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  1. Wha?! I must've missed that one. I only saw Melanie with the larger group. Now I'm excited That'll be a treat to watch.
  2. My favourite one is with Katherine, Don and Scott, and Scott essentially took over the role as moderator. That personal connection was just lovely.
  3. Your comments are still up on Facebook, and they are getting a bunch of traction. I only realize they are yours because of the same avatar on here and FB. I don't want to get into a back and forth on FB with Goutman defenders, so thanks for saying what you did. You definitely got a thumbs up from me. Early in the pandemic, the reunions Mr. Locher hosted were a breath of fresh air, and they were greatly appreciated. I didn't watch them all live, but I think I caught up on all the ones connected to ATWT. This one...no thanks. I get it -- it's his platform, his career, and he can do what he wants. However, he definitely won't be getting any clicks from me when it comes to Goutman.
  4. Very few poignant scenes on the show this year but Mariah humming the lullaby was a lump in throat moment.
  5. I saw worried it was Daniel Goddard.
  6. If you watch New Amsterdam, there's a familiar face tonight.
  7. It was special watching her grow up in the role -- a talented young lady with a bright future. I'll miss her.
  8. I could somehow get on board the surrogacy story. Infertility is a reality for many of us. But there's no care or attention to any detail here. What about Chance and Abby going to doctors? Learning what different options are available? Maybe they meet with possible adoption agencies? And why not build up to Mariah's decision -- discussions about how it'll affect her body, how about how she'll feel about letting the baby go after carrying for nine months? And when did Abby and Mariah become BFFs? Another insta-friendship.
  9. Amazing news! Congratulations to AMC fans and kudos to everyone involved. It'll be fun watching this from the ground up and how it'll come to fruition.
  10. It's been lovely -- truly, a breath of fresh air. It's telling, and it shows us what an impact nostalgia and legacy characters have. Nina and Jill's scenes are some of the best of 2020 for me. Tricia Cast has brought so much needed...something. I can't think of the word. Levity? Calm? Like everything is going to be okay. Her presence fits like a glove. I never imagined an Abby wedding is what would draw me in again, but here we are She is Ashley and Victor's daughter, so maybe it's not that shocking, but it's been a nice surprise.
  11. I'm going to hop on during real time, and I will do my best to ask. I wasn't following ATWT related things online during the time, and I'm surprised to read that. She gave Kim another grandchild and brought some well needed spunk to the show. I liked how Denise wasn't polished, admitted she had made mistakes, and her character was showing growth. I particularly liked her at WOAK; she had found a place to work and probably could've been a bigger fixture there, but they moved on with Katie and Molly being more prominent on that set.
  12. Upcoming reunion will feature Cassandra Creech, Lauren Martin and Napiera Groves.
  13. That's the one (from btm0815ma -- sept41986atwt3). Thank you!
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