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Will you pay $1.99 for Peacock? Update!!! Blockbuster sale!!! Peacock at just $1.99 a month!!

Days of our lives on Peacock  

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  1. 1. Will you pay $4.99 to watch Days of our Lives on Peacock?

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@AbcNbc247 OMG! Will is still reeling from the news. Even though the subscription fee is rather inexpensive. I'm pretty sure i will be able to watch it. On YouTube or Dailymotion for free. I saw Beyond Salem #2 on Google Drive. In the current state Days is in is it even worth $4.99?


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I'd pay for it if I didn't already have it.  Maybe Peacock could make episodes available for the free app after a week or two to help entice people to get new episodes or something.  I spend 4.99 on coffee most days, so I don't mind.  But I would probably be annoyed if Days was the only thing I watched on Peacock and had to spend my hard earn money on something that should be free.  I would still do it just to follow what is going on though.

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I feel like if I put up the multi-episode-when-the-story-could-be-told-in-20-minutes schlock on Netflix, and Prime Video which I always forget about, and 9 bucks for Spotify just so I don't hear the same commercial on repeat every 10 minutes, $4.99 for DAYS and Bravo seems like a bargain for the entertainment value.

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