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  1. Has anyone else heard the rumor that her last airdate is the 18th?
  2. He actually looks sickly. And it doesn't help that big bad Valentin is basically a mope. He's like Eeyore. Total miscast.
  3. Emme looks older than him. LOL. I can't wait to watch him in scenes with Genie though. Also... I'm still trying to figure out the point of this Dev kid.
  4. I don't understand why they torture us with mopey Kristina by having Lexie Ainsworth on contract but keep Haley Pullos on recurring...
  5. All of her scenes have been deleted from YouTube. I always watched them for a good laugh!
  6. I'd be first in line if Genie Francis wrote a memoir.
  7. So... Willow gets to identify Shiloh's body... in the middle of the hospital? 😂
  8. I thought Chloe Lanier (Nelle) was leaving months ago. I swear it was announced and everything.
  9. I don't understand the argument from "Killy" stans that Kelly is refusing to act because of Billy when she checked out years ago. The end scene today where they learn about Drew's plane and she had no reaction was bizarre... but that's her everyday. And, yet, they keep her as a lead. I actually used to think maybe she was on downers or something.
  10. Mo literally had his lines written on his hand today.
  11. I think he's probably either going to be tied to Shiloh or Hayden. As for the Jeff Webber speculation, I've wanted Liz to have a dad onscreen for years but on the other hand, I'll be pissed if it took pointless character Hayden to bring him on.
  12. The scenes where Carly, Sonny and Sam act all chummy are never convincing to me. They were terrible today.
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