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  1. Haven't posted in a while but had to come out for this... lol BIG mistake on so many levels. Not only was Stacy an excellent actress (and easy on the eyes in a girl-next-door kind of way... lol), Hayley had so many connections to the Capwells. As Bridget Dobson once put it, Hayley made Gina vulnerable. And Hayley's death all but ended Todd McKee's run on the show. He drifted along for another year but Ted never really had a good storyline after Hayley passed. I still remember January 11, 1988 vividly. I still get goose bumps with those scenes and they are so hard to watch. Thankfully, Stacy's gone on to have a pretty damn good career in TV and movies and also teaches acting. But that was part of SB's problem through its run. A lot of times five or six characters would be introduced, get storylines, fit into the show... and within six to nine months they would be gone. Another group would come in. Lather, rinse, repeat. There was no continuity outside of the Capwells. Then the Capwells got back-burnered under Pam Long and, while SB was still a whole lot better than what's on daytime today, it wasn't the same. Oh, and 1985 was a very good year for the show. The period of 1985-89 was really SB's heyday, I'd say.
  2. So great to see this material. So much of SFT pre-1980 is gone, so it's wonderful to hear the theme music.
  3. I didn't mind the story, but like others have said it was dropped before it really got started (or changed, or whatever).
  4. All of the stuff posted to YouTube has been spectacular. I'm especially loving the 1979 AW with Mac and Rachel constantly fighting. God, that was such good television to watch. And the St. Croix stuff is posted. Look for a thread called Another World March 14-17, 1980. That was a great climax to the Mac/Rachel/Mitch/Janice story.
  5. I was nearly 10 when this show aired and I remember it well! I don't know why... The music played when Olive rails at John was used by Score Productions a lot in the late 1970s on here. There's a particularly trippy nightmare Olive had in 1978 where Brian was going to hang her (don't ask... I don't know what Harding Lemay was on that day)... it's also the music you hear when Janice and Rachel are struggling in the swimming pool in St. Croix. It may have been over the top for Another World, but it was also quite effective.
  6. Yeah, what the hell ever happened there? Did anyone hear why he took it down?
  7. Holy cow! Thanks for this... I swore none of these episodes existed on tape. That was a pure treat to watch.
  8. Part of the problem was some of TPTB at ABC, and maybe a few of the younger people at P&G, wanted Edge to have some of the same "on the run" or younger stories that GH had, in order to hold on to some of GH's audience. The big hole in that way of thinking was many markets didn't air Edge directly after GH at 4:00. I know in our West Michigan market, it was aired at 10:30 on a one-day delay.
  9. Oh Lord. Aug-Sept 1982... the Eden story. One of Edge's worst (but still a lot more bearable than most of what's on today... lol) Lori Loughlin made this story easy to swallow. Very easy on the eyes back then, as she is today. What made this easy to take as well was the Nora Fulton story was next, and that was one of the best stories of the final few years.
  10. Oh, God... that Nicole Cavanaugh death episode was so sad. I remember watching it and thinking "Did they REALLY kill off Nicole?" I had mixed thoughts on Lee. I LOVED Henry Slesar, as pretty much everyone did on this board. Other posters were right about Lee. You knew the difference right away when Lee's scripts began. The scenes were much shorter, there was a lot of cutting, and sometimes one or two days would change in the same episode. That's not really a no-no, but most of the action in an episode should take place in one day's time... I thought Nicole's death story was well done. I had mixed feelings about the ISIS story. It was a well-done story in some areas, but it kind of reminded me of the sci-fi stuff General Hospital was doing at the time and I don't know if it really belonged on Edge. But if they were trying to hook a younger audience, then it wasn't an outright bomb. Would have liked to see the Standing Elk plot proceed further, but some people at the network didn't like it, from what I understand. My favorite Edge story during Sheldon's reign was "Who killed Logan Swift". It had a few twists and turns and the revelation of who killed Logan was a complete surprise... but it made so much sense. I won't spoil it here (but if someone else wants to, go ahead... lol). Sheldon would never be Slesar, but he was showing signs of getting it in the final months. It's a crime we never got to see how he would have improved.
  11. Yup. As much as I loved this show, the choice of stories sometimes baffled me. I've already mentioned on here how much I loved Ted with Hayley, but in the space of a couple months they killed off Hayley, wrote Laken back out of the show, and essentially banished Ted to the background. For Todd's final roughly 18 months on the show, he was basically wasted. It's no wonder he left.
  12. Yeah, I worried about those demos a bit. Funny thing is CBS research said it tested well with people who watched The Good Wife, and I thought it was more compatible with Blue Bloods. lol Ya gotta wonder how long before some producers just say screw it and go straight to Hulu or Netflix with their series.
  13. Well, the cancellation bear got Battle Creek. Poor Aubrey Dollar (Marina, GL).. she can't buy a break. Hopefully she lands in another longer-lasting project real soon. 6.5 million viewers... that's enough to get you renewed at NBC, ABC or Fox. CBS is the most arrogant network when it comes to deciding which shows are good enough to stay.
  14. Agreed, Amy. Todd and Stacy Edwards had a lot of chemistry (not to mention Stacy was very easy on the eyes, and she still is to this day... lol). When Hayley was killed, that really put an end to Todd McKee's good storylines on the show. His last year and a half was a total waste.
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