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All My Children EPISODE COUNT...


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July 2011 Episode Count

20 Episodes from Friday, July 1 - Friday, July 29

01..Vincent Irizarry [David Hayward]...16

**..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...16

03..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...14

04..Lindsay Hartley [Dr. Cara Castillo]...13

**..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...13

**..Jordi Vilasuso [Dr. Griffin Castillo]...13

07..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane; 10 & Jane Campbell; 9]...12

**..Cady McClain [Dixie Cooney]...12

09..Sarah Glendening [Marissa Chandler]...11

**..Christina B. Lind [bianca Montgomery]...11

11..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...10

**..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...10

**..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon Martin]...10

**..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...10

15..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe Lavery]...8

**..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...8

**..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...8

**..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...8

**..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...8

20..Emerson Brooks [ben]...7

21..Tate Berney [AJ Chandler]...6

**..Mariah Buzolin [Maya]...6

**..J.R. Martinez [brot Monroe]...6

24..Trai Byers [Mookie]...5

**..Daniel Cosgrove [scott Chandler]...5

**..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey]...5

27..Stephanie Gatschet [Madison North]...4

**..To Be Determined [Lucille Hubbard]...4

29..Kate Collins [Janet Green]...3

**..Jamie Luner [Liza Colby]...3

**..Michael and Brody McMackin [Trevor Martin]...3

**..Dannika Northcott [Kathy Martin]...3

33..Jennifer Bassey [Marian Chandler]...2

**..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Chandler]...2

**..Trent Garrett [Asher Pike]...2

**..Eva La Rue [Dr. Maria Santos]...2

**..Michael Nouri [Caleb Cortlandt]...2

38..Natalie Hall [Colby Chandler]...1

**..Denise Vasi [Randi Hubbard]...1

2011 Episode Count

146 Episodes from Monday, January 3 - Friday, July 29

----- 80% or 4 out of 5 Episodes (117) -----

01..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...104

-C- 13/13/17/19/16/12/14

02..Jordi Vilasuso [Dr. Griffin Castillo]...99

-C- 11/13/17/18/15/12/13

----- 60% or 3 out of 5 Episodes (88) -----

03..Lindsay Hartley [Dr. Cara Castillo]...88

-C- 7/14/18/14/9/13/13

04..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...85

-C- 8/13/14/14/9/14/13

05..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...81

-C- 14/14/10/10/14/9/10

06..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...80

-C- 13/11/12/7/7/14/16

07..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...79

-C- 9/13/15/8/10/14/10

08..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane; 65 & Jane Campbell; 33]...78

-C- 9/10/9/10/16/12/12

09..Sarah Glendening [Marissa Chandler]...77

-C- 13/12/12/8/8/13/11

10..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe]...76

-C- 13/12/11/7/14 /11/8

11..Christina Bennett Lind [bianca Montgomery]...75

-C- 6/8/9/12/16/13/11

12..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...73

-C- 7/11/8/10/16/11/10

13..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon Martin]...69

-R- 7/9/16/6/8/13/10

14..Vincent Irizarry [David Hayward]...66

-C- 11/9/6/4/7/13/16

15..Eddie Matos [Ricky Torres]...63

-R- 3/11/13/19/16/1/0

----- 40% or 2 out of 5 Episodes (58) -----

16..Stephanie Gatschet [Madison North]...57

-C- 9/9/10/4/12/9/4

17..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...56

-C- 6/9/9/13/6/5/8

18..Daniel Cosgrove [scott Chandler]...54

-C- 9/9/10/4/11/6/5

19..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...46

-C- 4/4/8/8/5/9/8

20..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey]...44

-C- 5/4/10/6/8/6/5

21..Trent Garrett [Asher Pike]...41

-C- 9/8/7/7/4/4/2

**..Michael Nouri [Caleb Cortlandt]...41

-C- 6/6/8/10/5/4/2

23..J.R. Martinez [brot Monroe]...39

-C- 5/5/8/9/3/3/6

**..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...39

-C- 3/0/7/9/5/7/8

25..Jamie Luner [Liza Colby]...36

-C- 10/6/4/3/7/3/3

**..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...36

-C- 4/2/5/3/9/5/8

27..Natalie Hall [Colby Chandler]...33

-C- 9/8/6/2/2/5/1

----- 20% or 1 out of 5 Episodes (29) -----

28..Tate Berney [AJ Chandler]...28

-R- 5/0/7/2/3/5/6

**..Mariah Buzolin [Maya]...28

-R- 0/0/2/8/5/7/6

30..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Chandler]...26

-C- 12/10/2/0/0/0/2

**..Danielle Parker [Emma Lavery]...26

-R- 2/5/6/6/6/1/0

32..Jake T. Vaughn [spike Lavery]...25

-R- 4/6/1/4/6/4/0

33..Ella Thomas [Diana Holden]...24

-R- 0/4/12/6/2/0/0

34..Denise Vasi [Randi Hubbard]...22

-C- 3/2/7/2/1/6/1

35..Mackenzie Aladjem [Miranda Montgomery]...19

-R- 1/0/3/4/5/6/0

**..To Be Determined [Lucille Hubbard]...19

-R- 0/0/2/9/3/1/4

37..Emerson Brooks [ben]...17

-R- 0/0/0/0/5/5/7

**..Cady McClain [Dixie Cooney]...17 [Returned on 5/17]

-C- 0/0/0/0/1/4/12

39..Dannika Northcott [Kathy Martin]...14

-R- 2/0/4/1/2/2/3

40..Michael & Brody McMackin (11) & Dylan & Jordan Duszynski (2) [Trevor Martin]...13

