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  1. I feel like this has happened 10 times before.
  2. She was definitely the highlight. Her comments had me chuckling out loud. It's a shame she's only used as filler. Tori, on the other hand. Absolutely cringeworthy. She's like a cartoon with her expressions and you can see an animated lightbulb going up over her head when a thought crosses her mind. I've enjoyed watching it. It's a trip down memory lane. It won't be winning any Emmy awards, but I appreciate the dose of nostalgia and the common ground that was found to make it all come together.
  3. Kyle and Lola have been married a whole nanosecond and Kyle is already sniffing around Summer? No wonder people don't care anymore. There's no point in getting invested in any storyline.
  4. https://www.bcrnews.com/2019/08/29/a-sidewalk-star-for-kathryn-hays/an43its/ Kathryn Hays is being honoured in her hometown. Nice to see her again.
  5. I had no idea. I appreciate the information, and thank you for taking the time to share it.
  6. Molly and Jake were great. I think that's the only time we saw who Molly truly was, and she finally had someone who understood her. I had never previously watched Tom Eplin, obviously knew of him through the daytime circles, but he was a likeable performer. It seemed so random to get rid of him, but I just assumed it was because his contract was up. Too bad, because he made Molly likeable, layered, and talked her down from a couple of ledges.
  7. Yikes. That comes across poorly. Was there more context to the question? Normally, you want to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but...
  8. I'm more interested in the fall out/follow up of Kelly Moncao's post than anything else. Her mentions on that tweet are something else....
  9. And a good young actor at that. I think MM is one of the stronger hires over the past few years: He's an Abbott, charismatic, easy on the eyes. Having him domesticated is wrong. However, with it being August, he'll probably be divorced again by December at the rate this writing and the show is going. There are no long term arcs.
  10. Already? 😂That must've been an incredible roll in the hay.
  11. Sad to come across this. ATWT's Finn Carter was arrested: https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/courts/tremors-actress-finn-carter-in-las-vegas-court-on-felony-charges-1815074/
  12. If there was ever an advertisement for "quality doesn't equal quantity", look no further 🥺
  13. Victor Webster and Matt Cedeno from DOOL. They were both very easy on the eyes, but their characters.... It was an interesting time on Days during that era, countering those two with the likes of Jensen Ackles and Jason Cook, who played characters with a lot of substance. Jay K. Johnson took a while to grow on me, but looking back, he was the best Philip. Kyle Brandt, meanwhile, was clearly in the wrong profession.
  14. 100%. You're a writer. It's your job!
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