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  1. Oh yes. That goes without saying. Plus gaslighting and such were repugnant. I was more so thinking of Adam as he was arriving on the Geona City scene (his upbringing on the farm with Hope, his relationship with Cliff, Victor's connection with Hope) and why his step-siblings had it out for him before they even gave him a chance.
  2. I'll be the first to admit I poop on the show a lot because I live in the past when it comes to expectations. I'm more than happy to give credit where it is due, and I think Mark Grossman addition has been fantastic. Talk about taking a role and running with it. Michael Mealor is another home run in my books.
  3. I'm with you. I think their animosity is two-fold: he is Hope's son, a woman who was a special love in Victor's life. Hope was a gentle, unpretentious soul and perhaps was the only woman who changed Victor, even if it didn't last for that long. After that, it's everything you mentioned. Adam truly is Victor Jr. when it comes to business. Nick and Victoria can't hold a candle in that department.
  4. Nick and Victoria have always had this Newman clique, and outside siblings be damned. Abby is more of an Abbott to me. Sometimes I forget she is a Newman. For the short time he was around, Nick and Victoria seemed to be lukewarm to Dylan, but from the beginning, they were always threatened by Adam. Whether it was his modest upbringing with Hope on the farm or his scholarly accomplishments. Maybe it is because he's Victor Jr.?
  5. Here's another vote of approval for the new Adam. He has a great on-screen presence. I can absolutely buy him being an Ivy League graduate with solid business acumen. Now, whether or not he's being honest right now about his memory loss, that's another question.
  6. This is a pretty nice photo.
  7. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/photos/your-favorite-soap-stars-celebrated-emmy-night-at-cbs-party/?fbclid=IwAR2QCWA--ZCr8jSbzRUGgJLUKd7e4jr-K5HTksYq7hrqdV4OuhteRXIqZ4o
  8. @xtr Has any character done a 180 recently like Mariah? She's unrecognizable as a timid lapdog. That's not Mariah. She hasn't had that spunk and 'don't give a crap' attitude in ages. Even when she was telling Sharon about the feelings she was having for Tessa (who I think was with Noah at the time?), it was still layers of the original Mariah.
  9. They dabbled with the idea slightly when Greg Vaughan and Natalia Livingston were in the roles. Nikolas was presumed dead, but he was actually with Mary Bishop. GV and NL had nice, relatable chemistry. I recall a sweet scene in the park when they were eating cookies during a picnic and were looking up at the clouds describing what they looked like. Then moody Nikolas showed up and the moment was for naught.
  10. Same here. It seemed like a given with Adam's recast being de-aged. Will Connor be older?
  11. And to piggyback on this a bit, Lauralee sharing the photo of her father and Kristoff was lovely. It fit perfectly.
  12. Y&R: Victor and Sharon. That was vile. Victor had always gone out of his way to protect Sharon, especially given Nikki's animosity toward her. They had a lovely father-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship but then...
  13. Monday's show is wonderful and poignant. Oddly, Jess Walton is who captured most of my attention. I really respect her presence. Eric Braeden's loving chuckle when proudly showing his goofy candid with Kristoff was sweet. To see Victoria and Shemar, there aren't a lot of words. Having them both there seems so right. And you're right. They absolutely stepped up for Neil and Dru. You can't help get a huge smile when you see their first meeting again -- pure soap, supercouple goodness.
  14. There will likely be another custody battle on the horizon for Sully/Christian. JM is fabulous with kids. Victor taking Christian away from Nick last year around this time was some of the best work JM has done IMO. To this day, I don't buy him as a business mogul. Never have. Nick wanted a truck as a teenager, not a sports car. That's why Adam is the perfect adversary for Nick -- Ivy league school, business pedigree, but didn't have dad's approval. Nick -- the opposite of that.
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