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  1. From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  2. Doing a trans story was such a cynical way for the show to get press. They really exploited a whole community for short-term gains.
  3. I also felt like B&S pulled their punches with Kitty, never really going there with her as a conservative. They wanted her to be a sweeter, less self-absorbed Ally McBeal. I loathed Calista and Rob Lowe together. That was definitely a show I hate-watched to the end.
  4. John Silva/John Castellanos was underrated sexiness. Victor to Nikki, in response to her misgivings about Sharon’s motives for marrying Nick: ”You were a little bit of a gold digger yourself!”
  5. B&B Thanksgiving at the Forresters where each person at dinner says something nice about the person sitting next to them
  6. I think there’s an argument that, in theory, it could be more relevant than ever, since we have so much data on how people listen to music. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and other places all have their own charts, but there’s no place that brings them all together. I just think Billboard hasn’t figured out the right formula to determine what’s a hit. And there are too many ways to game the system (concert ticket bundles, etc.).
  7. For me, B&S never knew if it wanted to be a Zwick/Herskovitz family drama or a political show or a quirky dramedy (like its Desperate Housewives lead-in) or a balls-to-the-wall dishy soap (ditto), sometimes within the same episode, and it did all of those things poorly. The writing never lived up to the *incredible* caliber of that cast. Feels like a huge waste. You know, I actually liked EVC on the early episodes of Revenge. Another waste. Should have been a limited series, but that was before those were fashionable.
  8. It’s been weird. You have these quick one-week flameouts like “Stuck with U” and then you have these viral meme-y songs like “The Box” and “Old Town Road” (and now likely “Rockstar”) that hang out in the top spot and break records. And then Post Malone takes up residence in the top 10 for months and months with songs like “Sunflower” and now “Circles,” which has spent 39 weeks (almost 9 months) in the top 10.
  9. I think that’s right: Morgan should have been the wild child in contrast to Michael, the more strait-laced son none the less at odds with Sonny. I think the problem is that they’ve made Michael both a bland young male lead and a Sonny bootlicker, which is the worst of both worlds. If he were a reserved, mostly decent son who deeply disapproved of his parents, he’d be more tolerable. There’d be an internal conflict that would make him interesting. But GH won’t allow that. Sonny haters are usually the bad guys. CD, I think, is good enough to play something bolder, but the point is moot. AH as Y&R’s Victoria would only be watchable for me as an all-out icy bitch villainess (it works for her), but again they’d never allow it. They keep throwing romances at her to make her happen as a heroine. I guess that works for a lot of people? It sometimes boggles my mind how much modern audiences enjoy what these shows are putting out, but there ya go.
  10. It’s crazy how many times they’ve re-aired that episode.
  11. LLC and DZ as mother/son is so ridiculous. He looks like he could be her older brother. That it was at all credible at any point is a testament to those actors. JJ was always so red-rimmed and miserable when I watched this go-around as Lucky. He’s a really great actor with a lot of access to his emotions, but that was just exhausting to watch. It was refreshing to see him somewhat more upbeat on Nashville (before that show went to total sh!t).
  12. Diana Barton was such a beauty. Like a film noir femme fatale. Loved the frank conversation Sharon and Doris had about money, education, and health care, concerns that would be on the minds of many viewers.
  13. Lol I love it. Reminds me of Donna Summers.
  14. July 2 is Thursday (where did June go?), so at least we don’t have to wait much longer for NYC at least. I like Dorinda and Ramona’s new taglines much better.
  15. Agree on Victoria and Abby on Y&R, and in spite of JT’s Emmy, I’d add Billy. I think Michael Mealor is legit, though. They just don’t use him properly as Kyle, and it’s a shame they killed off Diane, because she’d add so much dimension to the character (in theory, as this show is so incompetently written). The only legacy character on B&B who is a home run is JMW’s Steffy. Courtney Hope’s Sally is also good. The others are more or less expendable, even though I think they are mostly talented and could use more imaginative writing.
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