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Actors who were involved in real life

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As The World has easily cornered the market on this one, LOL.


  • Justin Deas & Margaret Colin (Tom & Margo Hughes) who are still married.
  • Colleen Zenk & Marker Pinter (Barbara Ryan, Brian McColl) who are not.
  • Finn Carter & Steven Webber (Sierra Esteban, Kevin Gibson) divorced.
  • Lindsay Frost & Rick Giolito (Betsy Stewart Andropoulous, Nick Castello) ?? I heard divorced but unconfirmed.
  • Bill Shanks & Ashley Crow (Casey Peretti, Beatrice McKechnie)  divorced.
  • Jon Hensley & (Babette) Renée Props (Holden Snyder, Ellie Snyder- siblings)  dated
  • Jon Hensley & Kelly Menighan Hensley (Holden Snyder, Emily Stewart) divorced
  • Terri Colombino & Austin Peck (Katie Peretti & Brad Snyder) married 


There may be others that I've left out.  I think that Don Hastings' wife Leslie Denniston used to be on the show but that was a little before my time.

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Yeah he dated GT, I didn't know he'd dated the actress who played Tammy though.


I like the couples who were in popular on screen pairings, supercouples if you will.

  • Jack and Kristina Wagner were married for 13 years, together longer than that though.
  • Eva La Rue and John Callahan were married, now divorced.
  • Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are shockingly still together after 20+ years.
  • Human hound dog Thorsten Kaye and Susan Haskell have been together for over 20 years now as well, I'm not sure if they ever married.

Not supercouples, not even remotely but:

  • Kassie and James DePaiva are also shockingly still married. I believe they got together while one or both of them were married to other people but don't quote me on that.
  • David and Melissa Fumero have been married for over a decade now. He's 10 years her senior. Hey at least she wasn't a teenager like Erin Torpey when they started dating (correct me if I'm wrong).


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Michael Saucedo and Rebecca Herbst (Juan/Liz, GH) - to my knowledge, still married


Jonathan Jackson and Lisa Vultaggio (Lucky/Hannah, GH) - married for 17 years with three kids


Robin Wright and (RIP) Dane Witherspoon (Kelly/Joe, Santa Barbara) - married for a couple years, divorced 

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On Passions, aside from Lindsay and Justin Hartley, both Ben Masters and Tracey Ross were romantically involved for a period of time.


Jesse Metcalfe and Taylor Anne Mountz dated in real life prior to her leaving the show.


Travis Schuldt and Natalie Zea met during the show and are now married.

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Gina Tognoni and Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, GL)


Gina Tognoni and Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey, OLTL)


Gina Tognoni and Mark Derwin (ex-Mallet on GL, ex-Ben on OLTL)


I believe Gina Tognoni also briefly dated Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey on OLTL)


Cady McClain (ex-Rosanna, ATWT) and Hunt Block (ex-Craig, ATWT)

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Nadine Stenovitch and John Littlefield, AW



Yes, and then they had some kind of falling out. Years later, when they were paired up again on GH, they had long since patched things up.


They are, since 2004. She remarried in 2013. Lindsay and Rick's son, Lucas, is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

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