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DAYS: August Discussion Thread

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I loved how when Rafe was talking to Sami, she was ignoring him and braiding her hair instead. Love her hating Rafe and calling him a jackass. Rafe needs to f--k off already

They really brought T back for this crap? Go away

Hate that Chad is covering up for Gabi. I want her ass in jail. Is it just me or did she kill Andrew there? Of course nothing will be made of that. Hate that he's dead

Ian Buchanan is showing us the worst performance of his career

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I thought the Will/T scenes were good, for once in a LONG time I thought Chandler did a pretty good job. He was randomly smiling at a few points but overall I thought he played the scenes appropriately. I remember when I used to love T...LOL. Now I can't stand the guy, but I still really enjoy the actor. He did great today w/what he was given.

Gabi may be useless but Camila Banus is a fine Actress and it showed today IMO. I loved the Chad/Gabi scenes. Evil eyed Chad was interesting!

I cannot wait until Ian is off this show. What a failure this character has been. Nothing but a smug, smarmy, low rate "villain." And his drunk queen persona these days is even worse. TICK TOCK, BYE!

I didn't like how aggressive and bossy Rafe was w/Sami today. I found it disturbing. "Samantha Brady, sit down!" rolleyes.gif Why was she listening to him?

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Saw bits and pieces of it today and DVR the rest on SoapNet. The show seemed refreshed. It looks like Sami/Raf is back on again and Lucas is heading back.

What kind of acting was that from Ian Buchanan??blink.png Was he channeling Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno??ohmy.png

T looked mighty good today. Something about today's show...dont know if it was the lighting or what but damn T looked hot today....lol I wouldnt mind seeing Will go after closet T.....lol

Will and Sonny kiss was oddunsure.pngblink.png Will's reaction made zero sense.

Can Casey Dedrick act?? He could barely get the word bitch out.....lol...awful

LOL at Rafe's comment towards EJ.....He's not my type.....LOL.....

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Very surprised to see T. T&W must really like him to bring him back right away.

AS in that tight black dress. Wow!! biggrin.png Also, the restart of Sami/Rafe is similar their origin story when they were stuck in the safe house - now they're together in the Dimera safe house.

I like it that Rafe/Sami are back on but they shouldn't have gotten the tags for the past two episodes - it should've been the EJ scenes.

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