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Big Brother 15: Discussion Thread

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She followed Nick around the house, although I think she was trolling him.

Probst has ruined most of Survivor for me, I can't emotionally connect anymore, haven't in years. Russell is part of that, and he's a big sleaze in his real life too. I don't think Aaryn is too good for him, but I'm surprised her people would want her to go near him. She doesn't seem to realize he has no real influence.

I can't find it online either.

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This is so sweet. Someone dressed up as Candice for a school day.


Jessie posted some photos of Candice in her younger years.


Helen is on Twitter now. She even tweeted the fake Helen twitter that fooled people. And she is very friendly with Judd (saying her husband wants to dress up as him for Halloween - Judd told her if they can't find the bear shirt at a cheap price, her husband can borrow it). Considering their relationship in the house, especially her thinking he was going to kill her and her family, it's nice that they've made up.

It's more interesting to see the people she hasn't tweeted so far.


She also favorited a photo of Jessie telling Amanda !@#$%^&*] YOU!

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Candice & Elissa interviews tonight, separately:


Elissa reflects on the fact that Helen never listened to her in the game BUT she points out that Helen's ego eventually helped [Elissa] for a while. Helen accidentally took the target off of her with her "masterminding." Despite getting rid of votes for their side on the reg, she says she can't say Helen out-right hurt her game due to that.

She pointed out that SHE was the one who was responsible for Amanda's demise, not GM. She explains how she got the ball rolling. I liked her doing that because it's true. She also said Andy had nothing to do with her nominating Nick like he claimed at the Finale, also true.

They ask Elissa why she believed McCrae voted out Amanda. She was convinced McCrae did believe she voted like she said she would so the only way she could rationalize him nominating her despite that is that he had wanted both her and Amanda out and had some other game going. She thought he was a smarter player than he actually was. She said she did give Amanda a real wedding band to hold. She was 100% going to keep her word. There was no threat of losing it.

The hosts tell Elissa that they 100% believe Andy's "issues" with her stems from her having his number in the game. She said Andy's parents came up to her at the finale and told her "our son loves you so much. He's obsessed with you." Elissa reflects, "if this is how Andy responds to someone he loves, what about the poor people he just sort of likes?"

Besides the yoga mat, they ask "what was the other item you would have desperately wanted to have while in the BB house?" She goes away for a minute to get the item: a pink bear. Her son designed that bear for her for a HoH basket, when you squeeze the foot of it, it says "I miss you mommy" *and the crowd awws*



Elissa in a pre-recorded question asked Candice if she could turn back time, seeing how things played out, would she have played with Howard or would she have played with Elissa? Candice notes Helen was the problem. Elissa was with Helen and Helen definitely wasn't with Candice. She said if it was just Elissa without Helen she would have gone with Elissa all the way.

Howard is going to visit Candice in New Orleans later today. They'll have a Thursday night interview with Murtz.

She said the first time the HG were able to use their phones outside of the house, Aaryn was looking up herself on Google. Aaryn laughed when she saw pictures of herself in KKK outfits. They ask if Aaryn over-stated her BFF bond with Candice. Candice says absolutely. She may or may not ever see Aaryn ever again and that's alright, but people like Elissa, Helen, Howard, and Jessie - those are the people she will have actual lasting relationships with.

She dislikes GM with a passion. That's her red spot. No real problem with anybody else at all.

She notes that because she is biracial she almost always had a rough time fitting in. Not accepted by the black kids in school, not accepted by the white kids.

They discuss how Candice always knew what was going on early on before anybody else. Psychic? She wouldn't quite say that. She said she just read people well. She some of the boys giving each other signs, etc. She'd also stay up late to see what was really going on.

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Candice & Howard's interview:

They discussed Candiland for a few minutes. Howard seemed bored, lol. Well, everyone's invited to Candiland but once you're kicked out - it's done!

The first half hour was a serious discussion on the racism.

