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  1. Y&R 45th Anniversary Spoilers

    Just watched Thursday's Canadian episode and she indeed does say that Jack is not John's son. She said she had a number of affairs. There was a bunch of foreshadowing throughout, especially while Jack was getting plastered at the athletic club. Lots of action from start to finish -- one of the better shows, adrenaline-wise, I can remember in recent memory. Jack's going to show up at the ranch with Victor laying at the bottom of the stairs.
  2. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Wednesday's episode was jarring. The camerawork in Victoria's house added to that. Well done to both actors. It was not only physical but verbal and mental as well. One thought though: if Billy saw the documents accusing JT of being an unfit parent, wouldn't he want Johnny and Katie out of there ASAP versus 'I think I should know this.'
  3. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Presumably during boot camp, but it was off-screen. Speaking of, wasn't he supposed to cut his hair?
  4. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    It was interesting how the episode was juxtaposed with Victor's chess match. Unique. There were a lot of high points, including seeing the upstairs of the Newman ranch and Billy with Lily at the casting call. Nice to see a variety of cast integration.
  5. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Lovely scenes with Victor and Dina. You can't help but smile. Ashley can hold her own with Victor. She's strong and doesn't back down. I'm not sure if he admires that or dislikes it.
  6. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    That's just a viewer's observation. Apologies if I came across as attributing it to an article or an interview. And for what it's worth, I thought AH worked strongest with Sean Carrigan during the Billy re-cast era, better than anyone since Billy Miller.
  7. Stars unable to have lightening strike twice

    @Khan @DRW50 I didn't even think of having MP play a different character. Great points. Funny enough, Felix's neurotic-ness reminded me of Monica from Friends.
  8. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Goodness. I'm surprised an actor would admit it. In a few scenes, I recall her actually looking repulsed by him.
  9. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    That's depressing. For TPTB to put a bunch of eggs in that basket is sad. Is she supposed to be rootable? If someone asked me for the top five actresses on the show, she wouldn't come close to even making the list. I've been a smidge bitter since David Tom was shown the door. As a viewer, it came across that she wasn't giving it her all because he wasn't Billy Miller. I was probably reading too much into it at the time, but it stuck with me.
  10. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Bravo to Abby. She's proudly backing her mother, and it was awesome to see. Victor was quick to fire Ashley after the "investigation". I'm looking forward to seeing this scheme blow up in Miss Victoria's face.
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Shazam to the rescue! It's "To Fall in Love Again" by Jessica Simpson.
  12. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Gosh. They sure are pushing Victoria's insecurity hard at the moment. I almost felt bad for her, almost. The staff "meeting" and suck up donuts were cringe-worthy.
  13. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Sharon and Nikki having tea? Those two must have such a blast working together. Snark for days!