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  1. I’m coming to appreciate Tinsley. Of course, she’s the newbie and the most disposable, but she’s fun, young, and up for anything, yet doesn’t throw off the chemistry as much as Kristen or Jules. She’s willing to take a back seat, and that’s fine. She’s not gunning for a perch next to Andy at reunion like many other first or second season HWs. At the same time, I think she contributes a sort of dippy, drunken lightness. I like her (and her mom). These shows are like puzzles, and I feel like RHONYC has the right pieces at the moment. Perhaps that will change, but I’ve been loving the past season-and-a-half. Heather was one of the only things that worked about Seasons 5-6, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her again down the line. It was nice seeing Jill too (even under tragic circumstances), but then I remember all the things that led to her still-unsurpassed implosion on the show (in terms of falling from fan favorite to demonized). Then, I think, “Yeah, I’m good.”
  2. I hope she gets the help she needs because I fear we’re going to wake up to a sad and very final headline soon if she doesn’t.
  3. This is becoming even more desperately sad and tragic. She was hospitalized just a few days ago after threatening to take her own life.
  4. More than $17,500. A very expensive squirt, indeed.
  5. Oh Novak. What a choke against a player he used to dominate and could have soundly beaten today. Encouraging week, but man.
  6. I wonder if they are struggling to find a replacement. We saw the chaotic and desperate way they dropped Sally Sussman in. If they fire Mal, they have to find both an EP and a HW, and for whatever reason, the show has been reluctant to promote from within since Kay Alden and Jack Smith’s tenures.
  7. Not to take anything away from Borna, but Federer has been playing badly (for him) all week (almost defeated by the likes of Benoit Paire, pushed by Denis Kudla), so I wonder if there is some underlying issue. He’s had months off so he *should* be fresh.
  8. Meanwhile Kyrgios pays the price for yesterday’s antics:
  9. Berdych has pulled out of Wimbledon due to a back injury he’s been carrying for months:
  10. I didn’t watch the Fed match with Kudla, but people said it looked like he was struggling. I wonder what was up. Meanwhile, in contradiction to the below tweet, RBA had to retire five games into his Halle semi against Coric after a nasty slip. Borna will be well-rested for Fed tomorrow. Mauresmo, breaking the glass ceiling once again.
  11. Bransford’s Carly was harder and more butch, right? I suppose it didn’t play well after Tamara’s softer version of the character, and I know Mo felt emasculated.
  12. An insightful piece on where a Darlene-focused show could go in the aftermath of Roseanne Conner’s death: http://www.vulture.com/2018/06/roseanne-spinoff-imagining-the-conners.html
  13. Jeremy Chardy’s wife is just a knockout.
  14. Iceland is losing, and there are enough people posting super-Nordic-looking guys on this board, but this player Rúrik Gíslason is exceptional.
  15. Brenda has been out-and-out destroyed. Never want to see her on GH again, and I say that as someone who basically stanned for her as a teenager in the ‘90s. Oh god. I have to find that Jax/Sonny fight on YouTube.
  16. Shots fired from Andy Murray to Juan Monaco (and his fellow Argentines Diego Schwartzman and Juan Ignacio Chela).
  17. Croatia dominating Argentina...
  18. Oh dear. That sounds plausible. I should just stop watching now.
  19. Tonight’s NYC is laugh-out-loud hysterical. Luann’s FOMO comments. Ramona’s delusions and Bethenny’s aghast reactions. The montage of the women declaring their sex-music preferences. Tinsley’s outrage that Luann’s arrest has bumped up her own mugshot in the search engine results. Luann’s recalling of her arrest and the ladies’ reactions. This show is lapping the other major franchises quality-wise.
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