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"The Conners" Discussion Thread


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This is the revival I've been hoping to see! 


I won't set myself up for disappointment, but I'm hoping however they do it is in line with how they're doing Will & Grace. I don't care if they pretend Dan never died. It could be a 10 episode arc of Roseanne's writings, just like the entire final season. That's their leeway. 


Thankfully, all the core people are still around and are hopefully on-board. We've lost Nana Mary (Shelley Winters) and Glenn Quinn (Mark). I wonder how Estelle Parsons (Bev) is doing. She's 89. I just looked her up, and they did a "Where Are They Now" on OWN with her 2 years back and she was a feisty New Yorker power-walking in the park, looking wonderful at 87. 


They could have a little fun with the two Beckys switching back 'n forth. 


Oh this makes me more excited than any of the other 90's revivals. I can't wait

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I loved Roseanne.  But I agree with the John Goodman comment - they'd have to just ignore that he died or they would do it without him, and I wouldn't want that.  That last season was awful.  We also don't know what network is reviving it - (or do we?) because they could do it on CBS.  It would be a problem for Sarah Gilbert and Galecki (SP)...if they don't.



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The first 6 season are the best (IMO, the show really hits its stride in seasons 4-6, with 5 being the best). Bruce Helford was the EP in season 5, so good news that he seems to be involved in this revival. 


I'll always have a soft spot for Roseanne (show and woman) - the show is like the best comfort food, and has aged amazingly well overall. 

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