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  1. I think there's more to this Friz/Nava mess. I don't see Friz actually getting and taking the money. Maybe it's more so just to screw with Nava. Liz has done plenty on her worst days but blackmailing for money doesn't go along with the character IMO.
  2. I think it's gross how Lucas and Brad have been completely eliminated from this Wiley story. CL also doesn't have a contract but they play her like she does. And Julian is a wimp. The whole Sonny Corinthos threat is comedy at this point.
  3. I wasn't paying much attention to CW but someone else came back looking... refreshed.
  4. I cringed the minute the show started... then continued to cringe for multiple reasons throughout. Oh, and having Carly, who has made sick remarks about Robin's HIV, as a red carpet host is just...
  5. She is awful. And so incredibly miscast in the role. Every scene she's in I'm just distracted by her line delivery and her bug eyes. She does this weird thing where she over pronounces every word? It's so bizarre to watch. Lulu was nearly unwatchable to me towards the end of JMB's run but ER... oof.
  6. I am so confused about KSt's hair today. What on earth...
  7. This is night and day. I don't even care for the character but they'd be stupid not to keep LH on. She even resembles NLG. Cut your losses and move on.
  8. Kelly's mother is on Twitter replying to fans and claims that she had difficulty wearing the masks on-set and was put into unexpected 14 day quarantine despite multiple negative tests. She's expected to return to set on Monday.
  9. Simone on AMC comes to mind as well. Simone's dad was Black. I remember the actress being asked about it on Soap Talk and she made an albino joke.
  10. People have been dream casting LH as Sam for a while on twitter. This should be permanent. Kelly has been bored for years. Get rid of her already. As far as the promo, some are saying portions of it was filmed before they shutdown. There was speculation she tested positive for Covid then she went private on IG for a minute. Her rabid stans are losing it right now.
  11. I was watching old GH clips today and Gia popped up. I'd forgotten how they put Marisa Ramirez in braids and told us she was Black.
  12. All I could focus on today was "Ciara looks like she's about to pop out of that dress..."
  13. GH Jason and Sam, for sure. She flopped with Jax and Sonny so the obvious next step was to throw her at Jason just to keep KM frontburner on the show. I think everyone knew Jasam was coming when Jason agreed to fake being the father of Baby McCall. Agreed that Franco and Liz is just gross. Finn and Anna... again, another excuse to keep an actor on the show. I've never seen a minute of chemistry between those two.
  14. I watched yesterdays episode and was so happy to see Megan Ward. Anyone know why she was fired? She's the only Kate I'll ever acknowledge. She actually made me enjoy Sonny and MB for a minute! Anyone know why she was fired? There's someone on Twitter insisting it was because she was a "bully" and encouraged her fans to harass SJB.
  15. I laughed at the GH clip. Michael Easton is just so bad. I'm happy for Tamara though! Kim was a disaster but she deserved it. TBH she should've won way back for Carly so I'll take this one. Her shading GH isn't a surprise given her exit interview after being let go. I truly thought Katelyn would win Younger Performer. Olivia is probably one of the worst actresses I've seen. The bug eyes and the pouting while saying her lines just pulls me out of her scenes. And Heather, while I do love her, is just... baffling. Good lord.
  16. Edited: Her daughter posted on IG. It's a mess.
  17. That's what I miss about Carly. LW's portrayal just makes her unbearable. Doesn't help that they've had her bring up Robin's HIV status to her face. Disgusting.
  18. GH - Franco, Finn, Sasha, Dustin, Dev, Peter, Nina... and I'm also adding in Lulu and Maxie. Since ER was brought in, they've basically become the same boring one-note valley girl. My ears hurt during their scenes.
  19. So... we're getting two not one but two weeks of Sonny? 😳
  20. NuJordan and NuTJ on GH. She's 28 and he's 24.
  21. Embarrassing. Not surprising but still... embarrassing.
  22. See... I really tried to block out that Cowboy Frew story we had to suffer through. lol.
  23. Honestly at this point I'm surprised Frank doesn't have Easton on as Finn and as NuDrew.
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