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Actors & Actresses who were Divas/Difficult on their soap sets

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Eric Braeden

Melody Thomas Scott

Michelle Stafford

Larry Hagman

Joan Collins

Jane Wyman

I want to say maybe Erik Estrada( when he did that Telemundo soap).He has been a Diva since his Chips days. Larry Wilcox was pretty much forced off the show by the last season. Estrada also got rid of several other cast member he felt were a threat to his popularity. 



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8 minutes ago, ReddFoxx said:

BarBara Luna was supposedly very difficult to work with on One Life to Live

I bet that were glad when Maria accidently spilled poision on herself

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I've never heard of Flannery being a diva either. The only thing that could come close to that was that she had regular vacations and controlled her wardrobe which is more than most actors or actresses could get, but those things were reasonable.

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Farah to me has to be the worst just becuse she was a diva starting at 15 all the way to OLTL ending on ABC. I was also at OL events and she was rude. 


I wonder if she had matured during her Days return

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45 minutes ago, SoapDope said:

I thought I read some stuff about her time on Days.

Ah, well as said above it’s obvious she had a few demands ( my biggest pet peeve was no one really being allowed to slap Stephanie...other then Brooke occasionally)  but she always seemed loved by the cast.

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There was a point in the 90’s where she just stopped caring about her appearance and started wearing the same awful pantsuit in a different colour week to week. Stephanie was definitely a lot more glam during the first few years of B&B, but Susan obviously grew tired of that...

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