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  1. Mindy Kaling and Michael Cudlitz will be on next week's TD. I am looking forward to seeing them.
  2. Damn, that was a horrible sneak peek. They should have shown us more.
  3. Didn't realize that Lizzie butchered the poor rabbits. She is really is crazy as hell. Here's to hoping that she dies before she kills anyone or anything else.
  4. Wow, that guy just insulted Alanna by saying that she made her shirt with a bedazzaler.
  5. I loved when Glenn grabbed Hershel's watch. Also, when he put on the protective gear and pushed through the walkers. Glenn is such a badass. Lizzie is a crazy ass little girl.
  6. I am glad that Glenn found Tara. Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene! I am glad that they ran into Glenn and Tara.
  7. Wait, how did Glenn get back into the prison?
  8. All those poor people. At least, Glenn was not one of them.
  9. Yeah, Maggie is going to find Glenn.
  10. Carol is back. Poor Tyreese has no clue she killed Karen.
  11. I think it the people who were eaten by the walkers screaming. They are all so close, but cannot help each other. Oh no, Lizzie is going to kill Judith.
  12. I knew it. Tyreese has Judith and the girls. Where are the other two little ones? I couldn't tell either.
  13. Oh no, I think that Daryl is shutting down. See ya later, Carl.
  14. Don Lemon is telling some truth on CNN right now about the Jordan Davis murder trial. I am usually not a fan of his, but I am loving his outrage

  15. Rick did quickly kill the two guys in the bar where he and Glenn found Hershel. The commonality in bar and prison situations is that those guys were clearly about kill Rick and the others. I have issues with calling killing someone "the right thing." Murdering/killing someone other than in self-defense is not easy unless you are a sociopath or a psychopath. Even when I am yelling "kill him" to the screen to Rick or Andrea, I understand that it is a very difficult thing for most people to do even in the Zombie Apocalypse.
  16. You nailed it, Carl. I don't think that Rick is perfect. I think that is a good man who has struggled in a horrible situation. He has made far more good decisions than bad ones and his group is the better for having him. If they had people like Phillip or Shane or Carol in charge everyone of them would be dead by now. Yes, Rick's group has had deaths, but they survived longer than they would have with anyone else in charge. I think Rick's worst decisions have been his reluctance to kill or abandon the sociopaths. He should have left Shane's crazy ass to die in that bus. They would not have been split up wondering in the woods when the herd arrived and maybe Patricia and Jimmy might have lived. Same with Phillip who Rick should have killed when they had first meeting, but he kept hoping to avoid a war not realizing that without Phillip the Woodbury folk would have been easier to defeat despite their higher numbers. Also, in retrospect Rick should had let Carol's murderous ass leave when she was bitching about him not having honor after he searched for her daughter rather than having murder two helpless sick people. However, so much of this hindsight.
  17. I don't even get what choice Rick and the other had other than trying to build a life at the prison. How could they live constantly on the move with a baby? And with the other children and older people who joined them from Woodbury? No way do I see them doing a Rick/Michonne, but only because TPTB are fools. Together they would be the Zombie Apocalypse power couple.
  18. Hey Jane, good to see you posting on the TWD. You should join us when we post during the live show,
  19. The actress who played Leyla who briefly dated Patrick on GH and earned the wrath of "Scrubs" fans will have a recurring role on Scandal: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/met-mother-nazanin-boniadi-joins-scandal-major-recurring-200320198.html
  20. Daryl is a sidekick which is why it is easy for some people to love him, but I don't buy for a second that his fans or anyone else seriously sees him as a replacement for Rick. Rick is the show's moral compass. His trauma represents the tragedy of living in the Zombie Apocalypse. Unlike other tv show heroes, Rick gets knocked down and does not pop back up, rather he struggles to his feet and staggers on. Talking Dead's ratings were also outstanding, 3.0 in the key 18-49 demo.
  21. Who knows. However, I think that that Kirkman should continue to do his own thing. Rick's vulnerability is one of the things that makes TWD different from other shows. He isn't the typical slightly vulnerable tough guy leading man that we get on other predictable tv shows. Rick has never fully recovered from all his loses and the fall out of the decisions that he has made. He remains damaged which is realistic given the ongoing trauma of the Zombie Apocalypse. I know that one difference between comic book Rick and tv Rick is that the comic book version has mostly given up on "right vs. wrong," but I don't think that is the way to go with tv Rick.
  22. Those ratings are amazing! 8.2 in the key 18 to 49 demo is crazy. This matches the series high. It beat the Olympics 8.2 to 6.9. Wow! I agree that no other show could pull that off. TWD is a cultural phenomenon. These are outstanding considering that the episode was shown on XBOX the day before.
  23. Behind the scenes trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5iS3tULXMQ#t=44 I am glad to see lots of Brienne with Jamie.
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