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  1. I think it's just a matter of time before Adam returns. However, this fellow looks too young to be Adam. Technically, he could be more the age Adam should be, but considering his former portrayers, he seems too young. Or maybe it's just the photo?
  2. Julianne Morris and Eddie Cibrian - when they were on Y&R Julianne Morris and Greg Vaughan - when she was on Days
  3. I wish there were a gauge to judge how viewers who don't post about soaps online/social media feel about the Rosales family. Do they also find them overbearing? Annoying? Or do they think the family is the second coming of the Abbotts? Is snail fan mail still a thing in the daytime world?
  4. I adored Emily's wedding dress. I could've done without the tiara, but that's a minor detail. Liz's maid of honour dress was lovely too.
  5. I'm back and forth on Summer. I tend to like her when she's vulnerable and shows her human side. The situation with Kyle is relatable. Sometimes you don't know how much you care about someone until they are with someone else.
  6. The musical score and just everything about the scene with Jack telling Nikki about their baby's organ donations... 👌. It definitely gives me a throat lump.
  7. Paul was getting kind of fuddy-duddy, but he's still such an integral character. If nothing else, having DD back will give the cast a morale boost.
  8. It looks exceptional. The show has aged better than I expected. I forgot how handsome David Charvet was, but probably not the best actor. It's a shame Brandon Call didn't remain on the show. Even into season four, I'm still getting used to Jeremy Jackson as Hoby. I'm also enjoying the prolonged musical interludes and dream sequences.
  9. Since Amazon Prime added the remastered version, I've been watching Baywatch in its entirety. It's fascinating how many daytime actors appeared on the show. I certainly didn't realize it then. One season two episode featured Marla Adams and Tuc Watkins, along with the series regulars, David Hasselhoff, Billy Warlock etc. It's fun to watch for guest star spotting.
  10. I could get on board an Adam return knowing it's not going to be smarmy MM. That said, none of those suggestions scream Adam Newman. I do like James Scott because he can pull off charismatic, business-savvy well. I think he'd work well with EB, too. But if they want to make a splash, you'd have to think it'll be a 'name.'
  11. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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