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  1. Nikki has been on the business end of some nasty slaps over the years lol. But again, I can’t get over how good everyone looked on Y&R in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. Makeup, hair, lighting, wardrobe... they looked fùcking fabulous.
  2. Posted this in the Tennis Thread but Naomi Osaka pulled out of her Cincinnati semifinal to protest.
  3. Naomi Osaka has pulled out of her semifinal in protest:
  4. Reilly Opelka just retired with a knee injury. Tsitsipas through to face Raonic or Krajinovic in the semi.
  5. CNN is reporting that NBA players have decided to boycott all three playoff games tonight in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  6. Holy sh!t at RBA beating Medvedev. Had him shook! Don’t underestimate Roberto. Meanwhile...
  7. This looks like more of the same. It’s a pass from me. They’re going to have to make some serious changes for me to watch again. But what’s with Andy’s makeup (or whatever is going on with his face)? He looks ashy.
  8. The Volien story wasn’t great, but... 25 years. He needs to get over it. The upside is way higher than the downside.
  9. They’re saying these courts are playing like they did in the Sampras era: lightning-fast. I can imagine some adjustment issues. They say Ashe and Armstrong won’t be as quick. Is it me, or are the guys on ESPN talking over the game more? Usually they’d STFU once the ball was in play.
  10. Oof. People love to run their mouths for clout and wind up ruining things for everybody.
  11. Gotta say, I like Hawkeye making all the line calls.
  12. Exactly. My sense is that young people (especially *the gays*) love them for the camp value. It is Golden Girls with a side of Sex and the City with the high-end, boozy Big Apple backdrop.
  13. This is such a genius thread. I don’t remember all my ideas—they’re stored away in notebooks at my childhood home—but I was a weird kid, so I created an alternative universe with soaps on nearly every cable network, all themed to the networks’ brands. So I had a slate of black soaps for BET, some melodramas for Lifetime, a sports-oriented soap for ESPN, etc. And I wrote weekly synopses for each as would have appeared in SOD or SOW, and even had fake comings and goings of the fictional actors, interviews with the fictional EPs/HWs, fictional Daytime Emmys, etc. I wish I could find them. But it was a very fleshed-out alternative universe. With all that energy, I could have written my own Game of Thrones.
  14. Oh no disagreement from me. I was appalled by her this season especially. And like @chrisml said even some of those lighter moments had dark undercurrents (including all the one-liners listed in that first tweet).
  15. Promising news for Aaliyah fans who don’t own the physical CDs: Listening to this in hopeful celebration:
  16. I agree with the above tweet. Dorinda may not have always made it nice, but she kept it real, sometimes agonizingly so. I remember, on the plane with Bethenny, when she wondered aloud if she fell at home and died, would her body be discovered or would she simply be noticed due to the smell. She shared so many harsh insights into loneliness and grief alongside some of the lighter moments. I’m thinking again of the trip to London with Carole.
  17. So funny how people don’t give a flying fûck about the new episodes these soaps are putting out. The classic soap threads are poppin’.
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