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General Hospital September 2021 Discussion Thread

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10 minutes ago, John said:

So will Carly be torn on wheter to get an anulment from Jason now


She wouldn't need an annulment.  The marriage is invalid since she's married to Sonny.  I guess she could be conflicted on whether or not to divorce Sonny but since nothing happened except a few kisses between her and Jason I don't anticipate that.   Unless the show goes all out and does a Roman/Marlena/John style affair like mentioned above and I just don't think they will or even the chemistry is there. 

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I'll give the writers credit where it's due - it takes real skill to completely suck the drama out of a storyline where Sonny dies then comes back and finds out that Jason and Carly are married... but man, they did it. There's absolutely nothing to see here.

I still can't believe that they just had Sonny casually stroll into the bedroom at the beginning of the episode on a Tuesday. WTF. There should've been a huge Friday cliffhanger with him crashing the wedding, then on Monday we'd have all the people close to Sonny trying to process him being alive, and have Sonny wondering why Jason and Carly are getting married. But no... Sonny's return apparently doesn't even warrant a cliffhanger on any day of the week. Nor does it warrant a big event. He really just strolled into the bedroom like he just got back from the grocery store. I mean at least have him catch Jarly f-cking! My god. Where's the drama?! This should be such a huge storyline and they are messing up literally every aspect of it. I'm not even particularly a fan of these characters and I'm appalled by how this story is being written.

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Turns out the first warning sign was the extremely weird way they handled Jax finding out with those stretched out scenes and him managing not to say anything. It felt unnatural and now we know why. I bet it was the point at which the forced rewriters started to derail what they wanted to do.
I bet the only plot point that was part of the initial plan was Peter setting the fire and Sonny remembering Carly that way.
Everything else reeks of last minute repiecing together a rushed exit to the story.

I hope one day we get an BTS explanation. I cannot comprehend what could have prompted Frank V or whoever to intervene in that way. Wrapping up the Willow triangle in a rush? Fine. I get it. But this? This? With actors that are all producer pets and characters that are mostly fan favorites? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Only good thing to come out of this is they still managed to give us a few weeks of Cynthia Watros at her best so I guess I'll thank our lucky stars they still carved out this great showcase for her talent in the midst of the disaster. 

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Nine long and sometimes tedious months for squat. Yep, that's our #firefrank.

God forbid the writers be allowed to actually shake shite up. Fortunately for me, his predictability kept me from expecting much--which is just what we got.  Poor Phyllis's life left in shambles and Sonny bolted without so much as checking on her. The scenes with Jax were abrupt and as blah as Jax. Just awful.


Michael (aka the kiss of death) is by far the most yawn inducing character on the show, along with his wet blanket whiner girlfriend Wallow.  The only good thing about this couple is their scenes ending.

Michael is the son of Alcoholic AJ, the larger than life Carly, Sonny the thug and Jason the Enforcer.   How in the Hell is he  so [!@#$%^&*] boring?  Is it Duell the Tool's portrayal? the writing?   Give him some layers, recast, something. 


Where was the snark and the crap talking at the wedding reception? I was expecting more Gladys and less ass kissing. Even Diane was tame.



Me looking for Lucas, Carly's goddamn brother, (and I'm not referring to the block of wood they replaced Ryan Carnes with.)Yet Austin that barely anyone knows or likes is there.   Thanks #firefrank


I'm gonna need a Ladies' Night with Diane, Nina Wu and Carly at Curtis's nightclub. STAT!


Refreshing for the Britch and Liz to have some kind words.  Scotty's lonely... aww.  Easton and Herbst chemistry is  more brother and sister.   Yawn at everything Austin.

Loved Sonny's reaction to a dead Franko.

PLP just needs to be killed off already.   They blow up two old mobsters on this show but no one ever shoots this master thespian?   Good grief!  Get it in gear, Anna. Shoot first and ask questions later.


Chooklyn  are adork-able together. Just doing a puzzle they have 1000x more chemistry than anyone that Wallow has a scene with. 

And again #firefrank needs to be removed as EP. His interference consistently kills momentum and leaves us stuck with every story ending like this return  of Sonny's. 

No one wants his moustache twirling villains. His need to pay RoHo's mortgage for life doesn't match with what the viewers wish to see. His need to suck the life  out of every story as they hit their stride makes absolutely zero sense. 

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This show really is bizarre! Will this be yet another story that just gets wrapped up anticlimactically and without explanation? Or is this going to turn into some kind of slow burn where Carly and Jason still have the hots for each other (lol) and end up having an affair? I mean the answer is of course no because then Sonny would somehow seem less virile or whatever. 

So lame. 

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I did get a genuine laugh out of Carly asking Sonny WTF he was wearing. I wish he had shown up in a cowboy hat. The Sonny/Carly scenes actually weren't bad today but I can't get over how lame this story is. And Kristina gets to make her annual appearance now that Sonny is back. I enjoyed seeing Sonny reunite with his kids.

Let's get Phyllis to Port Charles! I want to see Sonny thank her for everything.

I hate how nice Chase is to Michael/Willow. Another story that is completely devoid of drama and had zero consequences. I loved Brooklynn saying that they're too civil and need halos. For real! Bring on ChaLynn!

The Metro Court pool is already closed? It just opened! LOL.

The writers are reading my posts! I used the word "barnacle" to describe Esme awhile back.  LOL at Joss saying Spencer can't go anywhere without her. It's so true. Why can't he just have *one* episode without her? Lol at Spencer saying he's not just apologizing because he's scared Joss will push him in the pool if he doesn't. I also laughed at Joss implying she could make Esme disappear.

Trina is in possession of the Port Charles brain today! "Hell yes you and Spence are a team." Queen Trina just figured out all on her own that Spencer and Esme are stalking Ava together.

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Sarapa isn't really wrong though (though I agree with you he annoys me even if I agree with him a lot of times; he acts like a know it all). I haven't seen GHTwitter so united in a long long time. They're very split. FacebookGH loved it.


16 hours ago, Liberty City said:

Not the whole fandom. Ugh. Alan annoys me still after all these years.


18 hours ago, Ryan Chamberlain said:

Wes/Peter was unwatchable today.

Overly theatrical ham that he is. 


He's been even worse since Peter resurfaced. It has to be on purpose or he really believes he's ... good. He is not.


20 hours ago, MichaelGL said:

Soap Twitter is mad 


Yep; they're pretty united which is very rare

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