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Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

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AW:  Carl Hutchins filling an Egyptian urn with poisonous dust from a pyramid that Nancy unknowingly brought home as a gift for Mac and Rachel.  After a few months, both Mac and Rachel opened the urn, inhaled the dust, and hovered between life and death for a weeks.


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GH-  Luke has that tired old trope DID.


ATWT- the Spa.


DAYS-  Carrie and Austin pin John down to ask what the hell is going on with Marlena, he tells them she is possessed.  We come back from commercial, Carrie tells Austin she hopes they can save Marlena (John's gone), and then in her next breath asks what are they going to do about Sami.  


The near dead possessed Marlena being left with Caroline Brady repeatedly, who ran a fish market and a pub.  Not Mike, who kept shocking Marlena back to life.


AMC- Libidizone cruise.

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@titan1978 I forgave ATWT for The Spa because they were stuck: ED, MW and KMH were heading for maternity leave almost at same time. And all 3 were key leads at the time


DAYS - Maleswen 


Y&R - both cage stories - Brad and Phiela


B&B - Brooke's Pose Pose (like Oliver/Brooke wouldn't know difference) quickly followed up by 'spiked' berries on deserted island


OLTL - Viki goes to heaven


GL - Reva time travel and Reva clone!



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I'm sure Passions was full of 'em, but DAYS pretty much owns this thread. So much of Reilly 2.0 (2003-2006) could be listed, because there was so much WTF over-the-top cheesy moments. At least his 1993-1997 run was based upon playing it for straight drama, rather than the comical, cheeky cartoon crap during his 2.0 era. 




- 1999, Carrie and Mike finally make love, and their hotel bed turns into Aladdin's magic carpet ride, flying through space and stars and lightbeams and eventually settling back down to earth in an open field with tall grass all around. 


-1998, Vivian (high from Stefano's mood-altering device in her tooth) falling out of a hot air balloon, so Ivan jumped out of the basket to save her, miraculously being able to grip a hold of her legs until they safely landed in a shallow pond. 


- To add to @Paul Raven about the latex masks (BTW, I saw a YouTube clip of when Wayne's Roman peeled off his face and became Andre; it was creepily well done!), the most ridiculous was during Reilly 2.0 when "Brandon Walker" peeled off his face and was African-American Eugenia! 

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- Babs breaking Paul out the psych ward.

- Craig screwing Dani when he once believed she was his child. 



- Stacey Morasco getting plastic surgery to look like Gigi and take her spot. That story was so f-cking stupid. 

- The Mendorra/crown jewels story. So dumb.



- Reva being cloned. 

- Holly being the Nursery Rhyme Stalker. 



- The Lumina/Jordan Stark story. 


Sunset Beach:

- The turkey baster story with Vanessa. Hilarious but ridiculous. 

- Rosario's Jewels. 



- Sheila and Sugar being the head of a South American gang & targeting Brooke, Ridge, Nick.



- Poison pancakes. 

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