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  1. Tyler Christopher. I can't seem to find the clip on YouTube, but it would've been 2004 when Stefan fell off of the bluffs. Nikolas recalled Stefan saving him from drowning as a little boy. That scene really stands out to me. Actually, both of Laura's sons cried a lot. Greg Vaughan didn't cry much as Lucky but as Eric...
  2. Rarely, during version one of Rosanna. Even during larger family scenes at the farm, they barely spoke, with Lily married to Damien at the time. Version two of Rosanna saw them interact here and there because of Lucy, Aaron and Craig, but it was Holden who did most of the talking.
  3. I thought Casey and Frannie would've made a nice pair. I know the feelings there were one-sided before Lyla came into the picture. Casey sure had more of a personality compared to Seth. I'm happy we got Casey and Lyla though. Their NYC trip is one of those iconic episodes I look back on with fondness.
  4. That was wonderful. They are my golden generation of this show. I could listen to the three of them forever, trading stories. I wonder how the character of Tom would've evolved if Gregg Marx had stayed in the role. He would've been a fabulous DA. The miscarriage storyline is still vidid in my mind. The way it was told... and to see Margo vulnerable that way. Great stories about Liz Hubbard. What a great afternoon. With all the crap happening in the world, this really put a needed smile on my face.
  5. You are correct. In true soap foreshadowing fashion, a week or two before Holden returned to Oakdale, Lucinda exclaimed "Damn that Holden Snyder. Damn him." I don't remember the context of the conversation. Their scenes locked together in the wine cellar were pretty poignant given their tumultuous history. Lucinda laid it all out, why she didn't think Holden was good enough for Lily, her envy of why Lily always wanted to be at the farm, how she was afraid of losing Lily to him. Lucinda admitted she was wrong and apologized for trying to keep them apart for so long. Their they sat, swigging wine together, hashing out the past. Rewatching those scenes, it seemed like it took them forever to get out of that cellar. I can't remember what it felt like in real time, especially between the few evil visits by Diego or the Kasnoffs bricking up the wall.
  6. Wha? They aren't going to show the 2005 episode with Jennifer Bransford as Carly, running around attacking people with a sickle?
  7. Emily's pregnancy coincided with Margo's involvement with Eddie and his dad (?). That was definitely a bunch of crap thrown at a wall to see if it would stick. Things improved a bit with Margo's liver illness, but it seemed to be more a hurrah moment for Katie. At least it gave them some sisterly moments.
  8. Yup. I smiled. I guess knowing the cast felt what we felt, and still do, is rather vindicating. Suck it, Goutman.
  9. Scott's accent is really standing out to me. Funny when you haven't heard someone for years.
  10. GH: Emily and Liz So much history. Although the moments were short-lived, it such was nice seeing them as professionals, having a giggle at the nurse's station in between patients. Y&R: Sharon and Dru, Nina and Christine
  11. She was a breath of fresh air. It's hard to believe Adam is her child. Chip on his shoulder? Sure. But, by all accounts, he had a good childhood with Hope and a father figure in Cliff.
  12. Scotty DeFreitas is a lovely man. His words about Don and Kathryn will put a lump in your throat. Great stories and memories today. I hope you have a chance to watch it.
  13. Wow! What a treat I don't even know where to start.
  14. I agree. I adored EB during the whole Kansas arc. It took him out of his element, and it made him reach to different depths as an actor. JM, well, he's awesome with kids. There's that. He was pretty good when Nick lost his memory. I don't watch B&B, so I'm sorry to hear that. For AH, I just don't think she's Victoria. I realize she's been in the role longer than HT now, but this isn't how the character should've evolved. For what it's worth, I did like her on Loving.
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