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  1. I didn't even know it was possible but I feel like he's getting... worse? Everything about his performance from his line delivery to his body in scenes is just bizarre to me. It's comical! Like bad murder mystery dinner theater.
  2. How incredibly stupid to allow RoHo to do that SOD blurb. Kills any momentum for this story. Eh. The majority of Friz fans are RoHo fans. Most Liz fans aren't too fond of the pairing or him because she's gotten nothing out of it since day one. Their entire relationship has been about using her and her children to humanize him. They've made her wallpaper even giving the Tom Baker story to him, using each of her children as props to take him from serial killer to Mr. Mom... all she's done for the past few years is talk about how great he is and tell everyone that he's changed. It's exhausting.
  3. I'm sorry but this Jasam story is ridiculous. Sam didn't meet Jason yesterday. Sam didn't learn about his work and its consequences yesterday. They've been together for a long time and she even begged him to get her pregnant and willingly brought a child into his world. We all saw this play out onscreen. And, yes, the explosion happened but Danny did not "almost die" sorry to say. What is this rewrite with them? Sam had no problem with his life, and has used it to her advantage plenty of times, until he started ignoring her texts and calls. This is laughable and such a dumb way to create angst. lol.
  4. I laughed when Liz rolled over, coughed a little then went into nurse mode. I really can't with this show most of the time. Her kid is a few feet away and she's yelling for Franco. I wasn't a Dev fan but having only three in the teen scene really limits their stories. I have no use for Josslyn aka Frank's new Starr. And, of course, his dying words was an apology to Joss. How long until we're seeing weeks of her grief and guilt.
  5. I don't trust Frank tinkering with the David Hamilton story. That was some fine work. Just leave stuff alone sometimes.
  6. Liz on GH has been on for 23 straight years and we've never met or seen her mother and her father is never mentioned.
  7. She went off the rails on IG and is claiming it's from a brown recluse spider bite.
  8. I'm not surprised about William... and I'm not Emme fan but I can think of a number of people who should've been let go before her. I think she's god awful but I can never accuse her of phoning it in. She's not lazy and seemingly tries to do her job. Lulu has been deadweight for years but I can't believe they've cutting her over, say, Maxie/KSt.
  9. Monica could die next week and wouldn't get this kind of send-off. However, the funeral itself fell flat to me. Max Gail was never really Mike to me. He seems like a lovely guy and you can tell the cast adored him but he just wasn't Mike. And having Ava and Brando speak? Granted, I'm not a huge Kristina fan but she had maybe one or two lines to greet Sonny while Josslyn got a solo? What? lol.
  10. Kim looks great. I found her scenes a chore to watch though because of Emme. My god. Woof.
  11. TBH I feel as if she ran her course years ago but it's bizarre to see her just float around town barking at people all day after soaking up airtime for so long. I thought they were going for Sam/Brando early on but I don't think that's happening anymore. At least, I can't see it. She's such a pathetic character though.
  12. They truly have nothing for Sam to do...
  13. I think there's more to this Friz/Nava mess. I don't see Friz actually getting and taking the money. Maybe it's more so just to screw with Nava. Liz has done plenty on her worst days but blackmailing for money doesn't go along with the character IMO.
  14. I think it's gross how Lucas and Brad have been completely eliminated from this Wiley story. CL also doesn't have a contract but they play her like she does. And Julian is a wimp. The whole Sonny Corinthos threat is comedy at this point.
  15. I wasn't paying much attention to CW but someone else came back looking... refreshed.
  16. I cringed the minute the show started... then continued to cringe for multiple reasons throughout. Oh, and having Carly, who has made sick remarks about Robin's HIV, as a red carpet host is just...
  17. She is awful. And so incredibly miscast in the role. Every scene she's in I'm just distracted by her line delivery and her bug eyes. She does this weird thing where she over pronounces every word? It's so bizarre to watch. Lulu was nearly unwatchable to me towards the end of JMB's run but ER... oof.
  18. I am so confused about KSt's hair today. What on earth...
  19. This is night and day. I don't even care for the character but they'd be stupid not to keep LH on. She even resembles NLG. Cut your losses and move on.
  20. Kelly's mother is on Twitter replying to fans and claims that she had difficulty wearing the masks on-set and was put into unexpected 14 day quarantine despite multiple negative tests. She's expected to return to set on Monday.
  21. Simone on AMC comes to mind as well. Simone's dad was Black. I remember the actress being asked about it on Soap Talk and she made an albino joke.
  22. People have been dream casting LH as Sam for a while on twitter. This should be permanent. Kelly has been bored for years. Get rid of her already. As far as the promo, some are saying portions of it was filmed before they shutdown. There was speculation she tested positive for Covid then she went private on IG for a minute. Her rabid stans are losing it right now.
  23. I was watching old GH clips today and Gia popped up. I'd forgotten how they put Marisa Ramirez in braids and told us she was Black.
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