-R- 2/2/1/2/1/2/3

41..Britton Reeder [ian Slater]...12

-R- 3/2/1/3/3/0/0

42..Ellah Miller [Gabrielle Montgomery]...11

-R- 1/0/3/2/2/3/0

43..Real Andrews [Agent Trumbull]...10

-R- 0/4/4/0/1/1/0

**..Shannon Kane [Natalia Fowler]...10 [Last Aired on 2/4; Appeared on 3/28, 31, 4/1]

-E- 5/2/2/1/0/0/0

**..Finn Wittrock [Damon Miller]...10 [Last Aired on 1/26; Appeared on 2/21]

-C- 9/1/0/0/0/0/0

46..Darby Jo [Jenny Martin]...8

-R- 2/0/4/1/1/0/0

47..Trai Byers [Mookie]...6

-R- 0/0/0/0/0/1/5

48..Elena Campbell-Martinez [Leticia Castillo]...5

-R- 0/0/5/0/0/0/0

49..Kate Collins [Janet Green]...3

-R- 0/0/0/0/0/0/3

**..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...3

-R- 0/0/3/0/0/0/0

51..Jennifer Bassey [Marian Chandler]...2

-R- 0/0/0/0/0/0/2

**..Eva La Rue [Dr. Maria Santos]...2

-R- 0/0/0/0/0/0/2

**..Lee Meriwether [Ruth Martin]...2

-R- 0/0/2/0/0/0/0

54..Wanda De Jesus [Mayor Iris Blanco]...1

-R- 1/0/0/0/0/0/0


January: Ryan (14/20)

February: Ryan (14/19) Cara (14/19)

March: Cara (18/23)

April: Kendall (19/21) Ricky (19/21)

May: Kendall (16/21) Ricky (16/21) Erica/Jane (16/21) Jack (16/21) Bianca (16/21)

June: JR (14/22) Jake (14/22) Tad (14/22)

July: JR (16/20) David (16/20)

July Script Writing Count

Rebecca Taylor: 5 (7/1, 7/7, 7/15, 6/22, 6/29)

James Brown & Barbara Esensten: 4 (7/6, 7/12, 7/20, 7/27)

Joanna Cohen: 4 (7/8, 7/18, 7/21,7/26)

Kate Hall: 4 (7/11, 7/14, 7/25, 7/28)

Dave Ryan: 3 (7/5, 7/13, 7/19)

** As always thanks to alexisfan for helping me keep this list as accurate as possible smile.png

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^Agree, but the last few months have been spot on with balance!

I must say though, seeing Colby and Randi dead last is amazing smile.png

Emphasis on dead! Im hoping Colby commited suicide after listening to her video of her "singing" and no one cared to notice. As for Randi, Im guessing that Fusion cardboard cutout isnt being counted in her counts? :lol:

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    • The Lily reveal is what everyone brings up, but I thought her romance with Kirk was better. Their breakup broke my heart.  "Damn you---damn you for making me want and hope for things I could never, ever have with a man like you..." I constantly complain about the writing for Iva in the ATWT thread, but never, ever about Lisa's performance. She never phoned her scenes in. 
    • So we've all seen the famous lab fight between Lauren and Sheila, but I don't think we've seen any of the aftermath till now!    
    • The sad irony of Tick Tick Boom is that it was patterned after Jonathan Larson's one man show about his real life anxiety about not being able to make a career as a theater composer and running out of time (hence the title) It debuted on Broadway posthumously.
    • It was Craig. It took place in the barn at the Snyder farm, the episode before she took the backbreaking fall. Craig was breaking up with her because he wanted to reunite with Sierra and Iva knows that this is what's happening and she knows he wants to let her down easy, so in the process although her heart is breaking, she tries to help smooth the way for him to end the relationship. No screaming and shouting, which is the usual Emmy bait but she did great work and it was memorable. I don't remember which scene she submitted for her Emmy reel for the '88 Daytime Emmy awards, do you remember?  It was a shame that Ellie and Kirk ended it getting married because Iva and Kirk were a much more entertaining and dynamic fit. I thought each was the others' best pairing on the show but I don't know if one particular scene stood out for the Emmys, it was more about the banter they had and the obvious chemistry that Brown and Tom Wiggins had. It's just one of those quirks of the Daytime Emmys that Brown was never nominated for her work on Guiding Light despite how incredibly popular her character obviously was.   My main point is that I don't think that her best work from ATWT is even on YouTube.
    • I didn't like the album either.  I only liked three songs: Easy on Me, Can I Get It, Oh My God.   She said this in the interview with Vogue: And she still takes measures to avoid ramping up her fame. She avoided writing a certain kind of song for the next album, for instance. “There isn’t a bombastic ‘Hello,’ ” she tells me at one point. “But I don’t want another song like that. That song catapulted me in fame to another level that I don’t want to happen again. I’m not saying I’ve got ‘Hello’s in my pocket. I was just conscious that I didn’t want my story on this album to sound like that.”   I love songs like: Someone Like You, Rolling in The Deep, Set Fire to The Rain, Turning Tables, Hello, Water Under The Bridge, Send My Love (To Your New Lover), When We Were Young. Those songs had very good melodies and production - they are tier 1 and tier 2 songs for me.   The three songs that I liked on this new album are not tier 1 or tier 2 songs.   
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