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  1. About 10 commercials from DAYS 1994 season compiled from YouTube. I forgot how hot Jonah was (that was his name right?)
  2. Add me in. I was a magazine buying addict back then but I erased all those articles out of my memory.
  3. The Kirsten Storms talk from Langan is definitely interesting in retrospect. How often do writer's do interviews where they do that (straight out saying this actor is playing against what I'm writing and I don't think I like it)?
  5. I don't remember hearing an explanation on the clips. These old clips ... so, so good. Don't know if the following has been posted because this thread is 84 pages long and I can't go over it page for page. 25th Anniversary Promos that ran on NBC. LOVE LAUGHTER MEMORABLE MOMENTS
  6. Watched Hope & Larry's completed wedding for the first time last night. This is wonderful. It's like a mildly funny but really sad funeral. That moment where Alice recognizes how devastated Hope looks at the altar and then starts tearing up herself *sniffle* I will say the scene with Mickey staring at Maggie is weird because Melissa's boyfriend is also in that frame looking like he's staring at Maggie with hungry eyes. (He's probably staring at Melissa). So the story behind the wedding is Larry and Hope are both being forced to marry each other or else repercussions to their loved ones (they beat the living chit out of Bo), family, career, etc. The guy who gets Hope the water is one of the goons.
  7. This reminds me of the real reason I quit in 2003, I just had heard the news JER was returning as head-writer and I wall all "I've done taken enough. Bye." I don't think she was full on possessed for the story. It was a tease to explain why she killed Alice, Doug, Caroline, Roman,, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. This was also a humorous find. Josh Taylor seems to have chemistry with a female and is not annoying in these scenes. Leann Hunley! TP is so much cuter in 2007. Stefano asking Hope on a date after trying to choke her and "learning" she's sleeping with Steve. I like when Steve is Patch-light. So who gave that trio the drugged wine? .
  8. The mini re-threads DAYS did while I was on my long hiatus, sigh; most of the re-threads were kind of funny though. For some reason this had me LOL the entire time I was watching it.
  9. Terrible? I have no love for F/O and I've actually not hated most of this season. The episode IMO said what Olivia and Fitz never really accepted but what each has known is true for the longest. Truths that they would let slip out from time to time. Olivia is spoiled. She's accustomed to being catered to. She grew up with her family making her feel powerful despite any of their quirks. Olivia has always wanted Fitz the easy way irrelevant of what that meant to Fitz, to Mellie, and to their kids. Olivia felt OBLIGATED to try almost because she felt bad for Fitz therefore the "yes, I am." I don't see anything wrong with Olivia being selfish to this degree, my issue only comes when she's treated as or/and treats herself as a sacred saint (her white hat self-torture) despite the pain she's helping to inflict to have things her way. IMO, last night's episode was Olivia accepting who she is and who she is not (NOT A WHITE HAT) and seemingly feeling like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She was not miserable. I honestly don't know how either Mellie or Fitz could still like her even a little, though, but both of them clearly do. This trio definitely have a weird Sister-Wives vibe where they "loved to hate" having a relationship together. Olivia never wanted to be with an unattached Fitz BUT it doesn't negate that Fitz started treating her like he treated Mellie because he felt she betrayed him and/or belittled him. He made her ornamental and it wasn't just for press. He was pissed and this is what he does to the women in his life when he's pissed. He systematically tries to destroy any power they feel they have to feel more powerful, to feel more good about himself. All of this was brought out last night. IMO, it was wonderful.
  10. This was an unexpectedly awesome episode. Olivia turning into FLOTUS Mellie. Olivia wanting to be FREE Mellie. Mellie turning into FREE Olivia. Mellie feeling sorry for FLOTUS Olivia. Olivia and Fitz turning into Mellie and Fitz. Mellie winning at life. Olivia and Mellie both quite happy to be free of Fitz. Fitz alone and sulking. It was an evolution. It was revealing. It was a revolution, too [abortion for a leading television female]. I think Olivia, Mellie and Fitz now all know that Olivia and Mellie REALLY are a lot alike, the good (movers and shakers, they both love or loved him) and the bad (selfish, love the taste of power a little too much). They also all now know that disappointed in you Fitz and the perimeters of the FLOTUS job is something close to hell. It's a suffocation. Though, Mellie stayed, Mellie had his kids, Olivia ran fast, and aborted his kid(s) w/o giving him a say, This should really shift dynamics between the three. If you drop the fact that Fitz is irrationally obsessed with Olivia, how do you ever get back from this on the O/F side? Not that I want them to get back from it.
