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"The Conners" Discussion Thread

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20 hours ago, Vee said:

The actual Washington Post story sub-linked above is very revealing about the BTS issues on season 1 of the revival, though at times too sympathetic to Roseanne for my tastes. At least one of her children told her the same thing Tom Arnold theorized: "You did this on purpose."



I agree that she self-sabotaged herself. Many people are like that. If only she had just listened to her kids and kept her mouth shut but she just can't do it. She really has some mental illness issues she needs to deal with. She's not well, at all.


That was an interesting read.

On 3/22/2019 at 8:09 AM, DramatistDreamer said:

Last week it was Michelle Obama.  Roseanne is still blaming everybody but herself.




People were making it out to be an act of pettiness but I can see why Joyce DeWitt had cut Somers out of her life for decades.  As a kid I always preferred Janet anyway.



That's sad. But she has a mental illness and she is a paranoid person. If I think about it from her point of view, she was paranoid about losing her show and in her twisted mind, she sees Sara Gilbert as stealing her show, basically. I get it. Sara took control. Washed her hands quickly of Roseanne and now it's called "The Conners" and Sara's the star. I'm not saying Roseanne isn't nuts to keep blaming everyone but herself (she can't because that's admitting she sabotaged herself) but when someone has a mental illness ... they view things differently. If I were Roseanne, I'd think Sara is after my show and job too. But Roseanne, still, almost a year later, remains unable to actually acknowledge how wrong she was, the mistake she made, and how she cost HERSELF her job. As the comedian said in the written piece from the WAPOST, she could have handled an apology so much better, but she didn't want. She went into the new show thinking everyone was against her and that they were "trying to silence her" (when in reality, they were trying to PROTECT her) ... it's really a sad situation.


Her kids desperately tried to get her off social media. They knew what she'd do to herself. And she did.

16 hours ago, Vee said:


Good. She deserves even more. She was the true highlight. I've always liked her and enjoyed her version of Becky but it's been nice seeing her really take off this time and she's getting a lot of kudos. I love it. She deserves it. She reminds me a lot of Laurie Metcalfe. Just someone who takes you by total surprise and ends up being so great you can't help but watch them.

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8 hours ago, Wendy said:

And then there's the whole dressing like HITLER in pictures as she baked cookies. I'm supposed to feel sorry for someone like this?! Not happening.


Same here.  I forgive her, but I'll be damned if I'm going to feel sorry for her.

9 hours ago, Vee said:

Nobody in ABC corporate made Roseanne tweet racist shít for years and on the job at ABC in 2018. She chose to call Valerie Jarrett an ape. She did it to herself. She did it every single time.




The whole damn world knows and remembers the many, many times Roseanne pushed the boundaries of civility and good taste (among other things).  There's a difference, though, between disrespecting the national anthem and calling a Black woman an ape (and no, she doesn't get a pass just by claiming she didn't know Valerie Jarrett was Black -- which I don't buy anyway, but I digress).  That, along with the Hitler tweet, was indefensible and inexcusable.  Point blank, period.


9 hours ago, Vee said:

What was she supposed to do? Defend Roseanne's overt bigotry?


Yes, in our society, every individual is entitled to express exactly what is on his or her mind, even if it disgusts everybody else to hear it.  But, freedom of speech doesn't also mean freedom from consequences.  If you compare an African-American to an ape on social media, then you damn well better expect there to be pushback.  People who keep defending Roseanne (and others like her) need to remember that.

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Given that she allowed ABC to do the spin-off and got a buy out I dont see her lawsuit aganist ABC going anywhere

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Wow. I'm surprised Goodman and Metcalf made the time for 19.

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