Candice was making excuses for Aaryn - despite the fact she clearly finds her shady - while kind of dogging Gina Marie. Howard wasn't really having that. He was basically rolling his eyes at the thought that Aaryn is being genuine. He says the one thing he will give Aaryn is that CBS put the brunt of the racism on her when she wasn't the only one doing it. Candice says she thinks GM wanted Howard early on and that's where some of her anger towards [Candice] came. She said GM never apologized to her while assessing that Aaryn apologized multiple times and she felt Aaryn meant it the last time although she doesn't seem so sure anymore. GM did apologize to one of Candice's mothers for her statements though.

Howard goes into one of his long speeches during this and Candice calls him out.

They discuss Helen's righteous indignation about Howard and the MC a little. He still seems unhappy with Helen for the lecturing while she was HoH, lol.

Howard does not regret giving Elissa a hard time in the house within the realm of the game even upon learning how much she stood up for him (and Candice) because he felt she did it right back to him when push came to shove (throwing him UTB), "she could be vengeful." Candice wanted to argue with him a little on this but it was only an hour chat.

Helen popped in and nearly destroyed everybody's eardrums. Murtz asked her about Andy. Helen put on her seriously disappointed face and said she's not happy with what she's seen that he said in the house and she's not happy with what he's doing on Twitter. She doesn't know if she thinks he's a good person because she doesn't really buy into the house changing you into somebody else. She thinks if anything you eventually become more relaxed and forget the cameras are there and that's when your true character shows. (Sidenote: Helen is having lunch with Andy later today). Howard said he's in no position to judge who is or isn't a good person, but he agreed with Helen's assessment about when somebody's true character shines through. He said Andy may have been the most deserving winner for the type of game it ended up being (one for the floaters) but he doesn't get the dude being a teacher with the way he's behaving. Candice is fine with Andy because she doesn't read his Twitter and she thinks he was just trying to fit in when he was bashing her. (Helen will be interviewed by Murtz on Monday).

Candice and Howard are not calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. They're just both celebrating their 30th Birthday in New Orleans.

Candice said she sort of wanted to join the boy alliance and not dismantle it. She was trying to be invited in with the staying up late and cooking.

Spencer called Howard today. Candice is not ready to make amends with Spencer. She feels he sabotaged her the first couple of weeks although she feels a little stupid for going off on him the one time he was actually on her side.

They were asked if they were shocked by the amount of abuse thrown at Elissa in the house. Howard said "no." He remarks that he understood some of it from the viewpoint of feeling she came in with an unfair advantage due to Rachel's fans. He wasn't happy about her being in the game. He says it went beyond that for the other HG and their hate for her stemmed from the reason he genuinely likes her - she has her own mind and she wouldn't just go along with what they were saying and doing. Candice vehemently agrees.

Amanda and McCrae? Candice says they don't exist in Candiland. Needless to say, Howard isn't fond of them either. He isn't exactly straight about what he said to Amanda that infamous day though. He said he initially liked Amanda. He felt she was one of the first people to reach out to him on a personal level and he thought she had some vulnerability (of not measuring up to the other women in the house) initially.

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Thanks for the transcript. Howard also said something about how they should have kept Nick and they didn't have a deserving winner because of how that changed the house. If Nick had stayed, someone like Jeremy or Kaitlin probably would have won. Or Nick himself. No thanks.

Aaryn must have heard some of the backlash over Candice's recent comments because she tweeted this

aaryneliza: @candiestewart I miss candyland!!!!! #TakeMeBack #IMissYou :)

Oh my.

I'm surprised at how Candice keeps trying with Andy. Andy doesn't seem to be making the same effort, as all he did was tweet that he was joking about her. The problem is that it rarely felt like a joke, because it was overkill and egged others on.

Judd and Amanda/McCrae also had interviews tonight.

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Thanks for the transcript. Howard also said something about how they should have kept Nick and they didn't have a deserving winner because of how that changed the house. If Nick had stayed, someone like Jeremy or Kaitlin probably would have won. Or Nick himself. No thanks.

Still has that hard on for the MC.

Oh my.


I don't know how long this will stay up for. Even Candice was like "where the f--k it go?" Ugh, the YT link won't even appear for some reason.

