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  1. I’m so impressed by all the teens in real life. I’m not used to my soap teen actors balancing college with their shooting schedules (and somehow Eden will also be playing varsity volleyball?) and I love that they’re embracing the college experience. I hope they’re able to juggle it all because the teen storylines have the most potential for me personally. And speaking of the teen scene and colleges - Nick Chavez posted a pic at UCLA in his Insta stories. I love that he’s bonding with this cast mates.
  2. I like the Cam and Trina friendship a lot, but I would really like to get some more Sprina scenes already. I’m ok with a slow burn with that relationship, and with Spencer needing to grovel for a while. But I don’t want them to start having Spencer/Joss scenes and testing those two out.
  3. It is bizarre but honestly he should never have had that much say in stopping this storyline. The only time his Jason had chemistry with a Carly, in my opinion, was SJB and he really kept it from happening. Not sure why they’re going with it twenty years later in this haphazard fashion, with no build up or attempt at making it feel real. Even if they don’t want to try for passion, make it friends who love each other so much they want a nice comfortable life together. It’s just so poorly done and so rushed.
  4. Spencer today being all “omg Trina said she liked me? Exactly what did she say and how did she say it?!” Was adorable. Hopefully Twitter makes a gif of that moment.
  5. I wonder if we are going to be seeing even more of Esme because the other three teen actors will be balancing shooting with college. I understand her purpose but I want more of Spencer interacting with other people without her too. There was a moment today when Peter got a text and looked down at his phone and then up and said “Hmmm” in the most absurd almost satirical soap way…I can’t understand why is he doing this. He really did used to be good.
  6. Thanks for filling me in! I hope they would at least bring him back for an emotional scene if this does happen.
  7. Same here. If this show were smart they would start building more family around Trina and keep her as Taggert’s daughter which basically makes her a legacy character. Bring in some cousins or something to start the next teen generation with Jake Spencer. But I love Taggert and hate the idea that he was duped.
  8. I find Steve Burton’s cheekbones incredibly distracting. Especially when he’s with LW who looks very natural.
  9. I missed many months there until Spencer and Trina sucked me in - does Trina still think Taggert is dead? I used to want this so badly. But I hate Jason now and can’t see what any woman on the show sees in him. He’s so apathetic about all his romances. So Carly can have him and their lackluster kiss.
  10. Ha that gif is amazing! I didn’t notice how quick his head whipped around but he clearly wanted confirmation. Poor Trina she looked so sad at being outed like that and then she was all doubting herself. I was not pleased Spencer went at her so hard but I guess he’s that afraid of being caught out. Esme giving him those three options as if she would take the fall for him. That girl does not care about him at all. I guess we are supposed to agree with Joss and see Esme as pulling the strings and Spencer as her puppet but that’s let’s him off the hook way too easily. What I need now is for a cute PCU boy to come into the picture and for Spencer to get very jealous.
  11. True but I’m still willing to not write him off just yet, for what may have been an accidental like. But if something similar happens again, it’s far more likely to show his true thoughts.
  12. Yes that’s very likely, I am just a grudge holder. LV and JJ are probably more forgiving
  13. It’s possible MC didn’t even watch Ingo’s video and just Iiked the post without seeing it. Mindless liking on Insta is definitely a thing. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he unliked it when he realized what it said.
  14. Isn’t MB the one who was embroiled in the NLG/IG drama? The set must have a lot of tension right now. SBu has always rubbed me the wrong way too, but looking back on it most of what I’ve heard in terms of him being mean to other cast mates involved MB too. They were pretty rude to Jonathan Jackson’s wife Lisa (Hannah) but JJ still seems to be great friends with them so I guess those late 90s days are forgotten.
  15. Same here. I am completely charmed by him and crossing my fingers they write his story with Trina well.
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