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  1. Brad might do something like that once Ridge and Brooke are back together.
  2. 2014 Winter Olympics Thread

    I just read this article in the Times. First one that I think touches on some the reasons behind of the "controversy" of Adelina's win; the difference in the quality and depth of the announcing of Tara/Johnny who do the live broadcast and the Browning crew who do the prime time show. One of the reasons is that in the live broadcast, there is so much time between the end of the performance and the scores that Tara and Johnny who are far more honest and insightful have more time to review the jumps carefully as the judges are doing. So they are see the flaws in the performances and give more realistic assessments that are more in line with the judges actually score. I have to say that I love Johnny's snarkiness and Tara's frankness. They make a wonderful team. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/22/sports/olympics/from-johnny-weirs-team-a-fresh-voice-for-nbc.html Katarina Witt should be embarrassed by how she has treated Adelina. In contrast, Scott Hamilton acknowledged that Adelina deserved to win.
  3. I cannot imagine that Ridge has been up to much in Paris other than working and having sex with lots of women. He is a pretty tame soap male. However, I suppose that Brad could come up with something more dramatic.
  4. I don't get the complaints about Katie. Fainting at that wedding is the first interesting that she has EVER done. It was the first time she felt like a soap character to me. It actually made me start watching again. I have no doubt that Ridge will end up back with Brooke, but Brad clearly is going for some drama here, I suspect to redeem Brooke since he has admitted in interviews that Brooke and Bill turned a lot of fans against his beloved Brooke. It was why he broke them up and brought back sped up Ridge's return. I did not notice HT's huge neck, but there were lots of close ups of her at the hospital. See it is fine to have close ups of her and TK, but they need to stop doing them with KKL.
  5. Here is a behind the scenes report on the kissing scenes on B&B. Has spoilers: http://wtkr.com/2014/02/20/behind-the-scenes-the-bold-and-the-beautiful/
  6. Seriously, Brooke's head is going to explode when she finds about that Ridge and Katie are in "B&B instant love." Ridge was relieved to find out that Katie had faked the faint to stop the wedding. He did not want to marry Brooke. All he did was hug Katie when she told him. Bill's reaction should also be fun to watch. The spoilers are
  7. 2014 Winter Olympics Thread

    I have been reading the vicious online attacks on Adelina. It brings back memories of similarly nasty attacks on Tara Lipinski when she beat Michelle Kwan. I will never forget the one person who wrote to the effect that they never "accept that teen jumping trailer trash beating their elegant Michelle." Some people... No wonder this world is so f'ked up. In the cases of Oksana, Tara, and now Adelina upsetting the expected champion, there really seems to be this entitlement of the losers' fans that the gold is "theirs" and how dare the judges actually score the performances in the Olympics any other way.
  8. 2014 Winter Olympics Thread

    Tara and Johnny were just on NBC's Olympics show. They stated again that Adelina won because of the technical difficulty of her jumps. She was so ahead by doing the more difficult jumps so much better than Yuna that she was able to beat Yuna even though she had lower artistic scores. I went "ha!" when they echoed my earlier post and Costas asked if was similar to Oskana beating Nancy Kerrigan. Tara said that it was the exact same thing. Tara and Johnny looked stunning as usual. They are really stars. I agree with Costas that they deserve their own talk show.
  9. It was funny how Brooke never noticed that Ridge was caressing Katie's arm and back. He was not even trying to hide it! Brooke is so freaking egotistical. It never occurred to her that Ridge was being way too intimate with Katie. LOL!
  10. 2014 Winter Olympics Thread

    I cannot believe that people all over are still bitching about Adelina winning the gold. Here is the breakdown of the performances and scores. It is clear why Adelina beat Yuna. Her jumps and overall performance was more technically difficult so she got more points. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/02/20/sports/olympics/womens-figure-skating.html As for Oskana vs. Nancy Kerrigan, it was the same thing as Adelina vs. Yuna and Tara vs. Michelle Kwan. Oskana, Adelina, and Tara gave superior technical performances. All three winners were the better athletes who were stronger and better jumpers. If people ONLY want artistry to count, then they should do ice dancing, not skating where there are minimum athletic requirements. Ashley Wagner is just embarrassing. Her ass got put on the Olympics team when she did not deserve it and she gave a mediocre performance so she should shut the hell up.
  11. Awww, Katie is herself with Ridge and she is not lost. They are a cute couple. Brooke's head is about to explode. LOL! Good episode.
  12. LOL! Stephanie made it known that she did not like Donna kissing Eric. Liam's expression when he saw his father with Quinn was hysterical.
  13. OMG, Katie faked the faint! I did not know that she had it in her. I am shocked! I love it!
  14. LOL! Ridge wants to jump Katie and Brooke is oblivious. I like it. I wonder if they will finish the ceremony. Where did Brooke find that fugly wedding dress? And she has got some cajones wearing white.
  15. 2014 Winter Olympics Thread

    Except as Tara and Johnny pointed out in the live show that I watched, Wagner's jumps were not good. She had two-foot landings and under rotated several of her jumps. Not only that, but compared to the other skaters her performance had lower technical difficulty so not surprising that she got low scores. She cannot be mediocre and then cry about it. Hell, she should have never been on the team anyway and after that poor performance it is clear why. There was no corruption the right skater won, period. Again, this reminds so much of how people denigrated and insulted Tara Lipinski when she beat Michelle Kwan.