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  1. mango

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    How poignant. A couple that's overcome so many obstacles over the years that left the viewers wondering 'will they or won't they,' renewing their wedding vows.
  2. Grace on Grace Under Fire. Not sure if it's because of the character or Brett Butler. The rest of the cast was great, especially Dave Thomas.
  3. mango

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I thought Jason Thompson and Amelia Heinle were awesome today. I was very touched by their scenes. They were soft, almost understated. Kudos to both. Now if there was only a "Phyllis mute" button on the remote control.
  4. mango

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Poor Reed. He didn't need to find out about his father that way. And it absolutely isn't Phyllis' truth to tell. Just when you think she couldn't get any lower... Thanks again, xtr.
  5. mango

    Netflix: One Day at a Time

  6. mango

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Phyllis was insufferable. Bloody hell. Simply unbearable. Victoria probably could've gotten a few more in there.
  7. mango

    Old TV clips - misc.

    For any Canadians, CTV's app has added a throwback section. It includes full seasons of Designing Women, Facts of Life, Dawson's Creek, Mad About You, The Jeffersons and bunch more.
  8. mango

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Heh. Busy day for Victoria!
  9. Appreciate the effort, but that's way too many categories.
  10. mango

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Nice to see Victor again. History is history, and any nods to nostalgia are nice.
  11. I think so, too. A new detective is in town, and Paul is showing him the ropes. Perhaps he upstages Paul when it comes to a big case? It actually what I always wanted done with Ignacio Serricchio's character (name escapes me at the moment). He fit into the cast nicely.
  12. Admittedly, I've not watched since July, but thanks to you kind folks, I keep an ear on the show with your recaps and posts. I believe the pieces are there to be able to pull this show out of the depths. There are many talented actors on the roster. No doubt, a number of been lost in a short period, and I know it's tough to spin silk, but with the right guidance, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel. I feel that this is a step in the right direction, but perhaps that's just a bit of naivety. I imagine I'm not the only one who was doing a bunch of eye rolls reading Mr. Young's reasoning for leaving. "The time is right...can't spend too much time at one place..." Heh. Okies.
  13. Bye, bye. The question remains: is a cleanup possible? If so, how long will it take?
  14. mango

    "Murphy Brown" revival 2018

    "Like he's driving a chariot, like Ben-Hur!” That poochie is a great addition to the cast. I hope Bennie is sticking around.