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Developing: 90210 Reboot with Original Cast!

Chris B

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I believe there would be an interest among viewers for a continuation of the original Beverly Hills 90210 series in traditional drama form, but not this "mockumentary" nonsense, with actors playing "heightened versions of themselves." And why get TPTB from the more recent reboot involved, since that was mediocre at best?


I predict an embarrassing, epic failure, which is a shame, because with good writing, a sequel DRAMA might have been fun, even if just in a nostalgic sort of way.


Shannen Doherty would be wise to stay away from this project, LOL.

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I can’t believe they keep mentioning a reboot like it’s a bad thing. This is a one off that won’t do well in the ratings. A new drama with the original cast would basically be a new show at this point and could’ve lasted much longer than one six episode series. The buzz among fans getting to see those characters as adults would’ve been huge. Tori says this is what fans want...when has anybody asked for anything other than a proper reboot lol?! Remind me how Many seasons her (admittedly very good) So NoTORIous went. 


I still say the way to go is either a proper continuation with their lives as adults (think Knots Landing as reference) or even a combo of this cast with work Melrose Place characters in an California setting. I imagine this show will be mildly entertaining for a week or two and then we’ll get frustrated with how silly the actual clips from the “show” are. Plus no Brenda full time? Goodbye. 

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