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GH Actress return?

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    • I agree. Re: Bill and Sheila. It has been so jarring hearing from him and her about how they met up at Il Gradino one night and walked the beach and got to know each other. Aka TELL, NOT SHOW. It would have been so much better if while Sheila was at Deacon, they had an episode where she was in disguise at the bar, oblivious, and she hears that regular bartender saying 'you here again. the usual? what's new?' All the audience see is a set of hands...at first. Sheila's head turns to the hands and then the camera pans up to reveal...DOLLAR BILL...sad. Sheila's wheels turning are shown on her face. Fade out.   And then...don't play it for months or give them one more scene in the months leading up to Sheila's car chase. So that when she confronts Finn and Steffy. THEN...the Dollar Bill reveal. Aka SHOW, DON'T TELL. 
    • Could we say that it was the combination of Roger's return and Robert Calhoun becoming EP that ushered in GL's early 1990s golden era?
    • Louise is 82. Doubt very much she would ever return. Maybe for a few days.
    • I'm still really enjoying the Bob Cenedella tenure. You can tell they're taking the first steps to turn The Doctors more into a family soap and I think the changes have mostly worked. One thing that doesn't work and helps explain why she got written off is Althea's storyline. She was in a great relationship with Tom and they had strong chemistry and that was suddenly ended and they've put her with this boring older man named Scott. I don't know if this relationship will be long term, but I now see why Marland thought she was expendable if this is the type of dull writing she had when he arrived. 
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