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  1. Someone wrote a book some years ago...with a complete episode guide and a lot of facts about SB
  2. Does anyone remember Bobbie Spencer first airdate? Wiki says is in December 1977....but Jackie told us in several magazines that she was briefly on OLTL and GH at the same time....Her last appearance in OLTL was 17th November 1977...any help?
  3. Thanks for the info! It would be interesting they sell dvds on demand for fans....it would be awesome
  4. Hi, do you know if they do it for other soaps? I am interested in the OLTL 1968 episode. Thanks!
  5. If you understand Spanish....you can have here the synopses and pictures of Santa Barbara https://portaltelenovelas.mforos.mobi/2100411/13007590-santa-barbara/ Enjoy it
  6. From the episode 168 ( Italian version) they edited 3 episodes in 1....each episode has 59 min.... but fortunately the Italians have the complete series with all the episodes...
  7. Maybe it was cut..... the Italian episodes are edited...they broadcast 2 episodes in one....and as Marj appeared at the beginning of this second episode, maybe the American announcement was cut
  8. WOWWWWWWWW!!!! Thank you for this!!!! and Merry Christmas!!!
  9. Interesting! I didn't know that Teri Keane was Joanne in the 50s...is this info in any magazine or book?
  10. A fragment from 1980....but in Italian! Enjoy!!!!!!! And the opening....but from another Italian channel
  11. A couple of months ago, someone wrote this....I didn't know this episode exists!
  12. It is always a pleasure to watch Marco Dane ( Gerald Anthony) to marry with Maxie McDermot (Christine Ebersole) in a 1984 episode. I hope RETRO TV broadcast OLTL from 1976 once they finish with the Doctors!!! We need classic soap episodes in our daily life!
  13. So these scenes were cut....from the episode....because Viki with that mirror doesn't appear in the ADTR episode...something similar happened with Karen episode in court....SoapNet Marathon and ADTR have different scenes...and I have an original script of this episode and there are some scenes not shown in Soapnet or in ADTR....it is a pity....
  14. In this "The View" we can see new Erika footage on OLTL....does anyone know from which year? maybe 1974? It is in minute 2.09...
  15. Spain! In August 1986, one of our channels broadcast only 130 OLTL episodes from 1980-1981....and this is the first soap opera I have ever seen...and I loved all the stories...Marco and Edwina's wedding, Christmas 1980, Herb and Dorian's wedding...When the episodes ended, no one knew that OLTL was a soap and that it had thousand of episodes...a lot of years later...I discovered that OLTL had many episodes and it was on a daily basis in US...
  16. Really interesting! I didn't know this info about Nancy or Far Far! Those years were the golden era of OLTL for me
  17. This is the first soap opera episode I have ever seen! OLTL August 1980....It was August 1986 in my country! And I remember perfectly this cliffhanger of Asa saving Sam.....
  18. Thank you very much Eric for this AMAZING find
  19. oh yes!!!! And Search for tomorrow with Liza and Travis in Hong Kong (I think)........ RH in Irland I think it was in 1977...so maybe RH was the first soap doing this...
  20. Was Oltl the first soap to do a remote overseas ? They really were in Paris in July 1980!
  21. OLTL favourite years 1980 -1981


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