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20 minutes ago, amybrickwallace said:

I know Rock himself has said he's vaccinated, but he definitely should be more careful.

With J&J, which Rock jokingly referred to as the "food stamps" of vaccines.

Since we know that breakthrough infections do exist, he should definitely take more caution with whom he spends his time with.

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    • I'm pretty sure Chris was present when Kay Chancellor kicked the Fosters out of her house, after Jill, thinking she'd inherited the house from Phillip, moved the whole whip-stitch tribe to Foothill Road.  Wasn't there a big scene where Kay waltzed in and tossed all of them out.    Kay Chancellor and Lorie Brooks had a couple of scenes in 1979.  It was a complicated storyline.  Kay was "dead", having been "killed" in a fire at the sanitarium.  In reality, Kay had survived of course and was staying in the Foster home with Liz.  For several weeks, Liz was the only person who knew Kay was still alive; they had Kay's funeral and everything.  Jill was married to Stuart Brooks and was trying to bilk a divorce settlement from him.  Stuart was anxious to get rid of Jill and was willing to pay a premium to get her butt out of his house.  Brock had revealed to Lorie that, in his opinion, Jill was planning to extort a settlement from Stuart and then run away with Derek Thurston, profiting financially first from Stuart and then secondly from Derek.  Not knowing Derek Thurston, Lorie wasn't sure if this account was valid or not, but she HATED Jill and wanted to be sure Jill got $0 settlement from Mr. Brooks.  Liz babbled to Kay that Stuart was in the process of writing Jill a check for $150,000 to get rid of her .  Kay Chancellor, knowing how Lorie felt about Jill, called Lorie on the phone and said, "Lorie, this is Kay Chancellor.  No, I'm not dead.  Everyone just THINKS I am.  Now, lissssen to me, Lorie. Take the check that your father has written to Jill and rip it to shreds.  Tell Jill to just GO.  She's already made plans to swindle a fortune from my husband.  But I'll stop that as well, and she will get nothing.  Ab-so-lute-ly nothing."  Lorie snatched the check away from Jill and ripped it up.  Jill left Stuart's house with nothing at all, and then Kay herself interrupted Jill's next foray -- a wedding to Derek.  Kay and Lorie were pleased that they'd stymied both of Jill's get-rich-quick schemes.  I don't recall Jennifer Brooks ever interacting with Kay.  It would've been superfluous, as they were the same prototype character -- the vain, wealthy, society matron who depended upon male companionship for validation of their fading beauty.  I expect Bill Bell thought it would be wise to keep them separated, as Kay was simply a more flamboyant version of Jennifer.    
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    • I am one of those people. I find Dr. Ding's tone unhelpful. 
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