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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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And to think that guy (and probably the Times) thought the article would make him look sympathetic. 


I just hope that stuff will be going to people who need it. 


In other news:



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39 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:




No doubt, Michael Flynn is one person who's glad for the coronavirus.  Otherwise, we'd be raising such a stink over his possible (and probable) full pardon.


33 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

Top coronavirus doctor saying a 2 week national lockdown may be necessary


At least, we'd have a number to shoot for: two weeks, fourteen days.  Leaving it open-ended ("lockdown until we can review the situation") only adds to the panic and confusion.

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A lockdown is necessary at this point to at least try and stop the trajectory of new cases. Only grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to be open under the stipulations of the countries that have locked down, so that is probably a good blueprint to follow. Of course you have working people who can't afford to miss that much work and this terrible administration isn't going to reimburse them which is a huge problem for a lockdown.

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So far Australia has put a stop to gatherings of people over 500 and finally put in some tighter travel restrictions/protocols. I mean 70% of our initial cases came from overseas travellers, so I am not sure why it took so long.


Also the issue in Australia isn't just poor leadership, but also Rupert Murdoch's media (he owns way too much here) Sky News Australia is like FOX News, they are literally acting like it is end times. No wonder people are panic buying. I went to the store the other day. No toilet paper, no hand soaps/sanitisers, no flour, no olive oil (what the Fu&* you gonna do with olive oil????) No bread. I tired doing an online order, takes 5 days. The supermarkets here are struggling and having to basically put rationing in place to deal with it.


Now people who were not panic buying are starting to worry, simply because of the morons who keep taking everything. 


My University just cancelled almost all my classes this week. I have one still on....for now. I might as well be in lockdown for this week anyway. So even with the Government protocols, some schools are just doing what they feel is best. My University does/did have a lot of international students who have quit their course and gone home as well. Even if we don't go into lockdown I have a feeling many of the Universities here will pretty much start to close or restrict classes.


I will say our Government has two multi billion dollar packages in place. One to stimulate the economy in case of lockdown. The other to aid health care. So they are doing something at least.





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DeWine is doing something which I respect. Its going to hurt a lot but I think it won't be for long and besides he said Carry out is okay. This will hurt small businesses that don't have a DT or a way to do carry out



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De Blasio says NYC will attempt to re-open schools by April 20, but that they may have to suspend the remainder of the school year.


He’s also signing an executive order to compel hospitals to cancel elective surgeries.

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