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  1. @Mr. Vixen that sounds like a great concept and congratulations on your second book! There was talk of a Passions spinoff a while back but I doubt it will ever become anything, though I do feel like the soapy drama and supernatural combination would work well on The CW if it focused on the younger characters. I know this probably wouldn't be popular for those that would want the storylines to continue present day, but if it were up to me I would think Passions would work well as an anthology series like American Horror Story. Each season a new story from start to finish
  2. Today is good, minus Kristen/Susan The sooner the better.
  3. I agree it was unnecessary but on top of that it also wasn’t fun, at least those one off Halloween episodes are kind of fun and entertaining, with this I was thinking what’s the point and eventually changed the channel.
  4. Agreed, not a fan of this storyline. As much as I like Stacy Haiduk I feel like they’ve written Kristen into a corner and it may be time to retire her (at least for a while.) On Twitter Cin fans are coming for Theodosia (I mean Theo.) I may be in the minority but I actually like Cameron Johnson as Theo alot, he’s cute and a solid actor. If nothing more, at least I’m happy a revived friendship has come out of this with Theo and Ciara. Cameron Johnson also seems to have good chemistry with the cast as well. We need more of The Who shot Charlie, more Chanel/Paulina and seein
  5. I didn’t initially like the time jump but the last couple of episodes have been pretty good. I’ll continue to stick with it for now
  6. Is it me or does it seem like in recent weeks the use of flashbacks and dream sequences have increased? Very JER feeling. Perhaps the flashbacks are being used more regularly because the pacing is so bad. That aside, I agree DAYS is the most entertaining of the remaining soaps. Congrats to Ron but hopefully the pacing improves.
  7. Oh boy, starting the show with Susan/Kristen then going into Ciara/Ben
  8. I don't think I've ever laughed as much during an episode of DAYS like I did today. Jackee Harry definitely sparked some energy into the show, and the scenes at Julie's Place were perfect, from calling Julie an old white lady, to calling Julie out on trying to touch Valerie's hair lol! I find Cameron Johnson so cute and likable as Theo. I know there's many that would rather have Kyler back but Im ok with him in the role and think the character is needed on the canvas more than just a drop in. CLEO fans online are hoping for a reunion since Theo "broke up with his girlfriend," but w
  9. I stumbled across this episode today and just laughed my ass off. The show was so absurd but highly entertaining. Just imagine this airing today and I swear people would eat this up more than what the soaps are offering today.
  10. I know most of you have been calling for weeks that Charlie would end up being the rapist and Ava’s son, but dare I say... even knowing this I’ve still been enjoying the reveal and scenes between Charlie and Ava. DAYS is the best soap right now in my opinion, and oh how I wish Sony would pump money into the production values like they do Y&R.
  11. Yes!!! Loving Tamara back on DAYS, she does great in roles like this, and can we keep Cady? If it weren’t for the rape storyline I would’ve thought Joey, Tripp and Charlie were going to be RC’s new Ford brothers lol
  12. Likewise, I enjoyed that moment. I hope he sticks around too. It sucks nuTheo couldn’t stay longer as well since they supposedly came together right? I’m really confused why they recast and brought the character back just for 2 seconds. Too bad I can’t find the actor anywhere on social media, he was pretty cute.
  13. Sorry to hear this, I actually really like nuTheo and hoped he’d be around longer. He looks like he could be related to Lena Cardwell (original Simone, PSNS)... I know, completely random haha. I actually like this whole Jack/Kate storyline but some of those scenes with Matt Ashford
  14. @Errol @Toups Sad news to share (if it hasn’t been already)... Passions last senior producer has passed away. He died on Tuesday and was 56. He was a senior producer the entire run of Passions and Lisa de Cazotte’s right hand man under the title of Supervising Producer. He was apart of the recent Passions reunion that was done via zoom, and his death of course follows both Lisa (EP) and James E. Reilly (Creator/Head Writer/ Consulting Producer.) Sad news for the Passions family. He was also involved with several other soaps, his obituary can be viewed here: h
  15. I’m enjoying the season so far, I’m rooting for Janelle, Kaysar, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and David. BOTH Nicole’s are annoying, hope they’re evicted soon... and Kevin all sad and moping around had me rolling my eyes but at least he gave an effort to fight and stay, Keesha gave no effort to stay, almost like she wanted to go.
  16. I love the new look for the stage, can’t wait for the premiere tonight. The cast of all star players have been sequestered in the LA area for the last 2 weeks and isolated due to COVID, it’s being reported that some contestants initially planned to be on this season will not because they tested positive. Will you guys be tuning in tonight?
  17. Big Brother can’t be stopped by COVID and as expected it’s an All Stars season.
  18. When Allie said she wasn’t signing the papers and Sonny looked at Will, why was Will smiling about that? I immediately thought about you guys on this board, someone should have called him out on that it completely took me out of the story smh Chloe saying she couldn’t imagine Eve being the one who blew up the church, then casually remembering more and more odd things about Eve through the whole episode with each passing scene had me rolling my eyes but I love seeing Nadia on my screen
  19. The social media love for Lindsay is big right now, I’m sure the powers that be will likely add her to the show in some capacity. Same here
  20. I’ve been a fan of hers since Eve’s Bayou so I watch anything she’s in, I don’t think I can get worn out from her haha... actually, it’s because of her that I learned about this series existing in the first place. Her and the fact that Jordan Peele is attached gives me hope, JJ Abrams not so much but we’ll see.
  21. Are you guys excited for this? Any interest in tuning in?
  22. Passions really lost a lot of its magic, in my opinion, after the passing of Josh Ryan Evans and the departures of Jesse Metcalfe and Molly Stanton as Miguel and Charity. They along with Tabitha were the core of the supernatural elements and without that it always felt like PSNS was missing something. They brought more supernatural stories back towards the end and with Endora, but it wasn’t the same. I believe I’ve mentioned it before on this board, but JER passed away very shortly after the show wrapped. Had it been renewed for an additional season it would’ve been interesting to
  23. I agree, the aftermath was well directed. I haven’t seen spoilers so I really want to see where all this leads, DAYS has been really good lately... hope they can keep the momentum.
  24. Ahh I see, makes sense, I only started watching DAYS shortly before the time jump so as a relatively new viewer this reasoning makes sense regarding Julie. I wasn’t watching when Ben was the necktie killer either so for me I think it’s easier to accept the Cin pairing based off of what I’ve seen, but I know within the fandom, specifically this board, they aren’t well received together.
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