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GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

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I'm so glad that Franco gets to play the role of lead parent in these scenes with Aiden's teacher while Liz just gets to stand by his side and is an after thought.

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How long til Sonny bangs Margeaux or however you spell it?


What does Carly not understand about HIPAA? Why does she think she's entitled to information about patients at Ferncliff?


Anna and Finn are a snooze.

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For a show with a serial killer, the cast continues to grow rather than shrink. 


A few suggestions, Dr. Chamberlain (just mentioning for a friend)............

          A young woman currently sleeping with her mother's former boyfriend....

          That magazine editor with the big mouth....

            The pushy D.A. with the nasty disposition......

             The snotty little blonde girl bullying her cousin.....

             The little twelve year oldthat talks like a fifty year old.......

              The young woman running around with fliers (treekilller)

            The pompous ass that owns the local pub--no one likes him yet they are always there.     

               The former serial killer/artist  that had a brain tumor who claims he can figure out who you are.

                That doctor that looks like a bird.....

                 The whiny third grade teacher......

                  The tumor-boy.



Just mentioning some ideas from a friend (or 1000)


Now let's get that killing spree moving.......

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On one hand, I felt the concept was pretty funny and modern. Nancy had the best parts of the episode for sure. But the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. It should've been the Halloween episode. It was campy but not campy enough to be over the top hilarious so it ended up being pretty boring. I couldn't tell if those were supposed to be actual escape rooms with the town villains and serial killers or just done up for Jordan and Curtis' benefit. It also emphasized that the writers have no real sense of who Curtis and Jordan are and that neither of the characters have any meaningful history to speak of, separately or together, so their bachelor/ette parties relied on town villains neither of them ever interacted with. The concept was cute but the execution was just not good.

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Catching up on this week.  What room were Oscar and Monica in?  That’s not the normal Quartermaine set.  The one with the sofa, bar, and the desk with the double doors leading on to the patio that was usd most often.  I think they called it the sitting room.  I know there was also another room that was supposed to be near the main set but I don’t remember it being like the one they were sitting in.

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I'm behind on this month, just finished catching up on 11/5-11/9. LOL. So I don't even know where to start.


But I'm watching the episode today

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Ironic in some ways, that the episode started with all the future deceased Quartermaines. Edward, Lila, Emily and Alan. Sigh. I know some were of course ultimately unavoidable (John Ingle/Anna Lee) but ... sigh.








Though I liked Stephen Martines, but not really the right choice for Nikolas.


I remember this like it was yesterday. Not even a really good time but almost right before the crap hit the fan and the show was slowly gutted. Tamblyn, Brown and probably Ramirez would head for the hills.


And the start of truly dead eyes Corinthos. Sonny and Carly should never have been 'end game'.


Ew. Hannah and Roy. It's nice to see Bobbie with some life in her before she became "ew too old and wrinkly" for Frons and Phelps (ironic isn't it, middle aged individuals sidelining older actors because "ew they're old" ... um ...).


I'm pretty shocked they dared to go all the way back to 2000.


Anywho ... Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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