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Yeah, I understood why Chloe asked, but some of her lines in that scene annoyed me.

I was so glad when Clark told her he wasn't a God.

Clark's little smile on the roof when he was talking to Lois was adorable.

Hartley is hot. I love that we always get a shirtless shot of him in the credits :)

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And always that bikini shot of Erica :P

They must NEVER take that out. :D

ITA with Kelly that Callum Blue is awesome as Zod. And seeing all those soldiers were pretty cool.

I thought the effects were really great, the train catch and Clark diving off the Statue of Liberty were really well done.

Smallville has some of the best cinematography in all of television - it astounds me how they do it on a CW show/smaller budget. I just love watching the visuals on this show.

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I got Metallo on ITunes this morning (pre-empted in NYC last night) and WOW.

Just WOW.

This season is amazing!

BAG was utterly fantastic as Metallo. Tom was awesome, with Clark coming to terms with the fact that he can't protect life if he isn't living it, and realizing just how important Lois has become to him. And when he almost stepped out of the shadows to reveal his identity to her, I was a goner.

But nothing quite prepared me for that gorgeous smile Clark had while looking up at Lois sitting on his desk rambling about the Blur. After that cute hug where Lois threw herself into his arms, ::sigh::

And Shelbs! YAY!!!

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One thing that irritates me is that they changed Shelby's gender. That's a bit of continuity it doesn't take alot of work to get right. Yeesh.

Just loved every bit of Clois.

BAG was great. Chloe just needs to STFU and go away already.

Chloe is becoming the Lana of the show... totally useless and only there because of her history. I still think she's owed the DVD cover, though, for all the seasons she's put in. Brava Allison!

Yeah, Lois and Clark are :wub:

I'm loving Tess. I'm glad that badass is anchoring the Zod storyline

And to whoever said Erica needed an updated opening shot, DEFINITELY.

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The scene with Clois in the rain may possibly the most gorgeously romantic scene ever on this show. WOW. Even with Lois as a zombie for part of it LOL!

But then there's the farm scene, with the sparks off the charts.

Loved the parallel with Clark and Oliver and the pictures.

Both seemed surprised that pictures of exes were in their wallets still. But their reactions were SO different.

Ollie went broody and pining over Lois. Clark smiled at the memory of Lana and put the pic in a photo album.


Kudos to the makeup department b/c Tess and Lois looked SCARY!

Oh and Lois calling the Blur "Studly Do-Right" = win!

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The CW's two-hour "Smallville" movie "Absolute Justice" matched the show's season high Friday night in the adult demo while hitting a fresh peak among total viewers. "Smallville" was seen by 2.6 million viewers and earned a 1.2 preliminary rating among adults 18-49.

Meanwhile, the second week of Fox's "Kitchen Nightmares" grew. The Gordon Ramsay series went from a series low last Friday to a series high after "American Idol" on Tuesday. Now, with a "House" repeat lead-in improving on "Dollhouse" at 8 p.m., "Nightmares" was seen by 4.1 million viewers and landed a 1.8 rating, up 29% and in second place for the hour.

CBS won the night with originals of "Ghost Whisperer" (8.8 million, 2.2), "Medium" (9.1 million, 2.2) and "Numbers" (9.2 million, 2.0).

ABC enjoyed across-the-board season highs among total viewers, placing second in the demo for the night, airng "Supernanny" (5.4 million, 1.5), the season finale of "Shark Tank" (4.7 million, 1.4) and "20/20" (8.6 million, 1.8).

NBC ran a repeat leading into "Dateline" (6.5 million, 1.5) and the Friday finale of "The Jay Leno Show" (4.5 million, 1.2).


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