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Star Wars: Episode VII


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Interesting that he's doing Star Wars 7. Wasn't my first two choices (Steven Spielberg and Brad Bird), but he was my third. JJ back in Nov flat out denied he'd be doing SW7 and sticking with Trek. What changed his mind? Was it too big an opportunity to pass up (JJ himself has said he loves SW more that ST) or did Disney offer him a boat load of cash?

I read some Star Trek forums. They seem quite split. Half are pissed as hell and feel betrayed (which I understand), the other half are ecstatic JJ is leaving and feel that JJ never was the right choice for Star Trek and never "got" it and tried to turn Star Trek into Star Wars.

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Before it was announced George Lucas was selling to Disney, rumors popped up he was making new Star Wars films and they'd be set way in the future wouldn't be connected to previous six films. Since the announcement, however the most common rumors/theory is that Episode 7 would take place about 30 years after 6 (which is about how long 6 and 7 would be made apart) and they would use the original actors and it would be a "pass of the baton"of sorts to their offspring/next generation. Have the "Big 3" (Luke, Leia, Han) returning, but not being the main focus and having one of the "Big 3" dying in Episode 7 similar to how Obi Wan died in A New Hope, passing baton onto Luke.

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