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  1. Mindy Kaling and Michael Cudlitz will be on next week's TD. I am looking forward to seeing them.
  2. Damn, that was a horrible sneak peek. They should have shown us more.
  3. Didn't realize that Lizzie butchered the poor rabbits. She is really is crazy as hell. Here's to hoping that she dies before she kills anyone or anything else.
  4. Wow, that guy just insulted Alanna by saying that she made her shirt with a bedazzaler.
  5. I loved when Glenn grabbed Hershel's watch. Also, when he put on the protective gear and pushed through the walkers. Glenn is such a badass. Lizzie is a crazy ass little girl.
  6. I am glad that Glenn found Tara. Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene! I am glad that they ran into Glenn and Tara.
  7. Wait, how did Glenn get back into the prison?
  8. All those poor people. At least, Glenn was not one of them.
  9. Yeah, Maggie is going to find Glenn.
  10. Carol is back. Poor Tyreese has no clue she killed Karen.
  11. I think it the people who were eaten by the walkers screaming. They are all so close, but cannot help each other. Oh no, Lizzie is going to kill Judith.
  12. I knew it. Tyreese has Judith and the girls. Where are the other two little ones? I couldn't tell either.
  13. Oh no, I think that Daryl is shutting down. See ya later, Carl.
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