  11. *through sobs* Damn, the irony that exactly one week later I would stand over my mother - as her blood pressure started to drop and as her heart began to stop beating - with my hand placed over her heart and tell her the same words. I guess I should have knocked on wood after typing that comment. The whole situation was eerily similar. Being awake for a period but completely trapped in your body, the doctors deciding to do the appropriate medical treatment only when it was too late... The main difference was my mother was in the so-called best hospital in New York.
  12. Episode got 9.55 million total viewers (kind of destroying Scandal which had 7.79). They also got a hefty 2.8 in 18-49 (kind of destroying Scandal, again, 2.3). F'in impressive for Season 11. GA also destroyed on Social Media. 600,000 plus tweet (Scandal had roughly 200,000). I've enjoyed most of this season so I like. It'll be interesting to see if they can sustain any of this next week with the league of angry fans Shonda has left behind.
  13. Rating are still sucking. GA beat Scandal by almost 2 million total viewers and half a full point in 18-49, TV Line is reporting Olivia will hire a new Gladiator soon. I believe they noted it will be a former guest star. I'm guessing it's going to be Cornelius. Good move - as OPA as a 3 person operation is pathetic - but without good writing and storytelling...
  14. The show is just not resonating and the PTB are not trying to write material that resonates. The excess of gory murders and body disposals. Why? One thing that did resonate (with me) was Mellie and Fitz not-quite-love-not-quite-hate RAGE relationship and now even that's gone. For what? I don't think Mellie and Fitz are going to hook up. I don't think we're going to even get a deeper explanation of why Fitz suddenly deeply feels like he has wrongs he needs to right with Mellie. So then, why even bother? They're not making either Fitz or Mellie look like competent politicians or legal minds as they run this story. <--- That is an ongoing issue with Scandal. The majority of the cast of characters is made to look ridiculously incompetent at almost everything for the fixer point. On top of that, most of the time even Olivia is being made to look like a fool (for B613). B613? Why? WTF cares about this chit? I don't care enough to even try to make sense of it. Not this would make any more sense than the Vice Presidents take-over of the White House. Why is it more important to make recurring player 1, 2 and 3 look competent? Why would a writer think making their lead characters some of the least rootable characters IS a wise show running decision? I don't get why Elizabeth is still on this show. Abby could have easily filled her current role and done it in a more authentic way. I guess it's good that Fitz is less ridiculously obsessed with Olivia than usual. I get that Olivia is traumatized but I'm just not feeling her. I'm not getting authenticity. I'm getting disconnect from all the characters and the majority of the relationships due to poor writing and storytelling.
  15. I had a feeling he was exiting the show with the low amount of episodes but recently there had been a lot of rumors about it REALLY happening (PD talking about spending the rest of the year focusing on racing). Then a few hours before the episode, a fan who got their Entertainment Weekly in the mail early leaked the information. I'm not a big Derek or MerDer fan and I was spoiled ... but the episode still made me cry. GA does death well. - That little girl realizing Derek was hurt: "you stay not dead, okay." She was phenomenal or that scene was phenomenal because my heart started racing and I almost burst out crying. . - Derek narrating his impending death. The music. I'm going to die because of their lack of experience. So haunting. As if Shonda wasn't causing her audience enough pain, she made us even more terrified of hospitals. - Meredith stopping the nurse from disconnecting Derek. I thought she was going to beg him to come back to her. Chasing Cars came on and.... Meredith instead telling him that they'll be okay and it's okay to go. I could not do that. Strong moment. Honorable Mention to the female doc in stupid-male-doctor hospital. She was awesome sauce too.
  16. Lowest 18-49 since Season 2A. Greys got more total viewers in it's ... 10th Season? This season, I have really been enjoying Greys Anatomy A LOT more than Scandal. Scandal is uninteresting, poorly put together fan fiction this season for the most part.
