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Peacock Orders DAYS Spinoff: Beyond Salem

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Clarification on how Beyond Salem will air in Canada
from Jeevan Brar at thetvwatercooler.com

It had (erroneously) previously been reported that Global would have it in September, 
but the update is that Global won't have it until October.

Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem 
will premiere on Monday, September 6 in Canada *only* on STACKTV,
on the same day that it premieres on Peacock in the U.S.

Beyond Salem will be available on the Global TV app and the W Network in October.

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On 8/26/2021 at 12:36 PM, janea4old said:

I thought Arianne Zucker did a great job as Kristen-with-a-Nicole-mask. She seemed to capture the spirit of Kristen during that time.


Missed this post earlier. She was great. Came alive. It felt like old Nicole at times too.

19 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:









I'm happy for him as well. DAYS is a good fit for him and diversity in the writers room is needed.

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36 minutes ago, wingwalker said:

A big congrats to Jamey. He was always my favorite DaytimeConfidential personality (even though he could overboard sometimes). He clearly loves soaps and DAYS.  I also enjoyed his show Ambitions. 

Yeah, congrats to Jamey. I enjoyed his show Ambitions as well and wish it had stuck around longer. He had multiple interesting storylines going on in that show, before it was cancelled. I am interested in seeing what he does with Days. 

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7 hours ago, Darn said:

Why did you quote me?

Because I thought your comment that "Stock footage of Paris really gets some people going." was at least partially in response to my post about "A real, live outdoor scene."

If it wasn't, my apologies. 

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