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Developing: 90210 Reboot with Original Cast!

Chris B

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He wasn't likely going to be apart of it anyway, at least initially. I imagine she joined because they'll probably pay tribute to him (just an assumption)


I still don't really see the point of this "revival" with them playing heightened versions of themselves. We'll see. At least it could be nice to see the cast together (minus Luke, of course, but he wasn't going to be apart of it anyway) 

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Such a waste! IMHO


But I love seeing them together. ( RIP Luke  )


And Jennie and Shannen holding hands!?

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Interview with Tori and Jennie. I love what Jennie has to say about perceiving things in your 20s vs in your 40s. I think we all can relate on looking back on things and realizing you interpreted the situation wrong or that you'd handle the same situation so differently with maturity.


It sheds light on the series. They're playing fictionalized versions of themselves (no Dean McDermott!!! But "Tori" is married with a bunch of kids) while trying to get a reboot off. They suggest the second season (if there is one) will focus on the reboot aspect.


I like what they had to say and I'm slightly more intrigued and willing to give it a shot.


Sounds also like Luke was involved initially and supportive of it (I imagine he would have ultimately found a way to participate, so I was wrong there).


LOL! @ this: 

As a fan I must know, will there be a Peach Pit, or will it be Peach Pit After Dark? Something else?
GARTH: What would be next after Peach Pit: After Dark?

SPELLING: It would be Senior Community Center. [laughs] Peach Pit Senior Center.


GARTH: We’re working on a location right now for our new version of the Peach Pit. You’ll be seeing the Peach Pit.

SPELLING: There’s definitely going to be for the die-hard fans, there’s going to be moments where they’ll get to see us play Kelly and Donna and all the other characters.

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I hate that they always use that cheap sounding version of the theme song now.


Again this is a waste. They could do the actual show and pull some viewers in. I'm not trying to watch the real life comedy bits unless it was an actual messy real life behind the scenes look.

Based on all the press they still don't have a full script ready, fingers crossed for a last minute change 

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I liked it :/ 


The interview Jennie and Tori did made me a little bit more interested (did any of you read it?). I'll give it a shot. It's not what I want but I can't help but be thrilled seeing them all together, but that's me

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