candidate. Megan McTavish Leah Laiman Margaret DePriest
  12. SAG has responded to Asia Kate Dillon, signaling that they intend to keep male/female categories as is. I think one reason is that they consider themselves a bellwether for the Oscars and won’t make any changes until the Academy does.
  13. I do see a lot of pushback on those complaints. A select few of those bitching raise a good point: there’s a reason why heavily serialized programming doesn’t repeat well, especially chopped up like this. You’re left hanging with every cliffhanger, and there’s nowhere to push people to watch the continuation, as old episodes aren’t streaming. We here love watching old one-offs on YouTube as scholars of the genre, but dipping in and out of stories isn’t the best experience. But it’s not like they had a ton of time and resources to implement something different. Some of these people don’t seem to realize COVID’s impact, though, which is silly.
  14. Nicki gets another No. 1.
  15. Yeah, that got me too. It’s odd that this was so long ago, but in many ways it feels like 100 years ago. The lighting of this era was a lot warmer, which feels like another holdover from the Riche era. I remember Braun’s Carly was easy to accept. She had a lot of physical and tonal similarities to Sarah Brown in addition to being a strong, if softer, actress. This was not a golden era, but there was a hell of a lot of potential here. The actress playing Sage reminds me of Katie Holmes at times.
  16. 2003: when Mo Benard, Tyler Christopher, and Ingo Rademacher were all still attractive. So funny to see goofy, petulant Scott Clifton in two different eras today (on B&B and GH). He can be good, but the tics are on display on both shows.
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