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  1. OLTL Tribute Thread

    One of my favourite OLTL couples was Larry and Meredith...has anyone ever seen a picture of their wedding in June 1970???
  2. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Great moments
  3. OLTL Tribute Thread

    It is a pity they didn't use Larry until hhe end of the series. In my opinion, he should have been as important in Llanview as Viki! Larry was pure Oltl history! I would have loved to see Larry and Viki together in the last Oltl scene!
  4. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Interesting! So if the first episode shown in Germany is 3083(are you sure?)...that episode number 4 is 3086...According to an Oltl script ep 3081 is 30th July 1980....then episode 3086 is 6th August 1980. In Spain, they broadcast the same first 130 episodes from August 1980- February 1981 in 1986. But they only broadcast these 130 episodes... I guess in all the European markets they broadcast the same episodes... And by the way, have you got more episodes in German of these years? Thank you!
  5. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Wonderful episode!!!! This episode is #3087 and it was broadcast in the USA on 7th August 1980...when Asa gave a big birthday party for Sam and Mimi!! Although it says episode 4: The party continues....in the German broadcast...
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    OLTL 50th Anniversary....Enjoy the first seconds of the only existing episode from 1968...
  7. OLTL Tribute Thread

  8. OLTL Tribute Thread

    About OLTL.....ABC has all the episodes from 1976!!! They preserved the tapes in that year....and if you watch this youtube video ( at second 13), you can watch at the beginning several tapes from 1976, all the tapes are labelled with the episode number and the year 1976!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and the rest is there!!! Episodes 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106..... And vetsoapfan....which classic episodes did you record at the time? Any classic OLTL? Thanks
  9. OLTL Tribute Thread

    These pictures come from the M. Ball in December 1981...I can't identify Viki (Christine Jones), Edwina Lewis and Katrina Karr' costumes....any help? Maybe Edwina's costume is Peter Pan?
  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    A OLTL Closing from September 1972.....really wonderful.....but who are they? One is Tommy Lee Jones...but who is the woman? Wanda? Eileen Siegel?
  11. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Absolutely!!! SB was a big hit in France....maybe the biggest hit worldwide...and there...SB was broadcast daily in 20 min episodes!
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know where I can find CBS soaps pre-emptions for 1982??? Thank you!
  13. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I miss 1980 and 1981 OLTL
  14. Any Capitol Fans Here?

    Does anyone remember what happened to Gillian McCandless? I think she was last seen in episode 71 (5th July 1982) on the 4th of July episode....
  15. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I think that Viki and Larry should have ended together!! They are talented actors and their characters were of the best in OLTL!