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  1. I wonder if Marcy was an edict from JFP or higher up. Tangie lacked the vibrancy and the well-put-together feel the rest of the Curlee years had. "Hey, we got Marcy coming in for a splash, now find a character please?" or it could be Curlee already knew she was heading out and didn't want to lay out the character completely for the new writers. Either way, it kind of doomed the character.
  2. Would have to agree. Kreizman had some decent ideas. It's just a shame his writing had about as much emotional depth as a frat house. Not to mention Wheeler blowing through so much story with her special Wednesday episodes.
  3. Believe he was Ed Bauer's godson or something similar.
  4. "Taggert was still writing this right? Marj could have been good as Alex is they kept writing her as they did JoanAlex..and I like the use of the entire cast here and the clever use of the studio (Edge used to do that..they should have put more action at WSPR and used the studio that way." If I remember correctly, the episode before this was Taggart's official last show. Fitting since the final scene was of the bomb dropping down the stairs of the studio.
  5. Honestly, as great as the country club scenes are, the scenes from the next episode between Roger and Alex are probably even better. She goes from scared to furious and then she levels the boom at Roger as she reveals her cards. Brilliant.
  6. 1. The Towers was built in 1990 and was the subject of a dispute between Roger and Billy. Billy won that fight by tricking Roger into burning a signed document. 2) I don't think anyone lived in Ross' house before but Ross moved into that house with his then-wife Carrie Todd in 1981 and then was used continuously until 2003. 3) I believe so, yes. But someone can confirm that one.
  7. Agreed. All three have GL's metaphorical blood on their hands. Along with a host of others.
  8. Think it was probably more to do with interference from CBS/PGP that caused Curlee to leave. You are right in that most writers/execs have generally been fairly complementary about working with JFP. You had the quashed A-M/Gilly romance in the fall of that 1993, plus a growing insistence to emulate the ABC shows that the network would start around this time. Not to mention that Ed Trach left PGP at around the same time that Curlee left. Ken Fitts would eventually cause havoc with all three shows.
  9. It really is kind of ironic, cause 1980s and 1990s GL probably could have benefitted from the setting being in California. I mean 2 major multi-national companies chose a random Midwestern city to set up headquarters? Would have been far more logical if it were set in California.
  10. Honestly, I think most of us were just glad the real Phillip returned and not psycho pod Phillip, the Grady crash-dummy death notwithstanding (the most unintentionally funny scene in GL history. I laughed so hard.)
  11. Ugh Noah. Yeah let's put the larger-than-life Reva Shayne with the most boring slab of beef known to man. Great idea. But at least it was better than the Buzzard.
  12. I think sadly that Peapack could have really been good had they not approached it as a budget cutting measure designed to stave off cancelation. Keeping the control room and being able to control lighting and blocking would have done wonders. Not to mention keeping the music department intact instead of that elevator muzak bs. Shame we couldn't have better writing at the time too, come to think of it.
  13. Has to be GL. Khan is right. Just checked the Ratings archive for 2003-2004. There was no major hemorrhage of viewers during that time but it came nowhere near the 1997 peaks where I believe the show added like a million viewers and was saved from cancelation. Nowhere near where the ratings had to be for PGP to be satisfied with paying additional budget for Conboy's pet projects.
  14. The actors loved them because they were basically full length Emmy reels. Some of them were decent but they wrecked absolute havoc on the show's pacing because they burned through so much story at once. Reva's cancer story suffered because all the good parts ended after a week.
  15. I think because of WSPR/The Journal because apparently there was such a dearth of news in Springfield that they were covering the royal intrigue of SC. :Shrug: I still can't get over the cheap water slide they built for Beth's "death" in Mexico a few months later. Hilarious. She was even more danger-prone in 2001 than she normally is.
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