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GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

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Laura having an actual story, and Ryan running amuck have been the major reasons I’ve watched the show on a consistent basis since Ron Carlivati’s first year on the show.


I see several potential victims for Ryan before his reign of terror is over.  I just hope we get scenes with Ryan revealed and Felicia, because that is where the history is.


Mary Pat’s death, and the fact that Carly looks suspicious is the kind of soap writing that shows some of this is being planned out old school.  It diverts attention from Ryan, and if they take it to the limit, it gives Carly another natural story being investigated for the killing.  And Sonny.  I just wish the rest of the show had this much going for it.


Laura Wright really sold seeing the head much more than the usually fantastic Maura West finding the rest of her.  And Stafford has been more over the top ordering a pizza than her subdued reaction to that body.



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I’ve been watching more as well, and the lack of Oscar has helped, but that’s not reflected in the ratings. They are truly awful right now. Perhaps last week’s figures were an anomaly.


I will say Kristina Wagner’s voice is annoying af. She’s always sounded like a munchkin, but I don’t remember it being as affected as it is now, at least not when I watched in the ‘90s.

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