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  1. It really is kind of ironic, cause 1980s and 1990s GL probably could have benefitted from the setting being in California. I mean 2 major multi-national companies chose a random Midwestern city to set up headquarters? Would have been far more logical if it were set in California.
  2. Honestly, I think most of us were just glad the real Phillip returned and not psycho pod Phillip, the Grady crash-dummy death notwithstanding (the most unintentionally funny scene in GL history. I laughed so hard.)
  3. Ugh Noah. Yeah let's put the larger-than-life Reva Shayne with the most boring slab of beef known to man. Great idea. But at least it was better than the Buzzard.
  4. I think sadly that Peapack could have really been good had they not approached it as a budget cutting measure designed to stave off cancelation. Keeping the control room and being able to control lighting and blocking would have done wonders. Not to mention keeping the music department intact instead of that elevator muzak bs. Shame we couldn't have better writing at the time too, come to think of it.
  5. Has to be GL. Khan is right. Just checked the Ratings archive for 2003-2004. There was no major hemorrhage of viewers during that time but it came nowhere near the 1997 peaks where I believe the show added like a million viewers and was saved from cancelation. Nowhere near where the ratings had to be for PGP to be satisfied with paying additional budget for Conboy's pet projects.
  6. The actors loved them because they were basically full length Emmy reels. Some of them were decent but they wrecked absolute havoc on the show's pacing because they burned through so much story at once. Reva's cancer story suffered because all the good parts ended after a week.
  7. I think because of WSPR/The Journal because apparently there was such a dearth of news in Springfield that they were covering the royal intrigue of SC. :Shrug: I still can't get over the cheap water slide they built for Beth's "death" in Mexico a few months later. Hilarious. She was even more danger-prone in 2001 than she normally is.
  8. That was Robert Kochman, who was the show's senior producer since 1992. He was fired, I believe, just a couple weeks into the Wheeler regime in 2004. I believe he tried to send the cast a farewell letter and PGP/Wheeler confiscated them or something.
  9. I thought that it was Beth hanging from the rope in the castle tower or am I mixing up my stories? I believe that was the end of the Beth/Edmund-- I dont even want to call it romance frankly--relationship. What was up with the show pairing Beth with abusive men? According to Toups' wonderful archive in the SON files, Barry's last episode was August 16th, 2004. Nah. That was John Conboy blowing most of the show's budget on stupid[!@#$%^&*] like a full baseball field for his boy toy Marty West.
  10. I think it depends. The main issue with San Cristobal was that juggling two locations fractured the show. If the focus of the show wasn't on that damn island, it was on Danny and his merry band of mobsters. If the characters were from the island but we didn't spend alot of time there, I don't know if it would have been as frowned upon. And of course you have the lunacy of Reva washing up on the island with a second consecutive case of amnesia in 5 years that cemented that reputation. As for wheeler, I do blame her for the hubris of trying to reinvent GL in Peapack and then basically canning most of the people who had actually been through Filmmaking 101, leaving people who thought it would be a good idea to film from the top of a tree. Can you imagine Bruce Barry freed from the typical soap set? I think everyone would have benefitted from that experiment with better people in the roles and the ability to have something of a control room where they could have checked the lighting and such. Instead the colors were washed out. The worst part was the elevator muzak they had scoring every scene.
  11. At the very least, the Who Shot Roger? Stuff is entertaining enough to watch through plus the resolution of the David story and Julie/Dylan's wedding. 1994 is really when it all goes downhill.
  12. I was barely watching at the time, but I am still unsure of which was more disgusting. Marina with her godfather Mallet or Marina with the man who could have been her father, Alan-Michael? Both were creepy on a level the show rarely got to.
  13. I was going to link that exact scene with Nadine and David. This is one of my favorites. I know 1993 was not as good as the two years before it in general, but the scripts were truly brilliant stuff. Another favorite is the conversation between Ross and Ed from fall of 92.
  14. Honestly, the country club scenes are great, but these might be even better. Bev starts out afraid of what Roger might do then absolutely lowers the boom on him when she confronts him about his affair with Mindy. When she starts revealing her hand and Roger goes from confident to realizing just how little leverage he really has, it's worth every penny. What a master class by two legends. Edit: By the way, "I'm betting the farm on it." might be one of my favorite GL lines ever.
  15. Speaking of Lucille Wexler, has anyone found online the scene in which she dies by falling on a letter opener? Have not been able to find that one.
  16. The 2002 theme wasn't bad per se, but it was a poor man's "Hold on to Love." I would have preferred that they updated that theme compared to what we got. But we can all agree that it's better than Rick Rhodes' 2003 atrocity.
  17. My favorite part of the 1990s "Hold on to Love" theme was its use as incidental music on the show. I don't think anyone used their theme music quite as effectively as GL. You already knew you were watching an important or sentimental scene when it came on. This one is my favorite, starting about 1:37.
  18. I may have laughed a bit too hard at that one. Thank you for that.
  19. I still miss GL, just not the Peapack shell of a soap it became. Thank God for Youtube.
  20. Maureen's death was such a long-term tragedy and I wish that more story would have come out of it so it didn't seem like such a waste, but damn was that week of shows brilliant. Knowing what came after this, maybe it was better for Maureen to go out this way. Ghost Maureen propping up Danny and Michelle was bad enough. Also, I don't think Victor Miller and Michael Conforti get enough credit for the uptick in quality in 1997. Besides the whole Amanda reveal, early 1997 was really quite good. Shame it didn't last very long.
  21. Who killed Diane Ballard? On GL This one was great because it really was a culmination of years worth of story. Diane had the dirt on everything that Alan had been up to for years and had made enemies with pretty much the entire town so when she turned up dead, it played fairly organically. The same thing with the "Who shot Roger?" story. It really was a long time coming. The only terrible part was the ending with Fake Billy confessing to the whole thing. It seemed rushed or changed at some point. I wonder if it was because Nancy Curlee knew she would be leaving and wanted to wrap it up. The Jean Weatheril mystery was good too. I'm looking forward to reviewing it with the YouTube channel clips someone is posting.
  22. Love GL using the Donna Summer/Barbara Streisand duet "No More Tears (Enough is Enough) as the backing music to Roger, in an eerie clown costume, chasing Rita through the carnival Hall of mirrors in 1979. Then there was the montage at the end of the 1992 blackout with" Round Midnight" by Linda Rondstat.
  23. God, could Jerry verDorn nail a speech or what? 1993 had its ups and downs, but it certainly had some of the best scriptwriting of the entire run of the show. I'd say that soaps have outsourced all of its good writing period to primetime and cable TV and that is certainly the main problem. Who would want to watch the current shows when Game of Thrones (or insert your favorite drama) is far better written and has more intriguing drama? Even if you have to be a masochist to watch GOT. (I'm stuck on the 3rd season. I may not make it longer.) Also, I would not have wanted Bridget and David together. I agree with the above post that said the chemistry between the actors was more brother/sister. Gilly and A-M? That's more like it.
  24. I can't wait until this channel gets further into 1991. I have heard about the Jean Weatheril whodunit, but have never seen anything except the ending and Daniel holding Holly hostage.
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