Candice Bashing


Elissa Bashing (I disagree with the assessment of 2nd most bashed)


I'm surprised at how Candice keeps trying with Andy. Andy doesn't seem to be making the same effort, as all he did was tweet that he was joking about her. The problem is that it rarely felt like a joke, because it was overkill and egged others on.

She thinks she's such a good people reader but she's as wrong as they come on this one. Sometimes she's as off as Helen was in the house in that department.

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That's so hard to watch. And the worst part is how two-faced people like GM were. If you didn't see everything you'd believe GM was sincere with her. I wish they'd let feed clips go up on Youtube, like they did until BB11. I miss it.

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Helen's interview with Murtz.

Murtz doesn't want anything to do with Andy. Helen was like "you'll have to ask Andy" and Murtz spitted out "that's not going to happen. I have no interest in talking to him at all."

Aaryn is the new Janelle?

Helen claims it was strategy. She knew Aaryn liked hearing that so she kept on telling her that.


She likes Aaryn. She says Aaryn apologized a lot and she feels her apologies are sincere. She feels it was unfair she got the brunt of the racial slurs edit when a lot of the other HG did it too. She thinks her relationship with Aaryn was/is genuine and that the relationship may help Aaryn in a positive way in the future in relating to Asians or Koreans.


She says she loves Gina Marie. Thinks she has a good heart. She thinks she's ignorant but not mean-spirited.

She claims she didn't hear a lot of the stuff thus her lack of having an issue with it during the season. She says Elissa wouldn't relay what was said in detail because she didn't want to repeat the language so the severity of it was lost on her. She was equally offended by the people standing there and laughing like Nick. She gives Judd and McCrae credit for at least sometimes not looking comfortable.

Ultimately she feels both Aaryn and GM were more loyal to her than Andy ended up being.


He's on her s--t list. She talked about how offended she was at the Kim Jung-il comments. Her father's family was killed under his leadership. Her father can't even go to Korea. It's like calling a Jewish person Hitler. She was shocked about what he said about her but blown away by what he said about Candice & Elissa. Mentions that he said this stuff with no real provocation. The people weren't even in the house when he was going on and on. She said her husband does not like him at all and told her he doesn't want him around (they live a mile apart). She'd like to say that now knowing the things that Andy said that it wouldn't have changed her vote in the game, but she can't say that for sure.

Murtz and Helen - much more so Murtz - comment that they feel he's being a complete fake on Twitter to compensate for the response he's getting that he didn't expect. He's trying to draw himself as the super villain who wanted to achieve this reaction. Some discussion about him flipping back and forth between apologizing and being a jerk.


She said Elissa was screwed the moment Candice announced she was Rachel's sister on Day 1. Nobody really gave her a chance from that moment. She now knows that El, more than anybody, was loyal to her to the end and she regrets that she did not respond in kind. She claims El would have been her F2 for real. She hopes Elissa plays another season and gets the experience w/o the hostility. El came in for 5 or so minutes of the interview. Helen apologized for being a non-listener. Said she had no concept of just how much abuse/hate was directed towards [Elissa] until she got a chance to watch the show/clips. Tells El she really underestimated what a strong person she is; both her and Candice.


She still maintains Candice did threaten her the week of her eviction. She does not have any real regrets about Kaitlin, Howard or Candice's evictions. She doesn't think Kaitlin would have been loyal to her over her alliance with Howard. Candice was too stuck on Howard. One moment Candice was like "I want to work with you and Elissa" then she's talking about taking out McC/Am/H/E. She does regret helping take out Jessie. She also mentions not realizing how bad Jessie has it with Aaryn/GM/Jeremy/Kaitlin the first few weeks she was trying to fit in with that group. She also regrets not listening to Candice early on when she was catching on to things fast like the MC. She admits she put too much focus on the Moving Crew after that came out.


Helen said she wasn't that bad the first couple of weeks and Helen ultimately thought a lot of the people Amanda wanted out were also good people for her to take out, like Judd because he was targeting her and Elissa. In hindsight she sees that only made Amanda stronger and Helen weaker. She probably should have targeted Amanda while America was nominating her in retrospect.

