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Personally, I'm sad that Amanda had to downgrade to this.  She is a wonderful actress and any show is lucky to have her.  

I always had hoped her role on Gossip Girl would increase but sadly, mumbling Blake was it for them.  

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Oh look, another one of Frank's leftovers.  At least Brooke Lyn isn't random new character 5,712.


If this leads to more Ned/Olivia/Monica --- all right.


Anything is better than Ass-car.

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I always thought a Ford brother was gonna be the next one of Frank’s OLTL friends to show up on GH lol


I did enjoy her character on OLTL after a while though, and it’s always good to get a legacy character back on. 

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Is this Contract or recurring? Ned is recurring as is Olivia

General Hospital Brook Lynn Setton

Look a job is a job. Amanda has had a good career and she knows how to do daytime from her years at OLTL

47 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

I'd say it's sad to go from the Mindy Project to this but I don't really care for Mindy Kaling...

She was on the Crazy Ones with Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Gellar as well

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1 hour ago, DRW50 said:

I'd say it's sad to go from the Mindy Project to this but I don't really care for Mindy Kaling...

I'm always confused by Amanda's choices, I know she left TMP and when she was on The Crazy Ones with RW and SMG that was cancelled and you just never see her, but I enjoyed her on OLTL a lot because she wasn't really used in GG even though she was an underling of Blair-- but I've always wanted more for her career wise but if it brings her back to my TV in some capacity-- I guess I'll take it.

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I'm good with this too. At least she's talented. Better than deer in the headlights Sasha.


At least they're recasting familiar characters, so I ain't bitching about that after years of Drew, Kim, Oscar, etc. ... granted, the show still needs to dump about 10 people ....


Altman should have "retired" sooner (Frank and Varni still need to go though)

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wow, what a get... this girl is a Grade A "bitchy teen" on most shows. I wonder if she will be a character with edge, or another dull bot? 

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On 11/11/2019 at 8:12 AM, BetterForgotten said:

Where is Adrienne Leon these days? 

She recently was at the last GH Fan Weekend event if I'm not mistaken. I've been going through SOD lately and there was a picture of her, Wally Kurth, Leslie Chamberlain, and Lesli Kay.


That said...I'm happy for her...those Adrienne Leon will always be a favorite.

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    • First...*waves @Mr. Vixen* and congrats on the next book.   I think...it's Brenda so what could go wrong? Please register in order to view this content   But seriously, it is a great concept. And ohhh how my mind sees so many angles and what you wrote. I would love to see a series like this.   As for me...I might have to chew on what I would do as a spinoff for a spell...:) 
    • Would these rather creepy drawings entice you to devote 1 hr each morning to 2 new soaps?
    • RHOD   Now that was much, much better.   So clearly for me, it had to be who was spotlighted. For the last few episodes, the focus has been on Brandi, Kary, and Stephanie with LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron getting moments here and there, but most in the background. This episode was the end of the Oaklahoma trip and heading back to Dallas. Once there, the show shifted to individual scenes so it was only natural that it shifted since the stronger people with individual scenes (and are still somewhat likeable) are LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron. And I liked all of them. And ooooo at the next leg of the LeeAndra family drama. I keep saying...she's so what soap opera heroines are made of. And as usual...the next nugget she gave in the saga of her vs her brother produced new questions. Hopefully, the answers will start to be revealed as LeeAndra goes to meet with her mother-in-law next week.    Meanwhile, the trip started boring AF. But it ended in a good place I felt. The highlight for me was Tiffany, Kameron, and Brandi (yes, I said Brandi) performing the Bend and Snap from LEGALLY BLONDE as their warmup routine for the series of games Stephanie had set up for everybody. And not shocked that Kary does not know how to give a sincere apology so her trying to apologize to Charles the guy from last week fell flat for me.    And surely I am not the only person who saw that Brandi was clearly preggers on the trip.    Things to make you go hmmmm...   LEEANDRA. Well, well, well. Where do I start? Just like Ashley Abbott finding out that John Abbott was not her dad shattered her, there appears to be more to the story of the events surrounding LeeAndra's Dad's death. And as she was talking to Jeremy, for the first time I wondered if she had considered therapy or hmmm hypnotism? It sounded like either she was editing herself for television or that she might have blocked some of that day out. I thought she had been the one to find the body if I remember correctly...or am I wrong? She definitely saw it. And the reveal of her finding out that her mother-in-law put the one will on the bed day of death...and then Mama Dee's actions with the other will....and I'm wondering how BOTH of the moms factored into the breakdown in the relationship between LeeAndra and her brother. I get LeeAndra's reasoning for not telling him of the death immediately, but it sounded like the mother in law went all out to keep them separated. And then...Mama Dee made a deal with the Dad insuring that LeeAndra would get the inheritance in the first place. But then Mother in Law pushed for a court fight. I mean...WOW!!! This was just the stuff of good soaps. I'll say this much...LeeAndra's relationship with her family has always been her throughline throughout her time on the show and it continued to bear so much fruit for her. And that fruit continues to be juicy. And yes, I love the followup from the letter a few episodes back.    KAMERON. God, Court is hot. lol. That said...I enjoyed her misadventures with moving this week. The packing. The ribbing from Court. The psychic from an earlier episode. Court accepting it all even with an eyeroll. Who didn't like Kameron's dog? It has been natural that she is still mourning Louie and worrying about him as she moves into her dream house. Meanwhile, Kameron was fun on the trip...except for when she got angry over the bed prank that went wrong. Yeaaah...mess with my sleep, I'm a bitca, too. Please register in order to view this content   TIFFANY. Wow at her and Kameron getting along. If only it would last. Meanwhile awwww at her and her mother coming to some understanding. That was a talk that needed to happen.  Tiffany always brings the real and I will be sadden if she does decide to leave at the end of this season. And I hollered at her and the twins' science project. That was my project in elementary school so it was a cute little walk down memory lane.   BRANDI. *side-eye*   STEPHANIE. Who?   KARY. Lint.   So next week we are going to be on the mansion from DALLAS? Good. That means also we are at the end of the season.              
    • They said the show is so bad they no longer have the energy to keep up with it. 
    • Yes, the 'I'm blind and will be a burden so I'll be noble and lie' was something out of a 1930's radio soap and didn't work in 1976. Bill should have been more inventive in finding away to create a wedge b/w Brad and Leslie.
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