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  1. Who all is active from the AW cast on Instagram? I follow Alicia Coppola, who posts a lot. Lisa Peluso posts semi-regularly. Linda Dano hasn’t posted in ages.
  2. Her dad’s team and number. It’s coming up on 10 years since his death in that car accident.
  3. Wow. That’s a shock. She was a wonderful actress. Can’t believe both Irises are gone.
  4. Has JG done any interviews since assuming HW duties? Maybe he’ll give one when we get closer to his material airing. But it really feels like CBS has been super quiet about this regime change.
  5. Thanks! Something went a bit awry with the numbering. These results really show why the show was so hard to watch last month.
  6. Spike Lee’s resting bitch face is a mood. 😂
  7. You are loaded with Good Times references! One for every situation 😂
  8. He’s desperate. https://nyti.ms/2DQWD9Y?smid=nytcore-ios-share
  9. Yes, he’s shown starting a whole bottle of booze around 26 minutes in.
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