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  1. He'll return as a 16-year-old with a chip on his shoulder
  2. I think he figured the Laners would somehow save him. They built him and the couple up to some mythical, untouchable figure. Part of me felt bad for the normal fans of the couple, who probably deserved a 'ride into the sunset' moment. The other part of me gave a little chuckle when their final scene together aired -- a few pieces of dialogue that probably could've been written by an intern. The real final straw for me was bringing Neil and KSJ into it, essentially throwing it out there that without Neil, Cane had no story. No, you could've had a story... sorry your leading lady wasn't a size two, and someone you could do O faces with during your mind-numbing love scenes while posting shirtless, fish face selfies from your dressing room in your free time. When you cut people down along the way, trying to dictate something that's in the hands of your bosses, it'll catch up to you eventually. Peace out, DG.
  3. "Go get a real estate license!" 😂😂
  4. She chatted about it on the real estate reality show she was (is?) on. It airs on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. Nonetheless, when she joined the firm, the other realtors saw her as an outsider who was just married to a Hollywood actor. They seemed to warm up to her after they learned more of her backstory about growing up homeless. If I recall, she wanted everyone to volunteer at a help the homeless event, and that's how she shared her family's plight.
  5. Oh. He doesn't want us to humbly invite us to watch his journey with Jill and Colin?
  6. Here's the latest update: https://www.tmz.com/2019/11/15/general-hospital-tyler-christopher-guilty-plea-public-intoxication-no-alcohol-treatment-program/ Tyler Christopher -- best known for his appearances on "General Hospital" for 20 years -- got a break from the judge in his public intoxication case because the judge rejected the plea of a cop who begged hizzoner to put Tyler into a treatment program for alcoholism. ... Tyler was ordered to pay a $440 fine. He's got until next week to fork over the dough. And, that's it ... he didn't get probation and the judge did NOT order him to enter into an alcohol treatment program.
  7. Just catching the update on the TMZ article: The docs say police have received 9 calls regarding Christopher being intoxicated since September 14, and medical personnel advised law enforcement there was nothing more they could do for him ... they'd already tried to help him. *** Instead of being arrested, he was taken to the ER to be examined, but also took a breath test ... and registered a BAC of .267% -- more than 3 times the legal driving limit. Yikes.
  8. Yes, please! And while we're at it, Greg Vaughan could return as Diego. He's too stunning to be left on the sidelines. Nadia Bjorlin as Mac (no disrespect intended to Kelly Kruger). I think she and Jason Thompson would be fireworks across from each other.
  9. I'm game, especially if it can bring Nina back into the fold. I know it's been a very difficult year for Tricia Cast, but I hope the door is open for her to make an appearance somewhere down the road. She's sorely missed.
  10. My bad! My sarcasm was directed at DG. DG made it seem was like there was going to be some huge retrospective of the couple, flashbacks, voiceovers, the works. Whoops, DG. Whoops.
  11. But...but...he humbly asked everyone to watch. "One last walk down memory 'lane.' " I'm not sure I believe in karma, but like they say, it is a bitch.
  12. And I apologize for being bitchy but how this manipulator controlled the reigns for so long is just the tip of the iceberg. Strutting around all untouchable, not giving other storylines or actors the time of day, phoning it in during scenes. It just pisses me off. While others, diligent workers and who put in years of tremendous performances regardless of whom they were paired with, were shown the door, this tool continued to use a fanbase to further his ego.
  13. "End of an era"? "Humbly invite"? Is that a tiny violin in the background? So much drama. Is he expecting a full, retrospective episode? Go away.
  14. Whisper whisper. Duck lips. Mugging in a shirtless selfies. Posting inspirational quotes. He'll have more time to do that now. Although, it'll be tough knowing fewer Edible Arrangements will be coming his way.
  15. 😂 "Nick, Nick, he's our man. If he can't do it...."
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