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B&B: April Discussion Thread

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Aw I loved the ending with Thomas and Ridge wub.gif he gave him 5% of his shares in FC!! Loved it!! I was so happy for Thomas. Why do I get the feeling Thomas will end up letting his father down, though? lol

DAYZEE! My gosh, finally. Loved seeing her and I loved Thomas giving her that dress and asking her to go with him to the fashion gala! They are so cute! LOL @ Summer seeing them and getting upset. Thomas made it clear to Dayzee that she was the special one and that Summer was just a "good friend" wub.gif But at the same time, um, then why were you kissing her yesterday? -_-

This better have been the last goodbye moment with Hope and Liam. How many times are they going to keep having this same conversation?!

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I wish Bell's 'bad girls' weren't so one dimensional, like Steffy. I miss the real bad girls, women with a method to their madness and whose actions were explained through their backstory (pain, unhappiness, abuse, abandonment). You always knew that their desperate actions were about fighting back in the only way they knew how and it left you hating them and loving them at the same time. Steffy is just a selfish, pampered, snotty little girl who thinks life owes it to her to give her whatever she wants - even after having such a privileged life and a father who sacrificed his happiness for hers.

Her constant attempt to draw a distinction between herself and the 'human trash from the valley' makes her as useless as her grandmother. Most soap bad girls didn't offer the social class argument for their superiority and since social class is the only type of class Steffy has - any argument she makes in her favor is moot. She is everything she despises in others... the ultimate hypocrite.

Remember Delia Ryan (Ryan's Hope)? or GL's Reva Shayne, AW's Rachel (Davis) Cory? ATWT had Carly Tenney and Angel Lange - the former abandoned by her mother who ran off to marry a wealthy man and never looked back, the latter who was sexually assaulted by her cold and controlling father, aborting his child and becoming manipulative/cruel/muderous in an attempt to escape her father's clutches. Steffy isn't even a convincing good-rich girl gone bad in the same realm as a Cecile DePoulingnac (AW) who was an angel until Cass and Felicia's ultimate betrayal. AW did 'bad girl' well because Donna Love was another GRGGB, too. Donna's father stole one of her twins and gave her away, and forced Donna to live with the other twin as her daughter to constantly remind her of her 'slutty' ways. AW's ultimate GRGGB? Iris Cory... too many wonderful storylines to count. ATWT's Angel fits this category as well.

Steffy's character lacks depth and a backstory gives definition to her character. She's just mean, nasty, and whiny-bitchy instead of fun bitchy. It's this sort of anemic storytelling that's killed so much of daytime and makes the genre unwatchable.

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