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  1. I realize that. My point was that older shows aren’t being seen in the glut of newer programming on streaming or aren’t available, and we’re losing something valuable because of it.
  2. In addition to Naomi’s interview I posted earlier about Sascha, here’s Simona’s coach:
  3. The Magnificent Ambersons is on Netflix! Just a brilliant film, featuring a searing performance from Agnes Moorehead. Netflix doesn’t stream many classic films, so this is great.
  4. More context in the full piece from Courtney Nguyen here.
  5. A *very* interesting interview with Naomi about Sascha. She claims it wasn’t about money.
  6. Those are wonderful scenes, @DRW50. I noticed the writer credited at the end is Frank Cottrell Boyce, who wrote the screenplays for a bunch of Michael Winterbottom films including 24 Hour Party People. He also did a Doctor Who episode. So many writers in British TV and film cut their teeth in the soaps. Jimmy McGovern, who later created Cracker and The Street, started out on Brookside as well.
  7. I feel like the Soap Hoppers thread in the Cancelled Soaps section would be chock full of candidates for this thread. (I wonder if there are people who’ve only worked for one network or another but on multiple shows.) Jane Elliott - (AMC, The City, and GH/ABC, GL/CBS, DAYS/NBC)
  8. Opelka beat Isner for the second time in two months and now shoots up to #59 in the live rankings by making a 250 final in New York.
  9. Judith Chapman (GH, OLTL and RH/ABC, Y&R and ATWT/CBS, DAYS/NBC) Marcy Walker (AMC/ABC, SB/NBC, GL/CBS) Justin Deas (RH/ABC, ATWT and GL/CBS, SB/NBC) Julie Pinson (ATWT/CBS, DAYS/NBC, PC/ABC) Lisa Peluso (Loving and OLTL/ABC, SFT and ATWT/CBS, SFT and AW/NBC
  10. Response from Jussie’s lawyers:
  11. Just stating to your point the legs these stories can have.
  12. They’ve been dining out on Tawana Brawley for 32 years.
  13. The EastEnders YouTube channel has a ton of them.
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