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  1. Lol, there is a VERY noticeable print at the end of the scene. I found it kind of jarring
  2. Randomly looking at B&B episodes to see what classic stuff is still on You Tube and came across this clip. I can't believe they had Kyle Lowder just flopping around like that (though I guess that might be why they quickly cut out of that scene). If you go to 6:18 in this video when he jumps on the bed you'll see what I mean
  3. I actually liked Grant's character too though his story was changed more times than I could count. He originally came on as an old high school boyfriend of Taylor's, I think their first scenes were them making out but almost immediately after that Hunter officially informed them she was leaving for Melrose and they quickly shifted to a Grant/Brooke/Ridge triangle. But I will say that I was glad, and whomever made the decision (Bill or Brad) was correct, that 1998 pretty much killed the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle for several years (until Hunter had contract issues with the show again). After the merry go round of 1997 it was time to settle those characters and play something else. Of course that led to Brooke/Thorne and Brooke/Decaon and while I enjoyed Kanan on the show, Deacon took a lot of characters in directions they couldn't really recover from IMO. I think Brad Bell is honestly a bad writer and without his father overseeing things became outright atrocious but the most frustrating thing about him was the waste and stupid rotation of great characters. Characters would come in, stay for a year or two and inevitably be killed off - even if the character was working.
  4. It was weird. Taylor and Ridge were very obviously Bill Bell's favorite and his preferred couple. But Hunter was so back and forth with the show from 1994-1996 that the writing felt very sporadic. Hunter would leave, and they would slap Brooke and Ridge back together and then Hunter would return and they'd very swiftly go back to Taylor and Ridge. Taylor accepting this proposal made very little sense. She and Ridge had little interaction leading up to this because Hunter had just returned to the show and was pregnant so wasn't taping as much. It was like they rushed a Taylor and Ridge reunion cause they weren't sure if Hunter was going to stick around (an understandable concern during that time but still.....) I disagree on 1997-1998 though, I loved that whole Who Shot Grant, Taylor claims Thomas is Thorne's and Brooke fakes a pregnancy/miscarriage mess. Bold was a bit of a mess in 1995 and 1996 but got back on track in 1997 IMO.
  5. Angelica was a mess but I know that when she was hired by Les Moonves he told her that she could cancel the soaps if she wanted to and she refused to do so.
  6. Yet here you are....talking and posting about soaps 😂😂
  7. You seem very personally hurt by the fact that Hunter does not want to return and way too into her personal finances. Weird. 😂😂
  8. Ronn Moss said something to the effect of Susan wanted to leave since like 2004 at some event. KKL is never going to leave but everyone else from that generation seemed to be pretty over it the last decade tbh. Plus the show moved into becoming all about Liam and his harem.
  9. Oh that's from B&B, the terrible years. I have to say, Flannery is Flannery and they obviously let her do what she wanted but I kind of hated the change in Stephanie's attire and overall lack of care given to her appearance after a certain period. The clothes, the hair, all of it felt very out of character. I think again most of it was the show doing whatever it could to make Flannery happy so she wouldn't quit that crapfest earlier than she did but still.... In the same vein, they also started letting Ridge morph into Ronn Moss with all the ugly scarves and that nonsense.
  10. Man, Susan Flannery (and this writing) is MISSED. It really baffles me that soaps can't be more creative with the storytelling. They just recycle plot points instead of digging deeper. A man and a woman married for 20 years get divorced after he leaves her for a younger woman. Stephanie is in denial and believes he's just having a midlife crisis and he will eventually come back to her. It sounds simple enough but Stephanie's POV was written very well and more compelling than anything I have seen on B&B in ages. I seesaw back and forth between feeling really sad about what has happened to soaps, just thinking they're better off being cancelled and having a small glimmer of hope that at least one writer on one show will get it or possibly turn their show around.
  11. Hunter has been a mess the last decade or so but honestly, what is the purpose of a recast Taylor? Because recast Ridge and recast Thorne have been so successful? So she can return and battle KKL over some flop Ridge that nobody gives a damn about? Or because they need someone to yammer on to Steffi about how she and Liam are meant to be? Recast with whoever you want, the writing isn't going to change and the show still sucks (which is likely why HT doesn't want to return in the first place).
  12. Same tbh. I really think those two shows saw the sharpest declines in quality around the early and mid 00's and it felt so drastic. Other shows had already cycled through various writers and regimes - people with different visions for the show - but the Bell soaps had such a clear and steady creative vision for such a long time under Bill. When that changed you immediately felt it. Like you spent 15-20 years eating filet mignon at the best restaurant in town and then all of a sudden you go to that same restaurant and someone is trying to shove spam down your throat.
  13. Yep all the time. Y&R - It ebbs and flows. There is a lot of nonsensical crap that happened on that show after 2005 that I just flat out ignore. B&B - I don't pay attention to anything that happened after 2001/2002. Once Bill Bell got sick and was no longer involved in the show, the show went to hell. It was an obvious and rapid decline. I'm not really concerned about any plot points that happened after that. I just kind of pretend it was cancelled after Sheila went to jail. Shrugs. GL - Was the show still on the air after 2007? I like to pretend it wasn't. I also don't acknowledge any of the San Cristohell mess
  14. Further ruins? Brad Bell has been destroying all these characters for 15 years. There is very little value in being the last person on a sinking ship. I know some soap fans really believe in the "band was playing as the ship went down" mantra like there is some reward for being on a show when it is cancelled but I kind of believe at this point that people should gtf off the boat when you see its tanking (meaning she probably should have never agreed to return after she quit in 2002 since she has acknowledged that the show has stunk since 2001). This really applies to all vets on all the soaps now. There is very little value in returning to soaps in 2019 unless you need money - its gauranteed the quality of the material will be terrible lets be honest.
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