  17. It's basically what I already made a point of. Mellie and Fitz (somewhat successfully) attempting to undermine two women on the episode was just ... bad timing. I wouldn't have noticed it as much if it was not on that episode. This is a show where the FIXER and her employees are made to fix everything and most of the other characters are painted as weak at their jobs. POTUS and FLOTUS are essentially two people in power partially due to stealing and to a point due to other peoples work and here they are working together to undermine a put upon group in society for their own gain (in that episode). In general, Fitz is the primary example of having unearned privilege. He's a pretty white male who seems to get all sorts of power - imagined or otherwise - handed to him because he's a pretty white male. We don't see him being capable as a good leader or as a good man too often but he is where he is with his primary placement in the power scheme in the world and in his primary placement with an immediate circle of people in his life. Mellie wanting to be the next President and not deducing she needs to at the least start doing productive work - for the American public (and not primarily for the Grants) that the American public can know of - to even begin to earn that speaks of feeling unearned privilege in the current scheme of things. Olivia's constant name (and vagina power) throwing has always made me think of a spoiled brat used to getting things handed to them a little too easily as well. "The President...My Father..." Manipulation, charm, name-throwing are skill sets in politics, don't get me wrong, but sometimes they can become the heavy. VP SCANDAL! POTUS MELLIE? Picking an experience elected politician who happened to be a female with an ethnic background would have been literally spitting on Mellie as Latina VP would have been a perfect storm candidate for the next 1-2 elections. Momentum to the umpth. Realistically, no politician is thinking I have to get myself set to run against the person who has the best chance of crushing me. Don't get me wrong, Mellie shouldn't be able to go from FLOTUS to POTUS without any time in actual office BUT that would have been driving an unnecessary ice pick into her dreams. Mellie's pick will backfire because what doesn't backfire on this chick? Mellie is aloof, calculating and rehearsed. Susan is the opposite. If Susan gets ambitious... IMO, Fitz did the right thing in giving Mellie what she wanted though (and much like her double-edged motives I do think his action was also self serving - he's sick of overly ambitious VPs). Mellie has earned privilege with this man whether or not he asked for her sacrifices. Through all her fire, rage and ranting, she's been ride or die for him like few other people. She put everything she wanted to be aside to make him. Sure there's been agenda in her motives but there's also been love for him in those decisions. In a way, he's now trying to show her he sees her and he appreciates her and it's almost sweet. If it wasn't for her taking care of business, he'd still be dealing with Andrew as his VP. Sure somebody else could have also taken care of Andrew but she's the one who did. For me, that alone nulls the argument of him losing a crap on the VP pick for the sake of Mellie's crazy dreams. Logically and ideally for her dream, Mellie should have asked Fitz to pick a boring male, she kind of gave him an inch by keeping the VP sex female (although that serves her cause well too, it's a woman one step away from that top seat). I do hope they give Mellie a platform though where we can see her capability to fix things with skills beyond manipulation and threats. Fitz and Mellie are both being unrealistic about FLOTUS to POTUS, sure, but that doesn't mean they can't make common sense inroads into starting to take Mellie in the right direction. I'm hoping the plan isn't to make a complete joke of it.
  18. I left out a guest star in my list. Michael Welch, the Darren Wilson "look alike". I bought it when the character was lying through his badge and I bought it when he was being an absolute self righteous -unt. CBV was in a class of his own though, "My sons name ... was ..." All hearts broken. "Him" calmly sitting over his son to protect him. The tension when the knife was found and he almost lost control. Spectacular actor.
  19. The stars that were brightest in this episode were definitely the guest stars from Cornelius to Artemis and especially Courtney Vance <-- couldn't take my eyes off of him even when he was in the background. Palpable performance. The police officer getting arrested for his criminal activities was a nice fantasy. The ultimate problem I have with an episode like the March 5 episode is this show is centered around unearned privilege (this is partially due to the series being base and basic in not allowing most of the characters to be effective at their jobs besides the literal fixer and her gang) and a bunch of superfluous crap (POTUS pouts, Fixer quivers) most of the time. It was what it is last week. It will be what it is next week. I really did love that Fitz did something for Mellie, but the juxtapose of the all too often ineffective two-term POTUS and FLOTUS manipulating the system and taking down or manipulating or even underestimating another put upon group in society - women - was so iffy to do within the feel and message of most of the episode. If they want us to buy into the notion of Mellie as a serious politician they need to give her a platform at some point (re: Hillary and Healthcare despite the fail) or do some back-story of chit she did in California as first lady. They haven't really written POTUS Fitz as a serious politician in four years of this show, so that may be asking for a miracle. I'd attempt to spin Mellie off into her own series sometime next season. Do the divorce and have her become a political figure - possibly a mayor - in some city. Glad they showed Jake being rational about the insanity of Olivia doing what she's doing within the realm of what she's just been through. He's a good wife, part-time side piece. Good on Olivia for going a whole episode without being a thot.
  20. There's definitely many issues with pacing, yes, but personally, I was stunned they did Lucious and Cookie hooking up so quickly. I understand he's the [only] one for her, but his behind let her rot in prison for over a decade while he was making it and hitting it all over town. Typically, a show will keep that type of tension going for as long as possible - the hurt along with the deep attraction. I would have had them heavily making out, starting to disrobe, Anika heading home on the last episode of Season One. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Season 2. They won't have the stresses attached that they may have had with this season so I expect to see a difference with pacing.