Mentions her parents got so upset they cried when they saw the clips of the things said about her and Elissa. That upset her.

On BB, is it better to be perceptive (like Candice, Elissa) or to run a good social player (like Helen) where you have the power to persuade a group?

She's not sure. It depends on the type of game. Ideally, it's good to have both skills. She's not happy at her placement in the game and thinks anybody who finished higher than her played a better game including people like Spencer.

She talks a lot so I missed a lot.

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Elissa was interviewed by Jodi earlier today. She insisted that she isn't running any scams (as Elissercise, or whatever it's called, was called a scam by some in the house). She said she is friendly with Candice, Helen, Howard, Jessie. She said she isn't sure about Judd, because Judd never took up for her, even though she knows that's the game. She said Andy was the only one who said such bad things about her who has tried to make contact with her.


For whatever reason, McCrae went on Twitter later that day, bitching about her and her shilling.

Someone on Twitter told Judd that Helen said he was going to kill her and her family. He didn't believe this at first (he actually blocked the person who said it), but then when a few more people showed him, he believed it. Someone also said this made people think he was abusive. He seemed somewhat upset by this and said none of the people in the house knew him, and he wasn't abusive to women. He also said that he still cared about Helen and he knew not to get upset about what was said in the house. Helen later tweeted that she loves him and wanted him to win.

Amanda was interviewed by Huffington Post.


Aaryn went to a Walking Dead charity event with the troll Russell Hantz, of Survivor "fame." She posed for various photos with him in a limo where she was trying to be flirty and tawdry. Her fans weren't exactly thrilled, and she had to keep saying it was just fun, and that nothing happened. Russell also tweeted that nothing happened. They unfollowed each other and he made a few veiled remarks bashing her.

Idiot David, first boot, who now works at TMZ, repeated the story about Jessie's mother, now saying it happened to one of his friends as well as Jeremy. Jessie got upset and said she'd thought they could be friends once she moved to LA. Clearly not anymore.

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Judd said he talked to Elissa last night and they're fine, but now Tweeters have him concerned about what Candice said (he doesn't have her phone number to discuss it). Candice didn't say anything bad as she only really seems to dislike GM from BB15 with a side of McCranda. She just said she knows he said some stuff but it's okay, they all did. Judd sorts of confounds me in that I would be afraid to be one of his good female friends. One minute he was sweet, the next minute he was all c--t, b---h, d--n g--d d---er. I forgot how he went in on Candice for a while there too. Meh.

McCrae having an issue with translating exposure into a financial positive when he was hoarding and stealing BB items all summer to sell on eBay for his own profit is ... the McCrae I know and never really liked much. Lazy, no real drive and bitches like the nerd in the mean girl clique who only has balls to bitch in the girls bathroom.

Jessie interview, written:


Just got to listen to Candice's interview from Monday. She and Howard are starting an anti-bullying speaking circuit thing. Focus on schools. "Lead with Love." They should have Facebook/Twitter details up this week. She's excited about that. In other news, they'll be doing one of Side-Show Nick's YouTube things on the 19th in New Orleans. Candice will be opening a boutique on her website within the next week and doing a beauty blog there as well.

TMZ fired David, haha. After he went off in his cocky douche run this weekend I sent him a comment about his desire to join his fellow HG on the unemployment line. (This is after he threw out a line about Jews that he since has deleted). He blocked me. Love it.

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I've seen people say he didn't like Candice because she talked about wanting men with money (which is really not an excuse for ugly slurs...), but I tend to associate it more with his being off his meds and freaked out at that time. His Candice bashing was most heated for a few days within that period (his HOH week).

He said he has a very close female friend, so I assume he is fine with women. The only thing that bothered me is if he had feelings for women it seemed to make him lash out in a more personal way. He pretty much said without saying it in a Twitter comment that he would have wanted a relationship with Elissa in the house if she weren't married.

Meanwhile, Helen is super friendly with GM on Twitter, so I guess her anger with Andy is about his Kim Jong comments, and she isn't that upset about general racism.

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