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Peacock Orders DAYS Spinoff: Beyond Salem

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1 hour ago, KMan101 said:

I doubt it but you never know. Could be an ass shot or something. It's still Peacock, not HBO Max. LOL

Peacock has nudity, so I don't doubt that Beyond Salem could have, at the very least, some clear ass shots of their male and female performers if they were comfortable. I mean, NBC has show ass, too, but not during the daytime hours.

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2 hours ago, Antoyne said:

Eileen IS Kristen to me, so if she only does Kristen on the Peacock miniseries and Stacy continues on the main show, I don’t care. I’ve missed her.


Me too. I'm so excited to see her as Kristen again.


And I'm glad to hear she shares scenes with Hunley. Kristen/Anna is gold.

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Thursday 2nd September, Deidre did a special 22-minute interview on Dishin Days about Beyond Salem.  Wonderful.  Lots in it.  Too much to summarize. Worth watching.

She comments about the drag scenes.  They said the guys were great and had a sense of humor and she wanted to be one of them.  She also says the the whole 5-episode series is a "caper" and they (someone, or a few someones?) go in drag as part of the caper.  I think?

Not sure what she meant. I think there is an actual drag show but maybe regular characters also masquerade in drag regarding the search for the Alamainian peacock jewels storyline?  I dunno.  I may have misunderstood. Watch the vid.

Re: Beyond Salem in general ... She talks about it being wonderful to be reunited with Christie Clark and Charles Shaughnessy for this.

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