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  1. Just a random thought: has Jesse Hubbard (AMC) been the only black character in soap history whose death/departure has been allowed to matter and reverberate through a show’s history? Only due to his friendship with Tad (flashbacks, dream sequences) and Angie’s return on Loving and The City with the Jesse doppelgänger? I really can’t think of another. Of course, he came back alive, which is notable in its own way.
  2. The show spent like a year dilly-dallying and tarrying over Hilary and her desire to have a child. It just felt like such a waste of story. Just give her a baby, and it would have been even more emotional to have Devon left to raise a child alone in this event. I’m typically against young and vivacious characters being tied down with a baby, but I suppose we should have all gotten used to that by now as a soap trope.
  3. Tiger’s really a paradigm-shifting pop culture icon, and the possibility of ending a 10-year major drought would have been huge. The only person in tennis who comes close right now in America is Serena, which is why the ratings for the final Saturday of Wimbledon were so good. I think it’s hard to draw a definitive conclusion about this year’s men’s final, as it was up against a World Cup final watched by nearly 12 million viewers.
  4. Emma as a runway model is a lot harder sell. Nia Sioux is a perfectly cute, cuddly young woman who has amassed a huge social media following for a reason, but, yeaaaah no. EDIT: although she’s done it before:
  5. Faulkner

    The View

    Just random and rather late: The View opening is hilarious. Whoopi holding out the bouquet; Sara’s little coquettish hand wave with the lonely rolling chair in the background; Joy’s TA-DAH! pose; Sunny’s painful-looking rope climb; and Meghan opening her mouth so wide you can see what she had for breakfast. It’s like the director asked them to make the stupidest gestures they could think of, and that’s what they used. I know it’s been used for ages, but it always strikes me as funny.
  6. I don’t know if it was @KMan101 who made the comment, but the simultaneous stories of Hilary and her baby dying on Y&R and Eli/Lani’s baby dying on DAYS do feel meaningful to me. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see, but these tragic stories don’t seem like huge jumping-off points for long term stories, as they often are for white/non-black characters. (Look at Gabi’s inability to have more children as fuel for a frontburner revenge plot on DAYS.) It just feels like more black erasure.
  7. I mean, the girl is a real-life working model for reputable clients, so that look appeals to someone. Not that it means anything.
  8. I think that’s largely true, but I didn’t find many of the other soaps watchable at all during that time period. The GL cast felt like they were performing with some kind of collective purpose to me. Like damn the world: we are going to get dressed in closets and perform in the woods with cheap cameras up our noses, and we’re going to do this with some dignity. (Not that there weren’t dark spots: I’ve never seen a performer as charismatic as Beth Ehlers become as hardened and brittle so quickly. I mean, maybe Julia Roberts? Lol.) Whereas many of the other shows post-‘97-00 felt... soulless, like DAYS, OLTL, post-Alden Y&R, and especially GH, which had good dialogue writers supporting a show that was morally bankrupt.
  9. I can imagine that Devon will get angry and blame Shauna in some way, and Charlie will throw Lily under the bus to protect the girlfriend. I just need, at the very least, a few episodes of Devon reading Lily the riot act and making her sob.
  10. Oh ok. I was very unhappy with San Cristobal, Beth/Phillip/Harley, clone Reva, Teri/Annie (in spite of Signy Coleman’s best efforts) and the mob on GL, which why I didn’t enjoy a lot of B&E. It just felt like they thought the show needed this huge reset (maybe it did), but they took some of the worst elements of ‘80s sci-fi/action-adventure soap and Reilly-era DAYS to do it. And Labine loved her some mob, so it didn’t surprise me that she carried on the Santos stuff. What really made GL at all watchable in those last 15 years were the actors and their chemistry with each other. They elevated a whole lot of really iffy and desperate writing. GL took a lot of risks to save itself, but maybe it needed a DNR order at some point.
