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Singer George Michael Dead At 53

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He had a lot of good songs.  Faith, Father Figure, Wake Me Up,  Careless Whisper...what a shame.   This has been a tough year for celebrities and music in particular.   In one year Bowie, Prince and now George Michael all checked out.  I thought Carrie Fisher was going to be 2016's last salvo, but the hits just keep on coming.  

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I imagine most of the media focus will be on his coming out and personal struggles, but he was a very unique, charismatic singer and performer, and one hell of a songwriter. I'd say his strongest pop material was the first few years of his solo career, but I absolutely adore so much of the WHAM era, the pure bliss of that pop synth.






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So sad

I admit I had a crush on him when Wham came out. Careless Whisper was a favorite of mine.

I thought he was cute with the blond hair.:(

He had such a good voice. Sang with everybody, the big muscical events like Live Aid, Freddie Mercury Tribute.

2016 can end now.



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