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  1. I'm going to hop on during real time, and I will do my best to ask. I wasn't following ATWT related things online during the time, and I'm surprised to read that. She gave Kim another grandchild and brought some well needed spunk to the show. I liked how Denise wasn't polished, admitted she had made mistakes, and her character was showing growth. I particularly liked her at WOAK; she had found a place to work and probably could've been a bigger fixture there, but they moved on with Katie and Molly being more prominent on that set.
  2. Upcoming reunion will feature Cassandra Creech, Lauren Martin and Napiera Groves.
  3. That's the one (from btm0815ma -- sept41986atwt3). Thank you!
  4. It took me decades (seriously!) to appreciate Jennifer Ashe. She was spot on trying to portray a nice girl to her mother, all the while wondering how she could be part of the one per cent. There's a scene from the summer of 1986 while Meg was staying with the Walshes, and she was on the phone with Holden. I'm paraphrasing, but she said something like "Did she [Lucinda] know you were there with her precious Lily?". Her delivery was so damn good. There was this glean in her voice and single eyebrow raise that was the true Meg, but when Holden told her to knock it off, she went back to baby siste
  5. It was awesome. I actually enjoyed the interaction after the script more than the reading itself. It was interesting to see some of the actors meeting for the first time, finding out who had met whom before, despite the different eras. No doubt a lot of work and schedule rearranging went into making this happen. Kudos to everyone involved.
  6. Barbara Ryan - ATWT She became an unrecognizable cartoon in the early to mid-2000s.
  7. Great story sharing today. Looking back, I thought Andy's run was longer. It seemed like it was, and I mean that as a compliment because he truly made that character his own. So Melanie could've been Pam. Interesting. And it was lovely to hear about Marie Master and their offscreen relationship
  8. Apologies. A slip on my part. I meant Sharon and Mark.
  9. The pandemic might be forcing the writers' hands. With Sharon and Josh a real life couple, they probably figure at least it will allow them to have closer scenes on the show. At least there's significant history with the characters. It sucks for Ray, who is a good guy and deserves better. It sure would be nice for Robert Adamson to stick around for awhile. Noah's certainly more mature than his father.
  10. After the mention of Paul Korver, I had to look him up. Haven't seen him since he left the show. Wow. https://www.instagram.com/paulkorver/
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