  21. I'm with Cheap on this. The timing with quite a few things this season has hit me as odd, as rushed, as huh??? I feel like the show takes stuff you can build on and just puts it out their too suddenly. The show is really entertaining but it's definitely also sloppy. I'm not sure who made this but it's hilarious...
  22. This was actually my favorite episode of the season sans the series premiere just for the Andre story alone. That elevator scene was fantastic. IMO, most resonating scene since the garbage can scene with baby Jamal/Lucious/Cookie. I agree with the poster that felt the brothers did tell Lucious what happened in the elevator albeit off-screen. Looking forward to seeing this story play out more next week. I'm rooting for Andre not to give in to the beautiful Ms. Hudson. Looking forward to all the different dynamics play here - wife/husband (fear), mother/son (guilt), father/son (denial), brothers. The Cookie/Lucious/Anika bit was a little too neat in a messy way.
  23. These bitches (Kyle, Lisa R with a side of Eileen and Lisa V) group crying and being a bunch of me-victim hypocrites after Lisa's assault. Ugh. I'm so Team Brandi, Kim and Yolanda right now. Except for Kim acting like a serial killer in that car with Lisa, she's acted no different most of this season than she acted last season when nobody was doubting her sobriety. Kim has admitted she took a pill she shouldn't have and it had a bad result. Lisa wants blood from her for some reason and is going to everybody to attempt to get toothpicks to stab and drain Kim of blood with. What's the harm of what a "concerned" Lisa is doing? Look at the internet, everybody is taking Lisa's word as the gospel even though it's arguable that except for one relatively minor episode, Kim is acting no different than last season. That's hurtful and harmful to Kim and Kim's family. Even if Lisa's right about her sobriety, you're basically putting her dirt on television like it's your religion, like it's a discussion board and it's the soap you love discussing. That's not helpful. How does that even begin to be helpful? I don't dislike Lisa, but calling that chit she's been doing to Kim right in any way? Pfft. ETA: At the beginning of this season, I think I said Eileen was the better addition to the cast. I take that back. Eileen is like a cool dork stuck in a horror house, but once you start pulling the curtain threads back and off from Lisa Rinna - that looks like a royal mess. Maybe it's Kim hinting at a mess that makes me think that - but now I really do think that. [Hmm, Lisa getting some of the harm that results in one spreading what one believes to be "founded" rumors]. I wonder if Harry is going to be down with her doing another season.
  24. This first look is really good. A lot of soap opera "acting" moments. SPOILERS BELOW. http://stoopidhousewives.com/2015/02/27/rhobh-preview-part-ii-fighting-in-holland/ Kim drags Lisa, Eileen and Kyle like she's picking her teeth. Dayum. I don't blame Kim. Lisa is all up in her business and doing [Kim's] business like it's [Lisa's] business on national television. Eileen got a few digs thrown at her for interfering in the argument. Kyle "Why Me?" Kerrigan gets a Kathy-dig from Kim. Lisa Rinna's reaction to Kim just bringing up the notion of talking chit about Harry was so OTT. So lets talk hypocrisy. The fandom and these ladies will forever attack Brandi for throwing wine in Eileen's face in what added up to a fangurl/attention-whore moment. Lisa Rinna breaks glass over Kim and goes to choke Kim for even hinting at giving her a taste of her own medicine, and it will be no big deal. Kim had it coming. Eileen, and Lisa to a lesser extent, bitch about Brandi trying to come between sisters and Eileen is doing the same exact thing in this episode because she got told off for butting in by Kim. That'll be brushed under the rug. Kyle has a chance to defend Kim in these scenes. During the beginning Kim is just stating some facts. Instead of supporting Kim, Kyle is there acting embarrassed about her sister. She doesn't defend Kim to anybody, really, she acts put upon and stirs the other girls up on Kim as much as Kim may stir Brandi up on Kyle.
  25. Def. I'm thinking Huck asked Liz what she'd like done - that didn't involve blood - and she nervously repeated Mellie's pointed "job" description of "make him stop talking." This was beautiful comeuppance for him. While I didn't have a strong attachment to his character at any point, I still really dislike that Shonda made Andrew such a piece of crap. How in the phuck did he go from 3B Andrew to Season 4 Andrew? Dude, was "I've been dreaming of being near you again every day for the past 12 years" love sick, and then he's suddenly Olivia's jaded and bitter description of men always picking power over love to the extreme. Shonda can be quite shallow and sometimes just insane with her stories but at least the stories in most cases are usually written somewhat true to character.
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