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  1. http://www.nbcumv.com/news/days-our-lives-generates-its-most-watched-week-two-years?division=1&network=33129
  2. I could buy John Black having a ticker that can run 300 years, the ridiculous thing is offering up your heart. I don't care how much you love the person, that is just ridiculous. It's Salem, maybe he's assuming his heart will just regenerate with some help from the Dimera Lab? If he was serious about that and not just doing it for attention, he should have wrote a letter with his intentions and strapped it on and then shot himself outside a hospital room .
  3. About 10 commercials from DAYS 1994 season compiled from YouTube. I forgot how hot Jonah was (that was his name right?)
  4. You're welcome, Khan ICAM about Wayne versus Josh. I'm surprised by how quickly Eric's culpability comes out (the actress who plays Theresa makes it sound like Theresa finds out while Brady is in the hospital). Then I think why am I surprised by the show going through story line at 200 MPH when it's all they've been doing since I returned to watching.
  5. DAYS TRAGEDY: One of These People Will Die (Brady, Jennifer, Eric, Daniel SOD Cover) Everybody is headed home from fashion show. Eric, although drunk, decides he can drive himself home after drinking a lot of coffee. Brady & Daniel head out in Brady's car on Cloud 9 over Theresa & Nicole's success. Brady takes a turn back for the fashion show after realizing he left Theresa's gift behind. Jennifer, meanwhile, is heading home from the hospital in her car. One thing leads to another, a drunk Eric makes a turn in his car that leaves him, Jennifer, Brady & Daniel in dire straits.
  6. Cheap, that was my thought exactly. Maybe by this point in the taping they realized the more time off-screen for the kid the better. Abby sad-sacking in the background of all scenes because of what I assume is her potential d--k dumping her is kind of obnoxious.
  7. I was looking at some past Christmas at the Horton house clips and I totally forgot about this one, the "9/11" Christmas. The Christmas Eve episode where the actors only played their characters in the last segment. I will say that NB/KL chit all over these new youngsters voices.
  8. 2016 PREVIEW (SOD) (Hope on cover for DAYS, "Hope's Revenge Goes Too Far") SALEM TRAGEDY: Big story that affects many people. NYE accident changes lives forever. There will be death. [Picture: Jennifer screaming in her car] HOPE/RAFE: Hope's quest to get Bo's kidnappers takes a turn which KC sees as the most shocking event of the first part of 2016. Circumstance continue to pull R/H together but will they ever be together? Andre vows to destroy Hope for her transgressions against his family. AVA/STEVE/KAYLA/JOEY: The story here is what becomes of the Johnson family unit at the end of Ava
  9. The Horton stuff was on point. The melancholy was on point. Hope and the kids. Lucas and Maggie. [Sami is rude for keeping one of her 12 kids from Lucas like this]. Doug's greeting to his kin. His and Hope's speeches. While I've been on Team Go Live with Your Aunt Off-Screen Chase ... that segment where he got his ornament definitely gave me the feels and some light flashed into my Grinch heart. The Hortons are really cursed and/or are having an exceptionally bad year AKA front-burner, I guess. Nice touch of having Marlena want to make it over so badly. I'm not entirely sure Marlena was not
  10. I'm with you. I don't hate the bitchiness but I don't exactly like it either. Interested in hearing more of the genesis of the bitterness. Yes, Shawn left her but she cheated on him ... twice, so far. ITA on Claire vs. Ciara, too. I'm guessing she (the Ciara chick) got the job because she can cry on command but it's a pretty worthless talent when everything around it is robotic.
  11. Grandma Hope? Gurl, don't push it. It would only be cute if you were 2. Belle vs. Claire ... so good. I wonder why Belle is such a bitch? I mean, maybe that's the wrong word. If this was a man, we wouldn't be calling it bitchy. I won't judge her. Not yet. Kudos to Nicole for staying out of that Kate and gang mess. Ava was really behind this (videos below)? How? Why? It almost makes me like her because this was entertaining as heck to watch on YouTube and quite a villain-tastic move. She almost killed all of Salem.
  12. I enjoyed this episode. First episode I watched in it's entirety this month. Lucas/Adrienne/Ned Quartermaine: Lucas is so sweet. It's nice that Justin was not a jerk to the ex today. Hope/Ciara/Rafe/Lani: Ciara was giving Rafe that speech about her troubles and all I could think was that would be wonderful dialogue for somebody who can act. Then there's Lani ... Ciara's twin in monotone speech. That badge moment would have been nice with somebody who can act, Literally, the only thing this Ciara girl does well is drop those vacant tears. I like how professional Rafe is being with his cop s
  13. At least two "killers" of blood Horton's are on that tree (Gabi, Chelsea). The clan needs to get more selective. This is a touching DAYS Christmas montage (found it while looking through Jason47's page): T
  14. Add me in. I was a magazine buying addict back then but I erased all those articles out of my memory.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they did because Jason has JT's ornament in the retired section and I don't see it anywhere near the Hope/Bo kid section on the tree in new pictures. I just found the Kleenex episode on a John/Marlena channel. They cut out the Bo/Hope/Shawn part of "Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye" though, and probably other non J/M stuff Well, it's better than nothing. Honestly, outside of Shawn-D, JT was my favorite Bo/Hope kid. EDIT: I found a Shawn/Belle channel with a more complete edit but sans Part 3 of this episode probably due to "Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye" infringing on copyright.
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