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  1. I used to love to hate her but now I just can't. The intense focus on her through the years is what caused me to quit. I don't think the character works as a lead, or as the type of heroine Brad Bell tries to write her as. She worked better when she had characters like Caroline, Taylor or Stephanie on the canvas - it wasn't just every story for everyone over 40 revolving around who Brooke is screwing. I don't buy this "turning her into Stephanie" thing. KKL seems nice but she doesn't have the chops for it. I enjoy Rena as Quinn from the little I have seen of her but the only time they give her any focus is when they want a foe for Brooke
  2. I am meh on that episode personally. It was a lot of Phyllis and Tim hijinx when they followed them to the Caribbean
  3. The first episode supposedly airs Friday and it's an episode from 1991
  4. Yeah I found that channel but it is missing the episode where they actually sleep together
  5. Does anyone know where I can find the February 2, 1987 episode? It's the episode where Jake and Lucy have an ONS. I have been looking for the actual scene everywhere, I'm still very confused as to how it happened. I know he was defending her when everyone felt she was a murderer but still the ONS seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere.
  6. Not surprised this show is down over 800,000 viewers from last year.
  7. I tried to watch these after watching the older stuff and I just can't. It's all so damn terrible. I have been rewatching the Morgan storyline since it's being uploaded and Sarah Buxton was better than I remember. The story was nonsense though and insulting to the viewers intelligence - an email? He got an email from his wife telling him to sleep with someone else and he goes OK SURE! While Ronn IS Ridge, I really felt bad for his co-stars sometimes. It really had to be like acting opposite a brick wall. Everyone else always had to do all of the heavy lifting: Not sure how but I kind of think they should have found a way to keep Buxton around. Also Morgan "killing" Taylor would have made more sense than Sheila doing it 2002
  8. I was watching old episodes and I didn't remember this Tony and Lucy scene - it was jarring seeing him be this rough with her and it become borderline violent: I also found the conversation they had the next day fascinating (Lynn Herring's vulnerability here is just great, rarely did we see that from Lucy and they never said much about her childhood prior to this I don't believe)
  9. When B&B celebrated it's 8,000th episode, Parade Magazine asked him for his 8 favorite Bold and the Beautiful storylines EVER. His answers told me everything I needed to know (and explained why he's such a terrible writer - who in their right mind would pick these): https://parade.com/728784/dianareese/bradley-bell-shares-his-8-favorite-the-bold-and-the-beautiful-storylines-and-shockwaves-coming-in-8000th-episode/ 1991: The wedding of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan. 1998: Brooke’s Bedroom. 2010: Stephanie Forrester and the homeless. 2011-2017: Steffy’s wedding entrances. 2015-2016: Maya’s secret. 2018: Who shot Bill Spencer?
  10. B&B - It absolutely positively was the Ridge/Bridget arc. B&B had always been somewhat trashy, but respectable trash. That turned it into something else. It went from guilty pleasure to cheap Jerry Spinger-esque junk. Ridge was never a great character but that effectively killed any appeal he once had as a romantic lead. It was also when it became crystal clear to me that the days of Bill Bell having any input or overseeing the direction of the show were completely gone. I know Bill Bell was not there in an official capacity, but from what everyone said he was still overseeing and giving some direction to B&B until he got sick (which I believe was around 2000-2001). Y&R - The sperm saga. I like Kay Alden but I felt she was given too much of a pass for this story. To have not 1 (Nikki), not 2 (Ashley), but 3 (Diane) women fighting over Victor's sperm was uttrrly ridiculous. I HATED what it did to all three female characters and I think that story did irreparable damage to Ashley. We are still paying for that atrocious story today with all the Abby focus - a completely useless character that should have never existed. GL - Peapeck and Wheeler. GH - Opie's Opus. That was when the destruction of GH started; the fight over Michael and specifically Sonny snd Jason forcing AJ to give up his parentsl rights. That was the beginning of what become two atrocious decades of the mob and specfically Sonny and Jason ruling all and the show systematically destroying vet after vet after vet to make sure they looked good and righteous in every single story.
  11. I never got a chance to contribute to this thread and I'm up so a few of my favorites Guiding Light - Vanessa reads Henry's letter. Maeve Kinkead was just brilliant. I think pound for pound, the acting on Guiding Light was consistently a cut above the rest of the soaps. Other shows had better stories, better production value, but I always felt like there was such a massive emphasis put on letting performances really breathe. Guiding Light - Reva "pushes" Annie down the stairs Annie Dutton will forever be one of my all time favorite soap villains. Cynthia was just brilliant and I was so Santa Barbara - Julia talks about her father's alcoholism IMO it's one of the best performances Nancy Lee Grahn has ever given OLTL - Kelly Confesses to Blair And there's not nearly enough Lynn Herring in this thread
  12. Hunter Tylo is basically on Twitter confirming why she won't return to B&B (seems she said she's not coming back to play a doormat or some bickering high schooler). I mean, I can't say I blame her. Why won't Brad just recast? The show is completely unrecognizable and nothing like the B&B of old anyway. Stephanie gone, Sally gone, Macy gone, Thorne recast, Taylor gone, new awful Ridge, Sheila gone, James gone, just recast and rename it 'The Logans' or some nonsense.
  13. Why are full episodes from 1995 -1999 so hard to find? Was something happening during that time? It's the same way for Y&R. I feel like finding full episodes from those years is incredibly difficult (I feel like I have been looking for the episodes where Veronica/Sarah shot Nikki for YEARS)
  14. Randomly, I totally forgot that Grant Chambers first episode was him making out with Taylor until someone in the comment section of a YouTube video mentioned it. Was the original plan to put him with Taylor (before Hunter told them she was leaving for Melrose)? They never did anything with their connection and history did they? Episode isn't in English, but you can still hear the dialogue pretty well underneath it
  15. Lol, there is a VERY noticeable print at the end of the scene. I found it kind of jarring
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