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  1. Dancing with the Stars: Discussion Thread

    Awesome cast! Juan Pablo is likely the favourite. He's had some slick dance moves on Fuller House. I was pleasantly surprised to see Nancy McKeon there, and it made me recall the ballroom dancing episode of Facts of Life . Having Mary Lou is a bonus. Looking forward to this season.
  2. Facts of life Reboot

    Nancy McKeon is taking part in this season's Dancing with the Stars. She's paired up with Val Chmerkovskiy. https://people.com/tv/dancing-with-the-stars-season-27-cast/
  3. Twists You Hated

    Nikolas/Connor on GH. Nikolas being presumed dead and coming back with amnesia was a decent enough storyline. However, adding Connor to the mix and Emily subsequently being raped by her husband's doppelganger was sick on way too many levels. The aftermath of Emily's rape was also handled extremely poorly.
  4. Vet let go at Y&R

    What a damn [!@#$%^&*] show. What does this mean for LLB? Without Paul, what does mean for Christine? If we're taking bets, I think KSJ is next.
  5. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    When did Nick find time to finish his college degree? I see it's up on display in his office. What's the award for? And the trophy? The reception area has no sort of computer? So many questions.
  6. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Damn. I can't say I always agree with Mr. Braeden, but Victor's office is one of the most iconic sets on the show. What on earth are they thinking? That fireplace, the portrait, even the window Jack chucked the chair out of. How can there be Y&R without that office? This is stunningly shortsighted.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    For anyone interested, Marnie Winston-Macauley is answering questions about her days at ATWT, what it was like working with Douglas Marland, and the process of writing each script versus specific storylines. I believe you do need to join the group and cannot read the responses otherwise. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IMissMyATWT/
  8. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I just started watching Jack Ryan on Amazon and Cynthia Preston is in the third episode. Solid show. Without giving away any spoilers, and the way the episode ended, she could certainly return.
  9. Facts of life Reboot

    Totally. The show had run its course at that point. Combine Pippa and all those flashback-type episodes. It was clear the well of ideas was dry, but after nearly a decade, that's completely understandable. Marrying off Jo seemed like an easy way out to fade her away, especially sending her three-episode husband offscreen on a business trip (or a music trip? I forget). With Geoff coming back for Tootie, I always thought it would have nice to see Eddie return for Jo, maybe not as a boyfriend, but to see him again since he was her first love and they devoted a lot of time to him in the earlier years. That said, learning later how private Nancy McKeon is and what she wanted to do in life, I get her wanting to move on.
  10. Facts of life Reboot

    I know exactly what you mean. In the episode where Natalie loses her virginity to Snake, and he doesn't call her for a while, Natalie asks Jo for advice. Jo brushes it off with some philosophical quote, and Natalie calls her out on it, saying something to the effect that Jo is only clucking out platitudes. When pushed, we finally see a glimmer of old-Jo. It was only momentary but noticeable. I love Scott Bryce but marrying Jo off and essentially having her as a background character, making a face here and there, for the rest of that final season was a shame. The essence of Jo was lost -- rough around the edges, blunt, but with a heart of gold.
  11. Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    I always thought Collin O'Donnell not only had great chemistry with Peter Reckell but looked like him as well. I haven't seen him in years, but a more recent photo shows he certainly could have worked as grown-up Shawn D.
  12. Facts of life Reboot

    For anyone interested, both Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields have posted part of their eulogies at Charlotte Rae's funeral to their respective Instagram accounts. They wanted to capture the words for the many lives Charlotte touched.
  13. Y&R: August Spoilers

    Absolutely. It could be a lengthy trial, with many witnesses, passionate opening and closing remarks from the DA and defence, flashbacks. Then, last minute, a key witness shows up. Remember how it looked like Nick was going to be locked away for shooting Matt and Victor was able to track down Amy? That was great daytime television. Instead, we'll get a two-day trial. Michael Baldwin with his usual jibberish, Cane whispering, "baby, don't worry," Lily's crocodile tears and everyone will feel bad, then Neil begs Devon to forgive Lily. Blah.
  14. Y&R: August Spoilers

    Five one-way tickets? Don't tease us like that!