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  1. OLTL Tribute Thread

    These pictures come from the M. Ball in December 1981...I can't identify Viki (Christine Jones), Edwina Lewis and Katrina Karr' costumes....any help? Maybe Edwina's costume is Peter Pan?
  2. OLTL Tribute Thread

    A OLTL Closing from September 1972.....really wonderful.....but who are they? One is Tommy Lee Jones...but who is the woman? Wanda? Eileen Siegel?
  3. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Absolutely!!! SB was a big hit in France....maybe the biggest hit worldwide...and there...SB was broadcast daily in 20 min episodes!
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know where I can find CBS soaps pre-emptions for 1982??? Thank you!
  5. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I miss 1980 and 1981 OLTL
  6. Any Capitol Fans Here?

    Does anyone remember what happened to Gillian McCandless? I think she was last seen in episode 71 (5th July 1982) on the 4th of July episode....
  7. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I think that Viki and Larry should have ended together!! They are talented actors and their characters were of the best in OLTL!
  8. GH rare vintage clip

    OK! Thanks! I see you know the episode....so it exists!! I'll try to buy it to a person who sells vintage GH. He has a lot of GH 60s episodes.
  9. I have just found this clip in youtube about General Hospital...does anyone know if this episode exists? Is it from 1963? Thanks
  10. Which one is the real 21st November 1984???? Thanks for your help!!! This one or this one ?
  11. Any Capitol Fans Here?

    I have the full year 1982 of Capitol in 9 DVDs (avi format) . From the beginning! The language is in Italian (no openings or closings) and I also include in the DVDs the complete 1982 SOD synopses of Capitol in English. The quality is good and you can enjoy Carolyn Jones' complete run. The last episode that is included is the first with Marla Adams in January 1983. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM! Thank you!
  12. Another World

    Thank you for the list!!!!! And does anyone know about the vintage OLTL episodes known to survive?? Thank you!!
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I love Gabrielle!!!!
  14. Another World

    Thak you very much, EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply WONDERFUL UNIQUE and RARE footage!!!