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  1. Haven't posted in a while but had to come out for this... lol BIG mistake on so many levels. Not only was Stacy an excellent actress (and easy on the eyes in a girl-next-door kind of way... lol), Hayley had so many connections to the Capwells. As Bridget Dobson once put it, Hayley made Gina vulnerable. And Hayley's death all but ended Todd McKee's run on the show. He drifted along for another year but Ted never really had a good storyline after Hayley passed. I still remember January 11, 1988 vividly. I still get goose bumps with those scenes and they are so hard to watch. Thankfully, Stacy's gone on to have a pretty damn good career in TV and movies and also teaches acting. But that was part of SB's problem through its run. A lot of times five or six characters would be introduced, get storylines, fit into the show... and within six to nine months they would be gone. Another group would come in. Lather, rinse, repeat. There was no continuity outside of the Capwells. Then the Capwells got back-burnered under Pam Long and, while SB was still a whole lot better than what's on daytime today, it wasn't the same. Oh, and 1985 was a very good year for the show. The period of 1985-89 was really SB's heyday, I'd say.
  2. Ugh. Terrible news. Enjoyed Anthony on Generations and thought he was great on GL. RIP.
  3. I think I found the answer. There were two strikes that year, but the Dark Shadows one didn't happen until October. This is probably the one that affected Days: https://www.questia.com/library/journal/1P3-406233251/anchors-away-huntley-brinkley-and-cronkite-and It all but shut down the TV shows and even the newscasts were affected. When the strike was over, Johnny Carson refused to go back and he staged a walkout for more money.
  4. Actually, I think the problem is a bigger one: Just who IS running this show behind the scenes? Is it Ken Corday? Is it Bruce Evans? Is it Greg Meng? Sony?? I will blame NBC for Reilly. That was a shitstorm from the get-go. I'd like to know what the real plan for that SSK story was, because had Reilly been allowed to continue it Days would have been gone by 2005 or 2006. They were facing whole-scale audience mutiny. I will also blame NBC for slashing the budget so badly we lost Marlena and John for a few years. I'll also blame a few of the former NBC execs no longer in charge of the show. However, there's more blame to go around. TomSell for writing a show so devoid of romance, drama and simple family stories. Corday for letting this go on too long. If we could get one person for the production (which has to be scaled back so we're not seven months ahead in taping) and one or two people in charge of the writing -- and get a CLEAR, CONCISE vision for the show -- Days has a chance. Oh, and whatever it takes to get Peter Reckell back. I wonder if he and Steve Burton could share the same flights from Nashville to LA... lol
  5. So great to see this material. So much of SFT pre-1980 is gone, so it's wonderful to hear the theme music.
  6. Paging Sheri Anderson... that is, if she would come back.
  7. I would LOVE for Sheri Anderson to come back to Days as headwriter. That said, I've also heard she won't come back unless it's her terms (no network meddling, etc.)
  8. No. Let a man have his fun watching GH. And blame Days' taping schedule. I think it's telling Molly starts in July, where if Jen is quitting Days we'll still see her until 2020. lol Seriously, I'm not surprised by this move. Jen has been wasted on Days.
  9. Why, DRW50, I had no idea you missed me! lol Looks like GH is on my DVR temporarily. I do hope KS is all right. She's had some health issues in the past and stuff off camera, so maybe she just needs a bit of time to recharge. And yes, I am a fan of Molly, but I didn't think it was THAT obvious. (Don't worry, everyone, I am a sane person. lol)
  10. I didn't mind the story, but like others have said it was dropped before it really got started (or changed, or whatever).
  11. All of the stuff posted to YouTube has been spectacular. I'm especially loving the 1979 AW with Mac and Rachel constantly fighting. God, that was such good television to watch. And the St. Croix stuff is posted. Look for a thread called Another World March 14-17, 1980. That was a great climax to the Mac/Rachel/Mitch/Janice story.
  12. Well, my wish is granted. This was the other return I wanted, and I knew it would probably be for only a few episodes. I'm cool with it. Now I echo others who say we need to see more Horton returns like Mike, Marie, etc.
  13. Hey, I'll take this return. Another familiar face! Now can I get one more?
  14. Nice surprise! I was expecting Days to take a beating post-Bo, but apparently the Bope crowd didn't abandon ship. (Not yet, anyway. lol) I'm liking what I see.
  15. Five episodes. I'll take it. I'm not happy it's just five shows, but the way this show has treated Matt like [!@#$%^&*]... Now one more return and I'll be happy, even if it's temporary.
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