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  1. Fantastic news! I'd like to hear from Lisa Brown. Although, they may snag her for a GL chat. Scott Bryce would be great, and I always thought Larry Bryggman would have some stories to tell.
  2. Even though I purchase a copy here or there electronically, it's rare, especially with it being more expensive as a Canadian. $6.99 is a bit rich. I snag one as a treat if there's a new feature on some of the defunct soaps.
  3. While watching, I actually had to Google to see how old Don is now because his memory of everyone's families, children, and what said children are doing now was incredible. You had to chuckle because the ladies couldn't remember which of their respective children they were pregnant with during certain storylines. Funny how something as simple as a one-hour chat can bring so much joy, particularly during a time that's difficult for so many people. What an absolute treat.
  4. Congratulations to John Driscoll and his lovely bride. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/soap-alum-john-driscoll-weds/
  5. A third of the first one is painful for me (but true about all three on Y&R). I adore Elizabeth Hendrickson. She's wonderful, but Chloe sucks. What a total drag of a character. The only pairing half decent was with Chance, because it was fun seeing EH versus Tricia Cast. The second point...nothing has been truer in the last decade on Y&R. I'm genuinely pissed at how things ended with Gina Tognoni. Brilliance falls on your lap and that's what you do? Good to see Daniel Goddard repeatedly mentioned. Woof. Fart acting at its finest.
  6. Woof. You'd think rewatching his scenes he'd finally see that he's the valedictorian of the Joey Tribbiani School of Fart Acting.
  7. 🤣 Perfect GIF, @DramatistDreamer!
  8. So sorry to hear of her passing. She was part of a wonderful legacy, one that touched many of us dearly. Thoughts and prayers to her loved ones.
  9. GH -- When TPTB thought it would be a meaty story having Emily raped by her husband's doppelganger. It was vile. I forget if it was Pratt or Guza claiming that they would tell the story with "respect" and "dignity" to honour sexual assault survivors only to have it brushed under a rug for whatever reason. Nikolas being Emily's rock lasted only a second, and he was quick to have an affair because Emily wasn't ready for intimacy. Whether it was because Tyler Christopher needed the time off for other projects or wanted more of a challenge by playing both characters, nothing really recovered after that point for me. It probably didn't help that the actors broke up in real life, but the 180 was jarring with Emily moving on with Sonny of all people, and her being wowed by his magic penis all of a sudden. Emily and Nikolas' eventual reunion was a disappointment, leading to her murder, ghost/brain tumor whatever it was, and Emily's twin coming out of the woodwork.
  10. Damn. I'm so sorry to hear this. Knowing she was dealing this when Luke passed, while 90210 was being filmed...what a weight on her shoulders. My heart goes out to her. Sarah Michelle Gellar's comment on Shannen's Instagram post was so beautiful: "I get to live my life with you, that makes me the lucky one."
  11. Maybe throw Victor's office in the mix? Although it does seem smaller and the fireplace is less regal than I can recall.
  12. Oh no. Jukebox gone? Not seeing that Counting Crows album cover makes me sad.
  13. Stitch was probably Abby's best pairing. It forced her to grow up, and it would've been nice to see Ashley as a grandmother. Then little Max showed up...
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