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Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

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Oh snap! Phaedra: How could she call me Fake-dra when she says she doesn't know me. I'm the one who hadn't had plastic surgery. I'm Real-dra :lol:

Home girl still lying about the due date when Khandi outed her.

The fight was good but it definitely should have been longer. Leave it to Bravo to hype this episode to the max and the drama is the last five minutes of the show. I officially love Phaedra. She's so full of herself but she owns it. There's actually something that's quite endearing about her.

Kim needed to STFU. Was she serious when she said she's protective of Nene? After all the bitch fights they had? Nene sitting there not saying a word like she's all that while they went on and on was ridiculous. I'm really not feeling Nene in recent weeks. Her stuck up attitude about the friendship contract when it's clearly a joke is asinine.

Sheree's hair when she entered her daughter's apartment was hilarious. Her hair looked like she had a peacock resting on top of it. She needs a news shtick. Elegant and sophisticated is worn out.

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I also love Phaedra - I think she plays it up for the TV, but she's hilarious doing it.

The spa fight definitely wasn't as fun as I thought it would be (based on the preview). Maybe it spills into next week? At least it was nice to see Cynthia get a little fiesty.

I loved how NeNe came clean with Cynthia and admitted she was freaked out and showed Kim. Cynthia didn't have to hear it from someone else... so good for NeNe. NeNe was hilarious too last night - loved watching her try and find a good interview. Also her line about the dinosaurs and Cynthia not thinking anyone will see them.. "How can I not see them? Am I wearing a blindfold??"

I'm tired of this Kim/Kandi singing stuff... we need a new storyline with this.

I'm really enjoying Sheree this season - she is much more down to earth.

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I agree it was good that Nene came clean to Cynthia but then when Cythnia got visibly upset she tried turning it on her and told her she's yelling at her. Sometimes I can take Nene's "I'm hot sh!t" attitude and other times it's a huge turn off. I did think she was funny though during the segment with her looking for a name star. Jay Z is out of town, Janet Jackson's on the moon.

Anyone notice the previews with Cynthia that were suppose to air this week weren't shown. In the previews she was shown crying about the wedding and being overwhelmed.

The assistant with the curly hair was hilarious when she came in on the argument and she promptly ran back out. Probably thinking those crazy bitches!

Phaedra had another good line when she said Kim doesn't want to mess with her because she knows she's a crazy black woman :lol:

I can't see Phaedra throwing Kim a baby shower. Would love to see that play out on air.

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Just watched the season finale of NYC.

I lobster loved Ramona's renewal of vows. :wub: Hands down my favorite HW. I also love how Avery is so embarrassed by her. :wub::lol:

The trip to the islands was MUST. SEE. TV. Kelly is just...there are no words. I've gone from laughing at her to feeling sorry for her, since homegirl is clearly off her rocker.

I thinks it's time to phase our LuAnn and Alex. I could do without Kelly as well.

Sonja needs more development in the new season. I'm glad that Jennifer chick is not coming on the show as the new HW.

Off to watch the reunion!

ETA: Whatever happened to Brad, Jill's gay husband? He was nowhere to be seen this season.

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haha, just saw Atlanta and I loved the spa fight. I especially loved the worker who kept walking in on the drama while giggling.

When did Kim get so bold. She had so much attitude with Phaedra which I didnt expect from her. I loved Phaedra calling her out. Best line was when she said to the camera, just bc she strips in a nurses outfit, doesnt make her a nurse...lol

What Sheree did for her daughter was so sweet. I love their relationship

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Finally started watching some of NYC...Kelly is bat [[email protected]#$%^&*] crazy...like wow.

Now on BH...Just saw the preview for tonight's episode and all I have to say is Oh noo Lisa is getting fed up with Cedric. They're my favorite housewife duo ever :(. Can't wait for the text message from hell and to see some of Kim's usual craziness.

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I wonder where Lisa's children are...

Faye Resnick looks like a woman halfway between Diahann Carroll and Tina Turner.

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So many awkward moments and stares in this episode. Taylor and Kim having a manicure?! That was just WTF?! Kim just talks to say something, she obviously doesn't think before doing so.

Adrienne and Camille? What was that? And the way Adrienne "cut" the lunch to go pick up the kids? mellow.gif

Cedric and Lisa... I wonder whether he'll be featured as much when he moves out of Lisa's house.

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I loved Taylor's hair when she was out with Kim. Why doesnt she have it like that more often? Her regular hair style is very unflattering as is the one in her interviews but the one she had on last night's show was very flattering. Loved it

The kiss up between Camille and Kyle was sooooo phony. I bet before they attended that event, Kyle's husband told her to make nice with Camille bc their feud was now affecting their money. I hated that Camille even went there by using her money and influence to demand respect she didnt deserve. I wonder how things are now that she doesnt have Kelsey to back her up. Kyle was probably sick even giving her the time of day. At least that sidekick, Alison was no where in sight.

I didnt realize that Mauricio was jewish. The girls were on the Rachel Ray show and Kyle talked about how their family celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas. I thought he was greek.

I love Adrienne. She continues to be my favorite.

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Everything about this show is so phony and staged, Cheap. I often wonder why do I love this show so much given that fact, but I just do. It's also so blatant and in-your-face, but you somehow end up watching the whole episode and wanting more. The editing, the lines, the stares – it's all written.

The women are also very chemistry-less, but, again, it works. Even with Kim. Kim adds some bizarro-world factor that comes in handy at times, diversifies things a bit.

I was also thinking about the hairs: every one of them has terrible hair quality – they're all so dry, like mops, lifeless. Adrienne has terrible hairdos, I like it when she has like in that commenting scene, I think she was dressed in purple.

Umansky isn't a Greek surname. I actually just kept waiting for his religion to pop up, just to confirm my thoughts, and now I'm just waiting for the ancestry. At times, he looks like a Latino to me, but Umansky isn't a Latino surname. It sounds Easter European to me. He is probably Russian.

Adrienne rocks. My favourite too. happy.gif

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