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October 18-22, 2010


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For daytime I think it's supposed to be. The idea seemed to be bringing in a variety of mothers of young kids (except Sharon Osborne) to talk about their experiences. I think that was supposed to attract some type of young mom demo who has lost interest in daytime. If they are bragging about 25-54 then that might not be entirely what they were counting on.

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Without fail, just as sure as the sun rises in the east, you seem intent on offending someone every week. Whether its ridiculing Tennessee and Alabama for being low income, or insinuating people are bigots because they aren't marching in pride parades, and now Baltimore and Philadelphia are considered "poor cities". :rolleyes:

There is such a thing as tact...I think you need to learn a little about it.

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Can you point to something that backs that up? Really I'm not trying to be contrary but I saw the target demo completely differently than you did so I'm wondering if I missed something. Everything I saw seemed to be shooting for the Ladies Home Journal/soccer mom/home schooler demo as opposed to The View's Cosmopolitan/Glamour/New York Times audience.

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Can't wait to see how well OLTL did as that 2.5 million viewers it got last Monday is an encouraging sign for the rest of the week, I'm sure there will be some low days but Friday was the big one with the cliffhanger but we probably won't see the result of that until next week when Monday October 25's numbers are posted.

DAYS is starting to warm I saw it a week ago and its the best its been in months but right now is a bad time with OLTL this hot right now.

As for The Talk, not doing so well I see. I thought it would definitely triumph ATWT in every category but it didn't and its doing the horrible numbers that soaps would do during those record low weeks. The good thing for CBS is that the show is cheap enough to keep on air or it would lose that hour to the affiliates.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

ABC Television Network



Fringe Ratings Report: ABC Daytime Programming - Week of October 18, 2010

ABC is Daytime's No. 1 Network for the 8th Straight Week in Women 18-49

"One Life to Live" Beats Launch Week of "The Talk" on CBS by a

Solid 10% in Total Viewers, 23% in Women 18-49 and 30% in Women 25-54

ABC Daytime

* ABC stood as Daytime's No. 1 network for the 8th straight week among target Women 18-49 (1.0 rating/667,000 - tie).

* In head-to-head action, "One Life to Live" surpassed the premiere week of CBS' "The Talk" by a solid 10% among Total Viewers (2.35 million vs. 2.14 million), by 23% among Women 18-49 (625,000 vs. 510,000) and by 30% among Women 25-54 (845,00 vs. 652,000).

o Notably, "One Life to Live's" 10% advantage over "The Talk" at 2 o'clock improved on last season's near-dead-heat finish between "One Life to Live" (2.42 million) and former time period occupant "As the World Turns" (2.41 million).

Following are the Daytime Lineup averages, plus Top 5 Programs Ranks - Week of October 18, 2010:

Daytime Rank: Total Viewers Women 18-49 (Rtg/000s)

No. 1 CBS 3.49 million No. 1T ABC 1.0/667,000

No. 2 ABC 2.64 million No. 1T NBC 1.0/652,000

No. 3 NBC 2.53 million No. 1T CBS 1.0/641,000

Top 5 Daytime Programs in Women 18-49 (rank based on rating)

Program Net Rtg/000s

The Young & the Restless CBS 1.5/1.01 million

The View ABC 1.1/748,000

General Hospital ABC 1.1/728,000

Days of Our Lives NBC 1.0/652,000

Bold and the Beautiful CBS 1.0/632,000

Source: NTI, Live + Same Day: Week of 10/18/10. All ranks/ties based on rating unless otherwise noted.

My linkhttp://www.abcmedianet.com/web/dnr/dispDNR.aspx?id=102810_15

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I'm just going by the panel and also the age of their children. Aside from Sharon Osborne, who is older but is known for stuff like The Osbornes, it seems like they wanted young mothers, or mothers of young kids. I think that they'd hope for good numbers in 18-34 or 18-49. Good numbers in 25-54 wouldn't be that far off from what ATWT was not that long ago.

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I'm not sure about other soaps, but it seems GH lost 0.2 and 103,000 viewers in the 18-49 demo.

I'm actually getting afraid for GH. I hope Guza has a few tricks up his sleeves and can write something to attract viewers again. The stunt casting and lame shootout adventures just don't seem to be maintaining the audience, let alone drawing anyone in.

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Appears OLTL fell 100,000 in total viewers.

Yikes 1.1 for GH? I'm impressed ABC had the brass to put out a press release.

Y&R 1.5/1.01 million (-.1/-52,000)

GH 1.1/728,000 (-.2/-103,000)

DOOL 1.0/652,000 (SAME/-31,000)

B&B 1.0/632,000 (SAME/-18,000)

OLTL 0.9(?)/625,000 (?/-61,000)

AMC 0.9(?)/565,000(?) (?/-52,000)

0.9 is an excellent guess for OLTL (-.1). 0.8 is probable for AMC but they may have been able to hang on to their non-stop 0.9.

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