  11. Thanks! I appreciate differing opinions. I only started watching during Curlee & co. To me, her stuff was perfect ensemble soap, at least until things began really unraveling around 1993. B&E above the Dobsons? I loved B&E’s first year, but ‘98-00 was ROUGH aside from a few stories and characters I enjoyed, like Selena and Drew. McTavish is forever on my sh!tlist, and I was disappointed in Labine after her often sublime (if uneven) GH and her underrated (IMO) OLTL tenure. Even though I was too young to see Pam’s GL, I can certainly see why she’s revered, even though her Santa Barbara and especially her OLTL were weak. I missed a lot of the 2002-03 Taggart era because I was in college. I can admit that Kreizman had his moments (and was helped by a strong cast), but I really felt like the show had already been too damaged at that point.
  12. I think Zoe can coast a bit on looks, attitude, and accent, but they are all ciphers. They just didn’t even bother allowing us to warm up to them before thrusting them on the frontburner.
  13. I find Maria VERY hard to like, but those paparazzi shots are icky. A little reminiscent of the William/Kate sunbathing photos from a few years ago, even though Maria isn’t showing anything that couldn’t air on daytime TV.
  14. I knew a lot of Jamals and Keeshas/Keishas in real life, but yeah, soaps overdid it. I also knew a lot of black guys named Demarcus and Deangelo and Devante. Tons of Jareds, Josephs, Antonios, and Brandons. Just as there were plenty of girls like LaQuana, Lakeisha, and Shonda as well as Victoria, Katrina/Trina, Veronica, Christina, Bridget, and Krystal/Crystal.
  15. Forgive me if you’ve already posted this, but what did you think of Nancy Curlee?
  16. She certainly played Victoria Rowell/Dru a lot, but I remember a lot of people complaining that she became a demeaning stereotype especially with her behavior towards Carmen Mesta (cutting up her clothes, the drunken rant at the party, roughing her up in the break room, etc.) Rowell played all that to the hilt, though.
  17. Yeah, I know. It was a very small town, and some of these names got passed down through families. But sooo many Lawandas at my school.
  18. Oh I remember the “Erica” generation. In my all-black rural Southern high school in the late ‘90s, the popular names were Monique, Nicole, Amber, and Lawanda.
  19. I also felt there was some comfort in being part of some imagined community all watching a program at the same time. Aside from something like Game of Thrones, which has a mass audience who feels compelled to watch live to avoid spoilers about who slaughtered whom last night, there isn’t much reason to rush home or allow a TV network to dictate when and where you watch something. If you missed something like Killing Eve or The Americans or Barry, you can always view it on your cable’s VOD, app, or website or buy it on iTunes or wait until it becomes available on a streaming service. Previously, you had to tape on a VCR, wait until summer reruns, or, later on, buy the season DVD if you missed something. But it’s so freeing. It gives me the freedom to watch things when I want them when and how I want them. If a show is preempted for whatever reason (rare in primetime but all too frequent in network daytime TV), I know I have other means to watch. But I still feel like something is lost when people aren’t all watching at the same time. You can still have fruitful discussions about a particular episode you just saw, but much more often than not you’re doing a dance in which your friend is farther along and trying to not to spoil something that happens down the line. I also prefer sometimes to give an episode time to breathe and sink in before immediately moving on to the next one, although bingeing does often allow you to see the overarching structure, with all the tiny callbacks and Easter eggs, more clearly, as you’re less likely to forget what you just watched. There’s also almost too much choice now, and we know from human psychology that having too many options can be paralyzing. Just like with music and Spotify, tons of good stuff falls through the cracks simply because there’s so much churn. And what rises to the top has a certain sameyness, just as Spotify has created a genre called “Spotifycore.” There’s beginning to be a “Netflixcore,” and as these streaming services become more like networks and more risk-averse, streaming programming only going to become more beige. But a whole audience coming up right now will know nothing else but content on demand and on streaming services. As we know, YouTube celebrities are way more popular than film/TV celebs for people under 30. But having been born seven years too early, I couldn’t pick 80 percent of these people out in a lineup. Yet they are huge stars who command seven and eight-figure salaries.
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