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  1. Is this the first time we're seeing that church set? They did a great job on it. Also it's nice to see that Steve is still trying with Karen. I bet some event like the baby kicking (if they can even allude to that in 1968) will soften her up a bit.
  2. Is it true that Retro only licensed 2 years worth of episodes? I am very grateful for what we've gotten, but I really do hope that we can see more. I'm intrigued by Townsend and Liz. I hope this moves Liz back to the front burner. She is one of my favorites.
  3. Karen got more sound advice today from Althea. I hope she doesn't ignore it like she did Maggie's good advice. I love the fact that Matt and Maggie's wedding gift is still driving story for the Aldriches. One electric blanket and weeks of story. Speaking of Maggie, how great was her outfit today. Love it! And those candles. At this point, is Lydia Bruce a full contract player or is she still 'subbing' for Bethel Leslie?
  4. I agree with you. The Doctors has a lot of great characters, but there is something about Karen that really draws me in. I can't wait to see how her story plays out.
  5. Amen. Soaps gave up some of the things that only soaps can do well in order to complete with movies and primetime. If you have 250 episodes a year, use them to tell every beat of the story. Fast paced doesn't have to mean skipping the character building moments of the story. I think The Doctors runs at a very nice pace. We've seen about 200 episodes since Retro began airing the show. So everything that we've seen is about a year's worth of story and a lot has happened in that year. I liked today's episodes, especially Carolee. I also like Ms. Bennett the PT lady. And Mike is very cute.
  6. The nun story probably got him a lot of sympathetic fans and even more love letters. I decided to do the inflation calculator on his salary. $60K in 1973 is just over $315,000 today. Not bad by any stretch for a working actor. I was surprised when I first saw The Doctors because it was nothing like I imagined that it would be. It will be interesting to see what the show becomes after Rita Lakin exits.
  7. Thanks for posting that Amy. A great little blurb, plus a future spoiler!
  8. As a Karen fan, I really believed that she was going to take Maggie's advice and try to meet Steve half way. Steve is still trying to get through to her (in all the wrong ways), which leads me to believe that he really has feelings for her -- or has convinced himself that he does.
  9. Thanks for posting that Mod Squad episode. I'm really interested in Rita Lakin now, she created some show called The Rookies, I'm going to get it from Amazon. I really loved Maggie in today's episode. You really got to see her be, a woman, a wife, a friend, and an advisor. A fully realized person. This show should be required viewing for some of our current daytime executives on how to write a real woman who doesn't act like a reject from a Real Housewives franchise. And, of course, I loved my Steve and Karen. Those two, what a mess. I'm probably way off, but I do wonder if Matt and Maggie are going to somehow end up with Steve and Karen's baby. Even though I know the kid is raised by Steve and Carolee and grows up to be Ian Ziering. Hmmm....
  10. I remember the message boards praising the Pollock and Marland eras as really good. I never recall anyone mentioning the Lakin/Edelstein era. If the Pollocks and Marland were better than this, I can't wait to see it. Interesting that Lakin didn't do another soap, I bet she was in demand for daytime. Do you remember what the Starsky and Hutch rerun was about?
  11. I got the impression that he is not only sexually frustrated but frustrated with the entire situation. He pointed out that Karen didn't take the electric blanket back. Then he pointed out that Karen sneaks into the bathroom to change so he won't see her. I think from Steven's point of view he's trying to make this a "real" marriage and Karen's is just not cooperating and the embarrassment of the Powers now knowing that it isn't a real marriage is just too much. I think all that he wants is for Karen to just meet him half way. He's tired of doing all of the heavy lifting.
  12. Steve is horny. Karen is hormonal. I really want them to work through their problems and make this work. When Steve left the apartment, I do wonder where he went off to.
  13. Good episodes today. Mostly setup for what's coming. Poor Steve. I must have missed it, but is Mike pre-med or an intern or what? I believe Matt said, Technical Services, but I'm unclear of what that means. One thing I want to praise is the long scenes. That model makes it feel like a lot happens in the span of the episode. Plus, you get those great character building moments, which is a great benefit for new characters. It's kind of a shame that we got away from that.
  14. That Steve and Karen marriage is the best. They are so miserable and then here comes Matt and Maggie with their electric blanket. How great and awkward was that.
  15. This show has really spoiled me. And it makes me sad that so much soap material was lost because this was considered disposable entertainment. I could watch full channel of nothing but soaps from the 60s. I was thinking the other day about the NBC lineup during this time. Three different type of shows in a span of 90 minutes. You have California based Days with pretty actors and drama, then the Doctors (as Amy said), followed by a conservative PG show still using an organ as background music. And I don't NBC was ever able to create another daytime lineup as good and popular as this.
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