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  1. I'd be first in line if Genie Francis wrote a memoir.
  2. So... Willow gets to identify Shiloh's body... in the middle of the hospital? 😂
  3. I thought Chloe Lanier (Nelle) was leaving months ago. I swear it was announced and everything.
  4. I don't understand the argument from "Killy" stans that Kelly is refusing to act because of Billy when she checked out years ago. The end scene today where they learn about Drew's plane and she had no reaction was bizarre... but that's her everyday. And, yet, they keep her as a lead. I actually used to think maybe she was on downers or something.
  5. Mo literally had his lines written on his hand today.
  6. I think he's probably either going to be tied to Shiloh or Hayden. As for the Jeff Webber speculation, I've wanted Liz to have a dad onscreen for years but on the other hand, I'll be pissed if it took pointless character Hayden to bring him on.
  7. The scenes where Carly, Sonny and Sam act all chummy are never convincing to me. They were terrible today.
  8. I hate Peter, Maxie and Lulu so I always mute their scenes. I laughed during the memory mapping garbage. It was so cheesy and just terribly written. The "Memory Download Complete" screen made it even funnier. I also hate the material they've given Coby. He was a great find and this story did him zero favors. So much could have been done with a cult story but it the outcome was obvious when they connected it to Sam.
  9. I actually really enjoyed GH today. Can't believe it. The Cam/Liz and Cam/Drew scenes were great. I also really like Chase and Willow. I muted everyone else.
  10. Oh wow! Poor thing got stuck with Sam for a kid. LOL. I also remember rumors about them making Liz Sonny's sister.
  11. I never heard the Alexis daughter rumor but she auditioned for Sarah before they decided to create Liz for her.
  12. I'm speechless at the state of this show right now. LOL.
  13. Please tell me that Budig is only back for a short while. I am so tired of her in every preview and promo. Enough.
  14. She is one of the worst recasts I have ever seen. I wish they'd write Lulu off but, instead, they bring on a new love interest for her.
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